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How Orbs and TicTac UFOs Work Part 2

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In 1917, Nikola Tesla tried to create wireless electricity. The project worked on something called a Wardenclyffe Tower. Tesla’s work on the tower explored electrical transmission using radio frequency resonance to produce electrical energy through two coils to generate high-voltage, high-frequency currents. His experiments used near-field inductive and capacitive couplings. Near-field inductive is a short-range wireless physical layer that transmits a low-power, non-propagating magnetic field between devices. Capacitive couplings transmit power between two networks by displacing currents produced by the electrical fields.

It didn’t work, but the legacy has endured. In fact, not only has it lived on in the Tesla lore, it is posited that his work was destroyed by those who never wanted free power for all. Had Tesla been able to get further funding, funding that was withheld from the power elite, today we might have this tech and might have saved countless lives, kept massive amounts of carbon emissions from entering our atmosphere. But, it never came to pass. However, his resonant inductive coupling method is applied to our short-range wireless systems.

This is part of the secret to how these UFOs fly. The big issue is that we really don’t understand it. The first thing I want to talk about in this article is the statement about superheating the air with these laser systems. It is a direct contradiction to the cooling effect, and it wasn’t explained well enough on my part, so this first part will explain that further, then I will go into the rest of these UAPs and how they move.

It’s going to be a lot to digest, so I will do my best to explain in a way that is easier to understand. It took me a great deal of time and research to even understand how humans make use of lasers and the underlying tenets. I have spoken with several laser engineers and discussed the systems I am talking about that have been reverse-engineered from the UFOs. Once I got into some very deep discussion, I blew the minds of these folks. They are in contact with me on a regular basis, and I hope to introduce you to them soon In fact, two of them are actively working on projects directly related to the information I gave them, and so far, there have been a couple of revelations. I will do my best to talk about them at a later time and introduce you to the tech they are trying to work on.

It’s that big.

I will keep updating as I get that information. Once a couple of things have fallen into line, I will have a (hopefully) big reveal.

Before we move on, let’s discuss the discrepancy with my explanation of superheating while not demonstrating a heat signature, which is very easy for us to detect. It would have to have an explanation beyond understanding and to a point that’s correct, but not entirely. We understand the concept, though mainly theoretical to humans.

The theory has to do with time dilation. When the crafts are hit with sensors, several things tend to occur. First, it seems that, at least with local radar and sensor hits, they can be jammed. There are reports that locally, an in-flight signature can be seen, but when the crafts detect they are being sensed or targeted locally, they jam the contact or craft sensing them.

But, it’s not always true of distance radar. So maybe they are trying to locally (what that distance is, no idea) jam any possible threat. But they don’t care if they are looked at from a distance for some reason. Why they aren’t showing the radar a heat signature, I talked about it a tiny bit, but, it has to do with time dilation. Essentially, you’re not seeing anything because it’s either in the past or the future. You aren’t seeing them as they are, you are seeing them as they were or will be.

I know that’s tough. It’s outside the envelope of what we can understand, except in the quantum realm. That’s when things like this can occur. The Ganzi, and probably other civilizations figured out how to scale the quantum realm. It’s also part of the extradimensional theory, spacetime warp, and portal theory. Some of the interactions that occur are difficult for me to understand, let alone explain. I’ve had to go back and forth talking to this person because some makes zero sense, and I’m simply not versed enough to fully grasp it. I can report on the knowledge; I can’t explain it.

If anybody says he can think about quantum problems without getting giddy, that only shows he has not understood the first thing about them.

Niels Bohr on Quantum Mechanics

The laser systems in use that create plasma and open doorways, remember they do not work on the traditional model of how laser systems humans use. These are superheated, but the ones that actually create portals and Einstein Rosen bridges etc… those are cooled to ambient temps. Whatever the outside temp is, or the force field, same temp as the laser, so it’ll look like it’s not there. The laser works with vibration and wobble. It’s doing something totally different than what we think of as a laser. Yes, it’s superheated, but there’s a process through the creation of that (for lack of a better term) universe that cools the laser and helps to create the vibration.

The laser goes through the (tiny universe-like) creation. That beam is cooled to -454.811111 degrees. The plasma reaction, I’ll go into that deeper, is then “lit” so to speak, and then the field is created. The field itself is ambient temp. Not the beam. But the beam is created within the field. The field is ambient and can show itself in any way to anything looking at it. If I were to simplify even more… we don’t have the stuff to see it, but even if we did, it wouldn’t matter- the field is porous in one direction, allowing the beam to go through and interact with whatever it is targeting, and is within the field in any case.

Now we’ll get a bit deeper into the infographic.

Let’s first start with the really high-tech, really incredible infographic I have diligently and exactingly recreated for you. The first part of the explanation is within the arrow pointing to number 4. This is a feat of engineering that is, to put it mildly, one of the most incredible parts of the entire system. Coupled with the laser systems discussed in part 1 of this series, this is the part of the craft that powers the laser system. It is an anti-matter collection chamber; arrow 1 is a discharge mechanism that works for both the laser system activation as well as the bubble creation for the craft that creates the plasma field and the overall operation of the entire craft.

The anti-matter collection chamber creates, collects and annihilates matter in this one system. It contains within the small system a collider that creates the reaction that then creates the anti-matter. The Anti-matter is then collected and used as necessary to create a reaction for the laser systems, but more so, the system is used to control the crafts themselves through a process that creates a literal magnetar-like field around the craft. There is a mix of liquid helium, which in article 1 was explained additional elements can be pulled from the atmosphere, as well as the vacuum of space, and applied to the necessary systems within either the orb or the tictac.

Let’s get deeper into the creation of the anti-matter and how it is collected. The creation of the anti-matter is so fast and so violent, it needed the creation of the magnetar-like field to contain it. The containment system is about the size of a softball. Around this softball, the collider is activated. THIS IS WHERE WE DON’T KNOW where the power is being grabbed from. I will expand in a second. I want to go through the creation first before I correlate the power to this system.

Something external creates a massive amount of energy that is both creating and throttling that energy to this anti-matter system.

The container is created in a myriagon shape; the outside is a simple titanium alloy, and the inside is something incredible. The field generated within the 10,000-sided object is lined with an incredibly thin layer of magnets that are polarized in their opposite configuration in its obverse position. This means every single facet contains a perfectly directed positive and negative force that allows the anti-matter dumped into the object to remain stable and not come into contact with matter until such time as it is expelled into a magnetized chamber and used for the creation of the energy needed to power the systems that need the specified amount of power to work the lasers and the movement of the craft, which is not propelled but pulled.

Phew, that’s a lot. I told you this article was going to get technical. We haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.

Now, we have this system that is creating, storing and distributing a massive amount of energy, and the crazy part is that it doesn’t compare to the amount of energy being directed at the craft from somewhere else. The ongoing theory is that the energy needed to create the reaction and creation of the anti-mater is in order of magnitudes greater than the energy created by the anti-matter systems. In other words, there is something with the combined output of the entire energy of a star, think our sun, that is directed towards the crafts, anywhere within our planetary system. I’ll try to reduce that further.

Somewhere in our solar system or even beyond lies a source of power so great, that these crafts are able to receive it anywhere on our planet or solar system, or even beyond and power the systems necessary to create the incredible feats these crafts exhibit.

What the hell is it? We have no idea. The tech itself is made from Earth materials and then combined here on Earth through processes we haven’t discovered yet but aren’t so far outside our technical envelope we won’t get there for a couple hundred years.

If you have been reading my stuff since the beginning, you need to go back and read through to understand the tech trees and why these beings just don’t care if we find some of this stuff. We can create the chamber, we can recreate the craft, and we can even reverse engineer the lasers to an extent. We can’t replicate the power necessary. It’s that simple. We can’t do it, and we are probably hundreds of thousands or millions of years away.

The theory is that they are harnessing the energy of either a massive star and can send it through the Universe, possibly through the network of connected worlds we are just now discovering with the James Webb Telescope, or through interdimensional or wormhole pathways. The UFOs can receive this energy anywhere, so it makes more sense, at least from a human point of view; the network this energy is traveling through is sent via the network of interconnected worlds. It is just the energy being directed, not the heat or strong nuclear force.

Additionally, it was discovered that the massive magnetic fields being generated by the softball-sized myriagon also repel quarks and neutrinos. In quantum physics, there are up quarks, down quarks, and strange quarks. Each has its own physical properties. With neutrinos, they are part of the weak nuclear force, and interact only through the weak force and gravity. About 100 trillion neutrinos pass through you, every second. In fact, these things can pass through our conventional containment systems for anti-matter and though they don’t seem to impact the anti-matter we have created here on Earth, through the Cern Supercollider (they are weak nuclear force) we have no idea how they would interact with anti-matter in higher dimensions. The fact the myriagon does not even allow those neutrinos through may be a clue as to how this creation and containment system works at higher dimensions. We can’t get to those dimensions, so we don’t know.

Let’s move to the discharge system. Number 4 feeds number 1. Number one is a fiber-optic and magneto system that directs the energy dumped into it from the anti-matter chamber.

So here’s what happens: Typically, a magneto is a generator of energy; in this case, magneto is being used because it is most like the properties of this system, and it contains- yes, more magnets. It is more like an alternator, and it contains a commutator that moves so fast it is near the speed of light. The material itself is entirely unknown. We can’t penetrate the structure, and under electron microscopy, it has- no structure that can be seen. It is smooth and contains nothing but color. It is greyish and has a sheen like an oyster shell. They can’t crack it, and nothing they have hit it with will put a scratch at any level, including the atomic level. It is one of the very few pieces of tech they simply can’t figure out. It is so strong there is nothing to compare it to.

It is referred to as “the thing”.

This system then sends energy through switches and pathways and is able to be dialed into a trickle you could touch with your bare hand, all the way to power so massive, that it can manipulate gravity. Anti-gravity. But that’s only one part of it.

Coupled with anti-gravity, the most fantastic part of this entire thing? These crafts are turned into magnetar-like objects that can use the magnetic field of our earth to pull themselves. They can move anywhere within our three-dimensional world with ease.

Let’s discuss the outer skin and inner skin. Coupled between the two layers is liquid helium, specifically helium 2 which is a superfluid. Liquid helium has a zero viscosity property and while in its 2 form acts a superfluid. A superfluid moves without any loss of kinetic energy. The helium is then infused with neodymium magnets, ground to a powder, and electrically bonded with the liquid helium. As the crafts move through our world, a massive electrical charge is applied to the outer hull, which then moves in any pattern it needs, at speeds that are instant, stops that are instant, and don’t affect the interior of the second skin. So, as the outer skin is pulled by the fields it is navigating, it moves so fast and glides so fast the interior doesn’t react. It remains stationary- without a superstructure between the two skins, the interior maintains a persistent gyroscopic-like position. The only time that changes in the case of crafts not configured (tictac- possible disk) in a perfect sphere. Then, there is part 2 and 3. A seat with a gyroscopic mechanism allows the occupant to travel in a perfect position without any external gravity or movement. There are no control systems inside, prompting the team to believe these are either automatically controlled and the occupants are just there for the ride, or they can control everything by mind.

Now we get to the simple explanation. The craft is hit externally by a huge power source. The craft reacts with a small collider, the collider makes anti-matter and collects it, and distributes it to the distribution and generation system; that sounds counterintuitive, but the generation system is acting like a step-down or step-up type system (energy). Then, the other systems are activated and combined with the lasers are able to operate in our space, open portals, bridges, and wormholes.

These systems seem to be able to be scaled up and down depending upon the needed size of the craft. This is why, because the orb ufos don’t contain the generation system, only the anti-matter system, they can’t open wormholes. They seem to be able to only go through portals or dimensions and do not seem to have the capability of wormhole travel.

The way the UFOs work is this- They create an incredible magnetic field contained by the force field, for if it weren’t, during operation, these crafts could literally pull the very atoms of every type of life apart at the atomic level, and then they are able to apply this magnetic field to the mode of travel they are going through and move like a ping pong ball, fly at unheard of speeds, and travel through the portals, ER bridges and wormholes.

They can create, or open these travel methods with ease. They can also do one other thing. They can be used offensively if needed. That’s very scary. I wonder why the government wants to keep them secret. They make nukes look silly. And, they wouldn’t create a nuclear armageddon.

Essentially, these craft are magnetar-like objects. They rely on both magnetic and anti-gravity principles, are capable of traveling through any medium on Earth and beyond, and seem to defy a lot of our known physics.

One of my next articles is going to expand upon a few things related to these two articles. The first will focus on what happens after a laser activates a travel pathway- the next will delve into some further questions about the construction of the anti-matter systems and the anti-gravity systems. I touched on them here, but I have a lot more to tell about these and can even give some real-world examples of how we can work some of these systems ourselves- The problem is- we don’t have the power to make them work, even if we build them.

And we probably have built them. (Hint).

I will also touch on the probable source of this energy source, and we will discuss civilization types, and harnessing entire stars- Humans have theorized about a Dyson Sphere, which is wrong. It isn’t needed when you can manipulate matter at the quantum level like these civilizations seem to be able to do with ease. It’s all about black…. and white holes.. and the elusive dark energy. And yes, white holes exist- I will explain exactly how they beat thermodynamics. Hint- we thought NOTHING escapes a black hole, but suddenly….

Until next time! -S

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Editor Chief
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  1. There is an interesting little book I found in the library where I work, John Ackerman’s “To Catch a Flying Star: A Scientific Theory of UFOs.” While I’m barely qualified to have more than a layperson’s opinion on the subject, it was a thought-provoking read, and dovetails quite effectively with what you’ve written. I think anybody informed about what UFOs can purportedly do understands the incomprehensible energy capacity and power plants such objects must necessarily (I think!) possess to perform they way they do, and that as you describe, they must effectively be effectively “flying stars.”

    This reason, above all others, helps explain quite a bit about why high-tech research into such abilities would be highly-secreted, and even its basic reality denied by the powers-that-be. The sub-text to this sort of topical exploration is that if these capacities could be partially or fully understood and exploited by humans, we’re ultimately talking about power on the scale of Star Wars’ Death Star or Starkiller Base.

  2. Interesting article, one thing that doesn’t make sense though, is if this is how tic-tacs fly, by generating a magnetic field around them and using that to move through the earth’s own magnetic field.

    This should generate a lot of heat/friction as the craft flies through the air, which should be picked up on infrared/thermal cameras and also generate sonic booms as the craft accelerate past hypersonic speeds. Both these observables have not been observed with the tic-tacs however.

    Wouldn’t something like an Alcubierre drive (which a few people in the community have theorised) make more sense as the drive mechanism? Where the craft moves space-time around itself (whilst remaining stationary) rather than itself moving through 3D space.

    Hope you can ask your source to clarify! Thanks, Matt

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