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How UFO and UAP Orbs and TicTacs Fly

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NOTE: You should first read this article in order to follow this properly. There are primers that are required for this article to make sense. CLICK HERE

How do I know this information? It was all part of the continued observations and ongoing discussions I have been having with my original source. The green image you see here is not to scale and is not to the proper size. It is just a visual representation of the components and architecture of how these objects work, not a visual representation of exactly what they look like. I simply don’t have the creative skillset to illustrate this properly, I did the best I could to attempt to make them visually easy to read. That being said, this can represent both the circular orbs and the tictacs.

There are several, if not many types of orbs. Not all are the same. I have gleaned this information from both my source as well as speaking with other researchers on this subject. It is believed that some of the orbs are actually biological in nature- possibly an actual entity. Some orbs are luminous, while others are shiny and morph. Some orbs seem to be able to split, while others seem to be a single unit.

I can’t speak about those other types of orbs, I don’t have any first-hand knowledge of them, nor does my primary source. What I am telling you is directly from the observation of retrieved craft that was used to reverse engineer and study the technology contained within. Initially, the information came out slowly for this insider as they only had access to certain systems- specifically lasers and the reverse engineering of that tech. Later on, this company had direct access to the orbs and tictacs. One of each. It seems like what has occurred is that certain defense contractors were given tech access to specific tech from one type of civilization, or suspected that was the case. This could be why my primary source only has knowledge of the GANZI – small grey aliens.

I want to make a point here- Though some of these craft have gone down, they don’t go down quite like skeptics claim. The silly argument that they fly lightyears and then crashed on Earth is tiresome and overly simplistic in its exclamation. That’s not what is going on in any way.

I’ve gone over the reasons in earlier articles. But, the short answer is that these crafts are created out of Earth resources and assembled with alien technology. The two don’t always work perfectly as the theory is that specific elements from the Earth are being plugged into highly volatile mixes and fail from tie to time. Additionally, the tech timeline or tree that is used is within a couple of hundred years- not thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years ahead.

There is also a very plausible theory that the reason disclosure seems to be speeding up is because humans are figuring out the tech much faster than the (GANZI specifically) thought we would be able to advance to. Lot’s of speculation, but if we attempt to apply human reasoning, this makes some sense. It could be something entirely different, and anyone saying they know for certain is not being objective. Unless an NHI tells you directly, it’s all speculation and theory. Some of what you are about to read is based upon theory and speculation and some is based on direct evidentiary engineering that was conducted by this defense contractor. Unfortunately, the biggest secret remains a secret. It relies on an additional technology that is believed to be remote, not directly “on-board” any of these craft. Essentially, the brain isn’t there, it’s somewhere else and can be transmitted in real-time to the craft. We may never know or just haven’t found it yet.

With that said, we are going to get into what is known and what is not known. The first thing known about the orbs is that they are not known to be able to open Eintein-Rosen bridges- wormholes. They are thought to be terrestrial-only vehicles- these are only related to the mid-grey, non-polished variety specific to the small grey alien civilization. This is the civilization I have spoken about that is surmised to be the species that are the guardians of the interstellar network that is somehow related to Earth, and why the Earth is specifically related to the entirety of the UFO and UAP enigma. Same with the tictacs.

In diagram one, I am going to give some simple explanations. Diagram two (next article) will get much more in-depth. Buckle up, this is going to get very technical. I will first give a short explanation, then address each individually.

This is a terrible diagram, but the best I can do. Sorry for the lack of great detail.
  1. This is a dampening system that allows the orbs and the tictacs to go through multiple domains without impacting the craft. Essentially a force field. You can’t see it, but it’s there.
  2. The external skin of the crafts. These are a symbiotic surface, part biological, part machine.
  3. The inner surface of the orb or tictac. This is the surface that is most important to the operation of the crafts.
  4. Engine component
  5. Engine component- Flow System
  6. External laser system
  7. External laser system

One– This is a plasma-like field that is partially created by the external laser system. These systems are not static and can be rotated and moved. The power is incredible and the field created is made by superheating the air and using electricity and magnetism to control the field. The field itself is malleable and can be controlled internally by a sentient system, (ONBOARD AI?), and can be controlled and isolated completely within the craft itself- but not for the orbs. In the next article, I will explain the differences between the two crafts. The system uses a collection system within to control the systematic creation of proper air mixture for the plasma to retain the field indefinitely to fuel the reaction (force field). This means you don’t need an atmosphere to operate (the field). The craft creates its own mix inside and tanks are not needed. It is thought to be a similar process to creating ozone, but in this case, it creates sufficient mixes to keep the flow in flux. This field is so strong it can handle the incredible speeds seen with zero net transfer of energy to the hull.

Two– The external skin of the craft is created with a synthetic biological material best described as “self-healing skin”. It is combined with a magnesium and plastic alloy that is light and able to withstand nominal forces. The field in number one does all the heavy lifting. The skin is designed to hold a specific viscous helium mixture we will discuss in the second diagram description.

Three– The internal surface of the craft, exactly the same as number two. The incredible part, however, is a superstructure does not exist between the two. There are no internal supports between the two skins. Between them is the fluid and magnetic materials that control the flight of the craft.

Four– This is where we begin to get really weird. There is no front, back, or other orientation that can be discerned. Some of the craft have small seats for occupants. But those are housed within a gyro. I’ll explain that in part two. This is the engine that drives the reaction of magnetism and helps to create the energy required to move the mixture through the two skins. It is, essentially, a star. The same reaction that starts the ignition of a star, is used here, but controlled down to the base elements that are being fed into the engine. That means the elements are all there and released when needed to create momentum for the magnet reaction. It is not an engine in the sense it is attached to anything to cause thrust. It doesn’t function that way. It’s more of an energy source that directs the flow of the fluid. That’s how it moves. The people researching this understand the process, they have no idea how it is fed, or how it achieves these massive power boosts. The theory is that the crafts receive their instructions from a source not on-board. That is why they can’t reverse this engine. They don’t have the key.

Five– This is a system that creates and flows the material used in between the two skins. It contains a generator that can capture the trace elements of helium in our atmosphere and collect them- Remember when I talked about how the lasers that were being reverse-engineered could extract elements and then deposit them in a reservoir? Here it is. Exact process. The system can then continuously feed the flow of the fluid throughout to move the craft. This seems to be able to capture helium through any means of travel. So, there’s a theory they have that interdimensional travel through wormholes and portals must contain this element in some quantity or the very nature of the wormhole is helium-related itself. There’s much more that was explained, but some of it went over my head.

Six and Seven– These are the two laser systems discussed in the laser article. They are used in concert to create the field, extract elements, and open portals, wormholes, and interdimensional travel (tictacs only).

I need to break this into two articles. The next one is going to be much more in-depth. A heavy explanation of how the systems function, tests that were run, attempted flight, injuries sustained, what was learned, and what they don’t understand. We really haven’t even touched on the way the magnetic field, strong enough to be considered a magnetar-like object, PULLS the craft along. You’ve heard that for the first time- these crafts are pulled, not propelled. There is no propulsion.

Part two will be released very soon. I am still waiting on someone to give me one piece of information so I can correlate what humans have known, vs. where the GANZI civilization is with these crafts, and will make direct links between what has been reversed, and given to the public.

The very nature of how these crafts work is pretty amazing. The folks working on these have learned a lot, and you’ll start to see more of these breakthroughs trickle down into our own domain. There is still a lot unknown, however, and part of that reason is the missing link. We can figure out the final effect of some of these systems, but there is an unknown force acting upon these crafts that seem to be either contained elsewhere or simply won’t give up the secrets without the actual entity controlling it.

Could it be they are part of the craft, in the case of manned craft, or is it more likely the craft are controlled at least partially remotely?

That’s an answer, so far, that hasn’t been answered. I know there will be questions about this. Doubt, and hostility from some that simply can’t express themselves in any other way- you’ll be blocked, so why bother? If it makes you happy to behave like a child, you’ll be talking in an echo chamber. For the rest that have valid questions, please post here or on Twitter and I will answer what I can. Before you ask for the rest of how these work, however, I’ll kindly ask that you wait for me to finalize the next article. I believe most of those questions will be answered and more of the how’s and why’s will be answered. Again, I don’t have all the info, because it simply isn’t known yet, but I think you’ll see the rest is just as amazing.

I will explain much more about the engine theory and explain how the lasers and fluids work together. I will explain how such incredible fields can be achieved and correlate what we can do on Earth and why this is so far outside our technological envelope.

Additionally, I will explain some additional entity theories and why there is mounting evidence that there may be a countdown that is ticking away.

Editor Chief
Editor Chief
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  1. Great article, very informative. I look forward to the day when we can see the alien craft exhibit in a musuem.
    Anywhere on Earth, in any bedroom, you can find a treasure trove of cultural, behavioural, historical artifacts and information. But any of that (from what I understand) is not present in these crafts. These crafts appear to be designed as plain functional devices, with nothing that can be tied back to their source civilisation.
    Has any knowledge been gained about the history and culture of the Ganzi civilisation or any of the other non-human civilisations?
    I don’t suppose non-human personal items have been found on these crafts?

  2. They don’t know how to ignite the propulsion but I do..and I am not telling as these will be used to build bombs that further destroy the planet. Hint – it is via telepathy, and the aliens are created as the same time as the craft.

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