Open Letter To Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick – Director- All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office- AARO


Dear Dr. Kirkpatrick,

Boy, it’s been quite a ride over the past few months! We’ve heard from a decorated veteran, David Grusch, about a secret UAP- UFO crash retrieval program going on for around 80 to 90 years! Also, two other amazing pilots that have been entrusted with flying 30 million dollar fighter jets, trained to be world-class observers. What a revelation! You should have been there! It was pretty epic. Where were you? He even had the audacity to imply you and your government organization, AARO, are really shirking your responsibility to our Congress, Senate, and the American people. Did you know the Congress is elected by the public in open and transparent elections? Mostly.

Did you also know that all government agencies that are funded by taxpayer dollars work for the American people as well? Remember that, it’ll be important later on in my letter, which I have decided to post publicly for everyone to see. I mean, I thought maybe a ubiquitous post on another site might be better, something like LinkedIn or something, but I thought that my response to your work should instead be official and publicly seen so as to not conflate or confuse anyone.

But, that’s just me.

Let’s get down to some other really cool happenings! Did you know that a sitting United States Congressman gave us disclosure of non-human intelligence? It’s true! Representative Tim Burchett, Tennessee said the actual words, multiple times, “We are not alone”. He came to this conclusion after speaking with whistleblowers- by the way those folks are protected under the law, just want you to know that, and then he went on to say that he’s even seen direct evidence that there are crafts that don’t follow human physics. They are able to go from 80,000 feet, which is also corroborated by radar data- you should have that and first-hand accounts from trained operators- by the US Navy, those folks floating and flying around protecting you and me- also fairly well-trained. They even said these crafts can go from that high, right down to the ocean in just a few seconds, back up, and make 90-degree turns at Mach 2! Wowsers! You would think that alone would let you know we are dealing with some seriously wild stuff here! Like, almost otherworldly!

Gees, if China or Russia had ANYTHING like what was seen, gosh, almost 20 years ago now, they would have these things all over the place making us their bitches! I mean, they would have such massive dominance over our defense capabilities, that we would be literally powerless to do anything about it. This was asked in that cool hearing you missed. Went something like this – Can we defend ourselves against these crafts?


Seems that if a foreign adversary had these in 2004, at a minimum, we would already be speaking a different language, don’t you think? Russia recently invaded Ukraine. Nothing even remotely close has been used in combat. In fact, they are rather clunky. I don’t think it’s them.

China works in terms of millennia. Surely, by now they would have done more than just release a flu bug to mess us all up, don’t you think? We are talking about 19 years. That’s a long time to hold that tech. Instead, they sent balloons. So yeah, let’s just stop with that line of crap.

Oh, and the ION drone you pointed out? Pardon, but – Are you F’n kidding? It looks like a flying barge.

Your response to these men coming forward was bizarre. And even the DoD decided to distance themselves from the bizarre rant you went on. What were you thinking on that one?

I am wondering why you are continuing to obfuscate the truth about our place in the cosmos. What is it that motivates you to keep this secret and lie, outright lie, to the American people and Congress, et al? Is it true blue patriotism? I don’t think it is. But hey, let’s give you that benefit. You are just following orders, right? I get it, national defense- which by the way – I agree- some things MUST be kept secret so our adversaries don’t learn of our capabilities- we agree. But our place in the cosmos isn’t one of those things. It’s a human right and need to know where we stand. Good or bad.

Do you know who else just followed orders? Millions of people across the pond in the 30’s and 40’s just followed orders. Am I comparing you to a Nazi?

Damn right, I am.

The tech that has been figured out through reverse engineering- let’s be honest here. the evidence is so overwhelming, that it’s laughable at this point, could be used to save millions of lives, and has cost the lives of millions already with its coverup. Can you imagine if for the past 20 or 30 years we held onto the secret for free energy for all and kept it and allowed the Middle Eastern oil cartels to keep generating billions and billions of dollars, allowing the planet to continue to be beholden to fossil fuels and all the while, destroying the very planet and people you are supposedly protecting? I realize you came into this fairly recently, in terms of time involved, allegedly, but continuing a narrative of lies and hiding the truth is a crime against humanity. You aren’t following orders.

You are committing a crime, you are lying to the people who pay you, you are lying to the world at large and you are killing innocent people in the process. There is zero ambiguity.

Stop Lying.

I am not saying to come out and tell the world about our defensive capabilities or reveal any secrets about how we get the info, etc. Not what I am saying. But lying and holding tech that could save millions of lives and usher in a new way of life for humanity?

Let me ask you this- Do you want to be known as just another government lackey, a criminal against humanity, or do you want your legacy to be the man who helped usher in a brand new way of life for billions and billions more to come?

Let’s just talk about your citizens – the ones right here in the US ofA. Every winter innocent people lose their lives because access to warmth can be hard to come by. Especially the indigent and low-income families. Imagine if we had the ability, right now, to stop that. And, you hold onto that because you’re following orders? WTF? That’s not following orders, that’s a crime and it is your duty to dismiss that order and tell the truth. That’s the law.

Let’s talk about the planet. The one we need to leave to our kids and grandkids and future progeny. If we stop the lies, how much better would their world be?

Let’s talk about AARO in general. You took over and there is:

No Website

No Social Media That has Been Kept Up

No Phone Number To Call

Repeated assertions that if you come forward, you are still under an NDA and will be required to sign an additional NDA that will hamstring any transparency in any way. You are actively facilitating continued cover-ups and lies.

AARO is broken and you are the head of that office. How does that make you feel? The public at large is fully aware of how inept you are, that you are a narcissistic and compromised shill against humanity’s knowledge of their place in the universe. Great job.

You are just another cog in the machine of dishonesty and an active participant in crimes against humanity.

Or, are you? Are you looking at this right now with a knot in your stomach? I hope you are. I hope you read this- and I know you will – I hope you take this to heart. You aren’t saving anyone from the truth they can’t handle. I understand the news may be pretty grim, but you have no right to withhold that information from humanity. That’s a really hard stop.

Here’s what you can do to save face. To stop the lies, and to come clean. of

“New information has come to my office. This will be difficult, but as the leader of AARO, it has been put on my shoulders to give the world some information they need to know.

We are not alone in the universe and we have been visited by entities not of this Earth. We are learning more and more every day, but at this time, we need time to study what is happening. Let me be clear, At this point, we have no reason to believe these visitations are malevolent in nature, and believe they may simply be looking at us and who we are as a civilization. Over the coming weeks, months, and even years, as we learn more about these NHI, we will continue to deliver updates and inform the public as we learn more.

In the recent past, we have, in fact, recovered some of their craft and learned of some of their technology. As a result, we will be releasing that information which includes —-.”

It’s really that simple. But the continued lies and coverups must stop. It isn’t right, it is a crime and you are in the spotlight, Dr. Kirkpatrick.

What are you going to do? How will you be remembered? As a man who ushered in a new way of life and gave mankind the knowledge they have a right to know, or, once it all comes out in another way, and it will, will you be found out to be that lackey we believe you to be that is deserved of a trial and conviction in the Hague for crimes against humanity?

What’s it going to be, Dr. Kirkpatrick? Continue the lies, or will you surprise the world and do the right thing?

Reservedly Yours,

Steve Sprague

Owner- Editor