UFO Hearing – July 26th, 2023 Updates – Real Time


Things are moving quickly! Rep. Tim Burchett tweeted the following, today, July 25th, 2023.

The tweet ignited a firestorm on Twitter, setting of multiple rumors that the Congressman was going to be silenced and the hearing a sham under the guise of National Security. As the day for the official, under oath congressional testimony of David Grusch, Ryan Graves and David Fravor nears, the fervor surrounding what will be said has been debated over and over. The truth will be known tomorrow.

Several key players within the public disclosure of UFOs and alien life have told me that Grusch, in particular, will release more information that has not yet been heard. Additionally, Graves and Fravor will speak more about their direct experiences with UAP, discuss the stops they received at every turn and possibly release additional video footage.

This seems to have been confirmed by AATIP whistlebower – Lue Elizondo –

New details have emerged with regard to the Burchett disclosure about the chair for tomorrows hearing-

It seems the hearing will be chaired by Rep. Grothman of Wisconsin. Seems there are powerplays happening. Most expected Burchett would lead the charge, but clearly, something has occurred. Exactly what this will mean for the hearing remains to be seen, but we can tell you that Grothman has a habit of being pretty stalwart in his dealings within the Congress. Credit-

Joe Khalil


This is an ongoing story and will be updated as info is learned. 9:44PM est, last update

UPDATE – 9:46PM Est

You can now VIEW and DOWNLOAD a copy of Ryan Graves’ Testimony before open questions:

Updated – 10:12 PM EST