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AARO- Where’s Waldo?

The same disclaimers are applicable for this article as they were in this article.

A quick recap. I’ve been in ongoing contact with a person that is adjacent to AARO. They may or may not be directly within that office. I’m very concerned about making certain I keep the confidentiality of those I speak with. They’ve put their trust in me, and I am very concerned with keeping my word.

Recently, a former Fox reporter refused to give up her contact, and is now waiting on a judge to make a decision about her fate.

This is the level of trust I’ve been given, and the same result that would befall me should this ever happen to me. I’m not saying it will, I’m saying the freedom of the press in gaining trust and sources is paramount to me. Without trust, I couldn’t move forward, and I take it that seriously. It’s a hill I’d die on. Loyalty seems to be dying. Mine isn’t. And, it never will.

Those of you reading this that know me, have been talking to me behind the scenes, you know. Those that might be reading this that haven’t had that level, my inboxes are fun.

Let’s get right into some further questions I posed to my new friend. Again, the disclaimers are in place, and remember that I specifically change the words and the way we actuality speak. My end is the same, theirs is not and some of it is contextual. I’ve been given permission to do this in this manner.

Me: I wrote the article.

Them: I read it. I like the disclaimers.

Me: Well, you are in the intelligence community, so.

Them: I get it. I laughed.

Me: So, are you feeding me a line of bull?

Them: Well, we talked about that early on. No. I really don’t have a reason to lie to you. Things have actually changed. Dr. K is going to leave. I’m not. I’m not a latchkey with him specifically, so I’ll remain.

[Note: This was before announced and before I reached out to Susan Gough for a comment] (email below)

Email between Sprague and Gough

Me: Do you know when?

Them: December 23. Maybe sooner. But that’s the roundabout.

Me: Who’s the replacement?

Them: I think Phillips, but there’s 2 possibilities.

Me: I think there’s been rumbles of this for a bit. Was this a surprise?

Them: Yes and no. It was known he wouldn’t stay for much longer, but things have shifted a bit towards a new paradigm.

Me: Same that we discussed before?

Them: Yes. The same idea between the timeline and disclosure etc. It’s always been fluid but a few things are moving. The timeline aspect, like I said, isn’t ours per se. But now something outside our control is fluid. Not NHI. It’s outside the control of fed.

Me: Can you be more specific?

Them: 2024 will be full disclosure. I’ve found out about a very specific event thar will occur.

Me: That’s vague. I really can’t even use that. It’s just kind of the same. Everyone else is essentially saying this. Is there a specific that you are aware of?

Them: Potus is moving forward and wants this on his watch.

Me: Disclosure?

Them: Correct. Yes. There’s a fluid movement between allies that will be impossible to deny and control. The US won’t allow this to occur. The Israelis are going to start talking more as well. These things are all over there. I mean all over. We clamped them down on more UAP Talk. Early on the IDF were reporting these things and CIA was tasked with stopping that. You don’t see them saying that stuff anymore. Early on the releases were with a low level aide. They aren’t any more. Vetted. Best way to put it.

Me: Wait. You’re saying they are everywhere. Who and what?

Them: NHI. They are all over the place. Not just Gaza, not just Israel. They are buzzing our ships, they are all over Hormuz. Israel was warned.

Me: NHI?

Them: No. CIA. Shut up about UAP. There’s a narrative and they know it. Netanyahu is a wild card, but we can still control some of this. We have money, iron shield and are (so-far) keeping the keg from blowing with our strategy, but the message we’re getting from these things is pretty intense.

Me: What’s the message?

Them: Above my pay grade, but they seem very interested in lasers. Israel is working on deploying Iron Beam, and that triggered a big swarm. They used it twice. Each time it elicited the response. In the air, on the ground. These things were all over the place and didn’t seem thrilled. They haven’t used it since.

Me: Haven’t we used similar.

Them: Yes. Never seen this response before. The images and videos are insane. Unlike anything at this level before. This is triggering Potus to speed up. The WH wants to be the office to reveal.

Me: How will it occur?

Them: It’s going to coincide with a lot of events at once or over a short time. Early 2024. The rumor and innuendo are correct. 2024 is the year of full disclosure. People may not like it. The tech is cool. The rest is not as awesome as we want.

Me: I was asked to ask you, how many civilizations do we know about?

Them: Many. In very different forms. I know of the two that are interactive. The one that is humanoid. Like us. The small ones. They were here first. The little ones.

Me: Are those Mexican mummies real?

Them: Yup. They need to do one test if it’s even possible. Test them for dna splice/manipulating. It’ll answer a lot of questions. BTW- the native American population in the southwest have discussed beings like this in their lore. They were all over the world. This is part of the history part we talked about before. You didn’t put that in the last time. I though you would.

Me: I’m trying to focus on disclosure. I know a lot that I didn’t put in was fun, but it’s all essentially lore, as you say. The tacit stuff is what I’m trying to do. What about the trigger? Why do to think the stuff in the Middle East is causing more speedup? These things seem to always be near war zones.

Them: Not like this. They are actively engaging us, the Israelis, and actively messing with our ships and the ground. These smaller ones are luminous, and actively near to troops and are so far, not interfering, but we think they are going to. We can’t communicate with them. They turned off Israeli nukes. I’m not getting more into that, but there’s a very big problem going on that Potus is concerned about and that coupled with the other disclosure events happening outside the confines of DoD and the IC, we (USA) need to take the lead sooner rather than later.

Me: Is that why the change at AARO?

Them: You’re putting way too much on AARO. This is way over AARO. Front facing. Nothing front facing is relevant other than to make statements and gatekeep.

Me: What’s their role then?

Them: Really? You haven’t figured that out?

Me: Yes. But, I want to hear you say it.

Them: AARO legitimately engages with witnesses. They legitimately scare the hell out of anyone that speaks to them. They legitimately complile data, compartmentalize it and give it to the next level. If you think Kathleen is in any way the last stop, you are sorely mistaken. There is no name the has been named that is available in any way. There is nobody that can be killed, kidnapped, or molested in any way. You can call that level a ghost, but the end of the line is unknown to me. Unknown to Hicks and was probably only known to Potus because the past year internally has literally exponentially grown in speed. This wasn’t supposed to be quite this fast. I said it last time: sooner than we want. And even now, faster. I don’t think it’ll happen: but it could be before the end of this year.

Me: What would trigger that?

Them: Not humans. We are trying to slow it down.

Me: If, as you say, this goes way higher to a level beyond Hicks, beyond Potus, how do you know this stuff? It feels unreal. It feels very fictional.

Them: You contacted me.

Me: I know that. But I’m wondering if you are all sitting in an office laughing at me and saying, here, write this. Can you back any of this up with any type of proof?

Them: Possible. I think some of Israel’s videos would blow you away. It could be good for you to show but at the same time, might not specifically trigger much outside of the community.

Me: Are you in the community?

Them: I always have.

Me: How do I get the videos?

Them: Reach out to (redacted)

There’s more that I’ll be writing about in the upcoming days. I’ve reached out (literally today) to this other contact.

I can say that it is not within the US government, and that the video(s), if I can get them, will show aggressive maneuvers of UAP towards the Israeli-Hamas war in certain conditions.


Until next time,


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