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EXCLUSIVE RESPONSE FROM Travis Taylor: Danny Sheehan V. Jay Stratton and Travis Taylor – UAP Schumer Amendment

In a new twist in the ongoing fight for UFO Disclosure, Danny Sheehan, attorney and UAP disclosure advocate sent a shot across the bow to those he accuses of being bribed or employed by the aerospace industries. Sheehan claims these companies are criminally hiding information from the public and employing people like Jay Stratton and Travis (Taylor), (and others) hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as consultants to help support and keep their secrets.

Sheehan goes on to speak about some in the defense department that are fed up with these companies and want that to change. They are “honest, patriotic military people and intelligence people.” Sheehan was speaking to Podcast UFO, a UFO podcast that is simulcast on YouTube, Facebook, KGRA Radio and on Tuesdays at 7:00 P.M. EST. had the opportunity to get a response from Dr. Travis Taylor. We reached out to Jay Stratton, but have not had a response as of the writing of this article. We will update you when we receive any new information.

Dr. Travis Taylor responded: This is so crazy, I can’t even figure out where to begin. I don’t do social media anymore other than just to say, “Doing a show (here) at (sometime)”.

That doesn’t seem like libel, though. It just feels like conspiracy theory nonsense.

Danny, you know better than that.  One, we’ve never spoken/met.  Two, I know Lue or David didn’t tell you that.  Three, come on man, really.

I will say this: 

1)  Some level of public disclosure is required for Civil Defense (protection if that’s warranted; if a crash can harm these NHI, Other things can as well)

2) Some level of secrecy is required for National Security

3) I’m convinced the driving factor behind killing disclosure is money laundering and power brokering (hence no oversight, no great willingness for witnesses for fear of being threatened, and the big push by the perps to say there’s nothing to see here),

4) Some people throughout our history have sold us out for their own gain to our detriment. 

So from my questions/comments in the above paragraph, y’all can see that I’m just as confused and angry as everyone else.

Sheehan goes on during the podcast to discuss “Bad Guys” Mike Turner, Congressman, Ohio and Mike Rogers, Alabama, as the voices behind the opposition. Sheehan points out that Rogers’ largest donor is Lockheed Martin and Wright Patterson AFB is the location the (alleged) crashed Roswell UFO was flown to after the crash in 1947.

Additionally, Joe Khalil, Newsnation, was able to corner Mike Turner on this issue. Turner essentially shrugged off the entire thing, calling congressional members and disclosure advocates: “The Pro Alien Caucus”, stating not one of the members has come to him directly.

Ongoing efforts appear to be working. Steve Bassett from the Paradigm Research Group had some encouraging words:

Stay tuned to for ongoing discussion and news about the Schumer-Rounds UAP amendment.

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