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Broken AARO?

Disclaimer- This article is the result of an inside source within the orbit of AARO. For reasons of anonymity, I have changed some of the verbiage, and have concealed the identity of the source. I will use the “they/them” pronouns for the sake of the aforementioned reasons. Additionally, I was apprehensive about this article, but for the sake of full transparency, I felt the subject matter was more important than my personal feelings on this topic.

For the record, I don’t trust AARO, the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, nor do I have faith in it’s leadership. I am not a professional investigator, nor am I a real, trained journalist. That being said, I have learned quite a bit over the past months about tracking down sources, creating ties that bind and have done my best to report as delivered to me without any censoring or editing. This article is a little different as I am doing my best to protect this source. Some of what you will read was changed by me to mask the way the person speaks and conceal their previous positions and even their current position.

I employ several different methods when I am searching for information- investigation. However, I don’t try to reinvent the wheel. My process really isn’t that far from how a traditional police investigation may occur. I start with a target, identify the reasons why I am searching for the specific information and then expand my search outward until I am able to find the next piece. It’s hit or miss, time consuming and I hit way more closed doors than even slightly ajar ones. I frequently get them slammed in my face, told to go away. In one recent case, the person shut down their e-mail accounts and changed their phone number. People don’t want to talk about this issue, even when the crumbs are the size of a 1970’s Coupe DeVille.

Families, clearances, likely misplaced patriotism is frequently applied to this subject. Rightfully so, in most cases. It’s a very explosive subject. Consider the general population, and I understand some of the reticence in talking about it. The Intelligence community has done a masterful job of painting this subject in a tin foil diaper of shame. The DoD has been forceful in its reiterations that people in the know are still beholden to their NDAs and express, in no uncertain terms, the penalties of revealing anything considered classified comes with a healthy dose of steel bars and an hour of daily exercise. It tends to be a very good motivator to shut up.

To think otherwise and push these people to speak up comes at a cost. Anonymity. It makes the job of a researcher, investigator, journalist nearly impossible. When we sit down to write it is with a veil of suspicion and oftentimes met with- source: trust me bro. Which is why, in my opinion, a lot of the more explosive stuff never sees the light of day.

Let’s start with the how- I did a search, I employed my normal methods and I got a hit. Had this person come to me, I would not be sitting here writing this. I would believe I am part of a disinformation campaign, or at minimum, being steered. And, I may still be, but I have slept on this for a week or so, and gone back and forth over writing this. In the end, I decided to put this out there- only because I personally was the one that reached out and found the door ajar and kicked it open a bit. What popped out was cool, but soon went down a road that was uncomfortable for me to take. I don’t want to prejudge your reaction, so I’ll just get into it.

Final disclaimer: This entire conversation could be one giant psyop. I can’t prove it is or is not. I can only attest that the person I spoke with is who they said they are. That’s it. The rest is simply what was told to me. You can see why I’m so concerned. It’s fairly explosive and very difficult to wrap your head around. Some of what I’ve learned from others is here, a lot is not.

Me: Why are you talking to me?

Them: You contacted me, and frankly, I wanted to see where it would go.

Me: How long have you been with [redacted]?

Them: [redacted]

Me: What is your main role?

Them: [redacted]

Me: Wow. How did you get into that? I don’t know of any college course that prepares you to [redacted]

Them: No, it sure didn’t.

(Note- please remember as I put this down, there were different things in the conversation- emojis and such. I am purposely editing this- so if it comes off robotic, that’s on purpose)

This conversation occurred over a few weeks, this was at the very beginning. I am going to skip the niceties back and forth, as I don’t think they really add to the discussion, and could be used to ferret this person out. So, on to the reveals.

Me: So then why now? So many reports out there that there is a clock, some type of countdown. Is that true? Nobody in the current AARO leadership will even remotely talk about NHI without so much psychobabble and semantics, it’s not just infuriating it’s insulting.

Them: First part- yes, there is a countdown, but not as rigid as a specific date. Second, nobody in a official capacity can say anything about NHI because of not the timeline per se, but the reaction from that level of knowledge about NHI.

Me: I don’t get it- that’s extremely vague, and honestly, just feels like more gobblygook. I appreciate you talking to me, I don’t want you to bail, but that’s the same is saying trust me bro.

Them: The fact remains that thought everyone thinks we know- we don’t. This does not go back as far as everyone thinks, as in our knowledge base and our focus on such things. A lot of this – current info about NHI comes from a lot of different places, and is not easy to piece together.

Me: Are you saying you don’t know what it is?

Them: No, I am saying the total picture isn’t known, because it’s not just us. NHI have been interacting with the Earth far longer than humanity has been here. We know that. We also know they interact with us in ways we can’t explain, but seem to literally give no shit about it at all, in any way.

Me: I seriously have had reservations about this, a lot, in fact From a sensibility standpoint, the one thing I have never understood is if these things are here, why would they care at all if we see them, not, etc.

Them: If you’ve noticed, they don’t care if we see them or not, and they aren’t quite in the numbers you think. The tinfoil brigade is awesome. When I say we laugh at this stuff, you have no idea. There are the craziest theories out there, but almost all of it isn’t true. They are here, there are way more than one, but probably ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s only one.

Me: Why?

Them: That isn’t totally clear.

Me: I am going to go out on a limb here and say this is known, at least in the community- my question still remains- why hide? It’s fairly obvious they could handle anything we could do- I am not buying the testing us thing at all.

Them: I never said they were. What I am saying is they don’t care, but they don’t want to interact either. One of the few things that came out correctly was that point. On top of that, the interactions we have had, at least on our side are not very meaningful. Everything we have learned about them has been through human efforts. Nothing has been shared. Ever. If it has, I don’t have that info. We also know they rule the oceans. But they aren’t plentiful, like I said. The notion that millions of these [nhi] are here is wrong. It’s a small, unknown amount. On the other hand, the probes are plentiful. And, you could stand next to one of them [nhi], you’d never know it.

Me: Are they aliens? In the real respect- ET? Or future us? Or interdimensional?

Them: Not from here originally, but just like humans, some are from here now. As far as the interdimensional aspect, they are able, but not from. They are from this 3d reality, but can access very different systems and inhabit different dimensions- but it isn’t as spooky as it seems. It’s more a travel mechanism based on pathways that already exist. They don’t exist there. It’s a tool, nothing more.

Me: Why Earth, why now and then?

Them: We don’t know. Your guess is as good as ours. Again, we don’t know nearly as much as everyone thinks. The picture is extremely murky.

Me: What is with the timeline?

Them: Not ours. And as I said, not a firm date. Some of this was gleaned after we figured out some things like possible intent. It is inevitable that humans are going to figure this out [nhi reality]. Citizen tech is getting to the point that they can’t hide anymore. That’s part of the issue. The entire thing, we think, is that once they are revealed on the larger stage, that will trigger something bigger, and what that is, we don’t know. That is why it is being held. [Redacted] can stomp and piss and moan, but in the end, [redacted] have no business diving into this. K [Kirkpatrick] is in a no-win situation and is one of the finest people I know. If anyone thinks for one second he loves doing this- NHI – (keeping the info) away from anyone is just wrong. There are things that could set off world-wide firepots. People are stupid in a group. This isn’t exactly an unknown. There are deep, deep studies about this. It does not go well. On top of that, if it does trigger something, what is it? Anyone saying they know is wrong.

Me: I’m having difficulty with this. It feels very planned and simplistic. I honestly can’t wrap my head around it, it is right out of a dime store novel, and I saw some stuff that even I have second guessed. I know the source, but I’ve been cultivating other sources and I’ve found some interesting contradictions.

Them: I’ve seen what you wrote. Some is correct. Some is actually spot on. Some is not. You’ve gotten a lot of the tech stuff correct. You’ve gotten most of the nhi stuff wrong.

Me: Like, what?

Them: The main NHI are not Greys. At all. Like I said, the main NHI looks exactly like us. Secondly, the Greys are our little ocean friends. The main are not.

Me: Do you mean the Greys are friendly? The others are not?

Them: Neither are friendly. Neither care about us.

Me: This is where I’ve had the biggest problem with acceptance, even though I’ve been told this multiple times by multiple people.

Them: That part is correct. There are also highly benevolent and highly malevolent. This comes down to places we don’t know about yet.

Me: I’m going to ask again, why are you telling me this?

Them: You or another. And honestly, some have this info.

Me: Who?

Them: Nope.

Me: I want to switch gears. You said not that long. What timeline are we talking?

Them: Overall, seems long, but isn’t. Back to the 40s and 50s. But Someone was pretty dead on about contact before. Roswell was wrong. We did recover a craft. Ours. It was an attempt at reversing a craft we already had. The bodies were plain old humans. Short ones, badly deformed from the crash. Small because we used literal components from the original craft and totally got the implementation wrong. Epically so. We were able to fly these things but when they tried to enable components we thought we knew, the craft blew up. It wasn’t nhi. It was us. That will come out, by the way.

Me: Who knows this?

Them: Way more than you think.

Me: Does the president know these things?

Them: Most did. Some didn’t.

Me: Why?

Them: They knew if they needed to. Above my pay grade.

Me: What’s your best guess as to why there’s a countdown and why?

Them: I won’t speculate.

Me: Won’t or can’t?

Them: I can. I won’t.

Me: No idea of a timeline?

Them: Way sooner than we want.

Me: Are people out here writing books and promising timelines being honest?

Them: They are. I know what you’re talking about. It’s been cleared. Or should say, is still being. I don’t have all that info, but I know what you’re talking about. This has been going on for many years. Disclosure. The reasons why now are not totally known from a “them” standpoint. And, even I don’t have more than that. You asked me the other day to talk about the timeline, and I gave it more thought. Though I still won’t speculate, I think others above even us, know. AARO is public facing. Take that as you will.

Me: There are more that are above AARO?

Them: There’s always a bigger fish.

Me: People or Orgs.?

Them: There’s always a bigger fish.

Me: What about defense contractors?

Them: What about them?

Me: How many and who?

Them: Less than you think. There are a few very close to this, but most, I would say almost all, are not. Again, I want to reiterate, though we do know a lot about [nhi] and we have figured out some of the tech, it’s not nearly what everyone thinks. Everyone thinks we know all this stuff, and we don’t. I know of stories where we [government] have truly screwed up with them in the past. And there is still some really compartmentalized stuff still outside the knowledge of us. Those are the bigger fish.

Me: What exactly is disclosure for then?

Them: it won’t stay hidden for any appreciable amount of time from here forward. No choice.

Me: Is Grusch the real deal?

Them: We wouldn’t be having this discussion otherwise.

Me: Have People really been hurt or killed?

Them: Recently? No. Threatened, yes. Harmed? No.

Me: But it has happened?

Them: I would guess.

Me: OK. I understand. What would you say is the biggest thing I should know? Not like this wasn’t big. I’m just having difficulty with a lot.

Them: The biggest thing? Don’t kill the messenger because you don’t like the message or how it’s being delivered. We all have bosses. We all deal with other people. Nobody hides and lies because of a power trip about this. It’s literally the biggest story in history. It is being coordinated as much as can be.

That was the back and forth, but again, it was HEAVILY changed. Though I didn’t change the message, the tone and delivery were.

My final thoughts: I personally like this person, but I also don’t know the full veracity of the “facts” . I might have been a useless idiot, which is why the heavy disclaimers and why I had an extremely difficult time with whether I would write this or not.

It’s your choice to believe this, discount it or believe pieces.

Only time will tell.


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