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The Lasers That Will Rule The World

A lot has been discussed about the laser systems I talked about in several of my articles related to an original source from July or so of 2023. There are two systems that orbs and tictac crafts use. One is a scanning and plotting device, while a second is used to open and travel through dimensions, portals, and in the case of the larger crafts – Einstein-Rosen bridges, commonly referred to as wormholes. Quantum computers seem to be the secret to humans creating the latter. Studies are ongoing across universities and labs to be the first to prove the phenomenon.

A team in 2022 said they successfully modeled the ER bridge, but that result was called into question, and so the quest continues. But, not for NHI. It seems that these beings have not only figured it out, but they use it regularly right here on Earth and throughout the galaxy and universe. The lasers themselves are dependent upon a couple of different factors that we know about, while some of the information is simply unknown. The prevailing theory is that the requisite amount of power needed to create the massive fields required for travel is simply out of our reach.

Don’t be fooled by pseudo-physicists who rely on the false assumption that the equations of general relativity depend on the local speed of light, ‘c’ to be the local speed of light- they do not. ‘C’ refers to the ultimate speed. Therefore, every single thing that comes after is incorrect. Simple ego and stomping can’t change that fact. The octagenarian dinosaurs are simply wrong. In the Einstein field equation, there is a factor of G/c^4, but these rogue elements believe by decreasing ‘c’ you can more easily increase the spacetime curvature with the same stress-energy tensor.

In Bose-Einstein condensates a Harvard team was able to bring ‘c’ down to near zero. With the flawed equations by these lost “scientists” then stopped light would result in infinite curvature and the effect on spacetime would be catastrophic. Noticeable. According to the Harvard team, they stopped a pulse of light for up to 1 ms. If the theory posited by the old guard were correct, this would lead to the metric tensor blowing up to infinity over a spacial range of about 1 foot per nanosecond. This is the rate at which gravitational effects travel.

The big problem is that it is truly unknown why gravitational effects, massless particles, and light all travel at the same speed. These folks simply don’t understand and are “confused” and simply change the speed of photons to affect gravity.

They are wrong, and all the screaming, yelling, and calling people assholes won’t change the fact they are simply using bunk-filled theories. They’ve been discredited time and time again. It’s easy to sound like a big brain when the brains you’re talking down to don’t have the background to refute you. When you run into a true physicist and in fact, teams of physicists, your narrative fails miserably.

This is why, though others may not understand the reasons these lasers work the way they do, that does not make them incongruous to methods of travel. I welcome any open debate about maths and theories and point you to two papers from the Harvard Team.


Moving on to how and why these lasers are going to change the world, I would like to start with the nuclear fusion revelation from December 2022. It has been repeated. This is achieved with, you guessed it- lasers. Now, I want to be very clear that I don’t have a shred of evidence that fusion was reverse-engineered in any way. I believe this was a human revelation and not NHI reversing in any way. Humans are, in my opinion as one, a pretty amazing species.

It’s going to take a decade or more to roll this out. The big obstacle is scalability. Right now, the systems required to get a net gain out of the experiment is truly in it’s infancy and not repeatable on a large scale, nor in the environment (size) required. This needs to be scalable to a satellite, or in the case of level surfaces, encased so as to be manageable. What makes the systems work together that I am about to describe, is wholly attributed to NHI reverse-engineered laser tech.

I discussed the ways orbs and tictacs work in a previous article. One of the things present is the laser systems. One of those systems uses a cooling system to allow beams to be dialed, controlled at massive distances (power), and in an always-on state. After being told by other PhDs that this was science fiction and couldn’t occur, China made a huge announcement about the very revelation I had written about a month or so earlier. Let’s clear the air- the systems the Chinese are using are reverse-engineered despite the news that their team is using gas to use the laser for these incredible feats. Gas is being used, but the system is derived from the reverse-engineering. We don’t have the capability to create the actual system in use by NHI. It was the stepping point, and as we get better, this system will improve. If you don’t understand the exact tech, but can mimic parts, humans are quite good at improvising.

Since that article and revelation, I have learned from very highly-placed individuals my tech discussions have been spot-on. America has this as well, and it will come out within the next six to twelve months, similar in nature to the way the NSF announced nuclear fusion as a reality, these lasers can be used in concert with that fusion tech. These lasers will be able to create fusion within the confines of the case/compartment and then effectively use that fusion to power the secondary laser system to beam energy to any place on the planet. The end user will have a device that can receive the beam, accumulate a charge with a solid-state battery, and then distribute that power to anything you want to power. Homes, cars- really anything that requires electricity.

They do not run continuously. That was a question I kept getting, but I hadn’t written the article yet. This was going to be addressed. The beam is not one continuous beam at all times. That’s horribly inefficient. Instead, the receiver unit is the accumulator as well. It’s a reservoir.

A few people asked about using portable generators. Sure, drag around a giant unit that has moving parts and failover issues. Instead of using a laser disk, we opted for a DVD. Instead of Betamax, we chose VHS. It’s going to be the same thing here, plus, it’ll be touted and promoted by the government. (USA)

Consider the implications of this tech. Cars could be charged from the air by a beam. No charging stations. Houses can be run with a small device that is charged from the air, and plugged into your home electrical system. Electric wires and even solar panels will become obsolete within a decade. Giant buildings can have one collector/accumulator to power an entire building. You go to the accumulator, plug in your pack, and within a few seconds, you can power your apartment or office for a period of time- I don’t know how long- I suspect a few days, but I am sure as it is developed more and batteries get even better, this time will increase.

Consider this- powerlines will no longer be needed. Bad weather can’t knock your power out. There will be no external sources of failure and your accumulator/collector can be taken indoors or moved. A simple GPS on your unit will alert the SAT system where it is and adjust accordingly.

These units can be deployed anywhere on the planet. The need to move large generators capable of powering large structures will become useless. All you need to do is bring your device, let it charge, and then use that for your power needs.

This tech will take time but expect an announcement in the timeframe I wrote above. It’s going to change the world. These systems will enable countries with a lack of a decent power grid to totally leapfrog a viable infrastructure for wires and poles. You will be able to sail the ocean and pull power right from the air.

Here is a very simple overview of how these will be deployed.

Sat System with the two laser systems within. A power source within can fire the first laser system which then starts the nuclear fusion within. Nuclear fusion will enable the second laser, the much more powerful system. Either through the use of a phased array or the original NHI split talked about in other articles can then send that beam to the host unit. Remember, one of these laser systems can also plot- that system can scan for pathway obstructions. The system waits for clarity, then fires. Because these systems use a cooled laser, there is no danger of cutting anything or causing any type of issues a high-powered laser would normally cause.

However, due to the possible misuse of these incredibly powered systems, I have a theory they will be heavily guarded. I don’t think you’d want a laser system capable of taking down airplanes and whatnot in the hands of just anyone. If someone figured out how to disable the cooling system and use these systems outright; That would be a terrible thing. This is my thought here, something I thought about after thinking about it for a bit.

The land-based unit was already described, but to summarize, it receives the beam, charges the unit, and then the unit is plugged into your local “cell”? That’s my word. I don’t know what they will call the end distribution unit. It will be something similar to the Tesla Home Battery but not dependent upon charging by electricity or solar panels.

You can imagine having several home units. One for your home, one for your car(s), maybe one for the flying car that we were promised by the year 2000?

For those wondering- laser light does not have to be visible. I know I will get that question. 🙂

Until we meet again-


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