Mexican Government: Here Are The Aliens


Alien Skeptic- I’ll believe it when I see the bodies.

Mexico- Ok, here they are, and here’s their DNA and the X-Rays, And The…..

Alien Skeptic- Lies. All Lies.

The Mexican government one-upped the US Congressional Hearing on UAPs, held on July 26th, 2023 when David Grusch told the committee the United States government has a UFO crash retrieval program, recovered the crafts and even non-human biologics. Grusch was careful to use the words, non-human biologics, leading sceptics to jump all over the term. Grusch went on to talk about 40 plus witnesses he interviewed directly as a part of his mission with the GeoSpacial department within the DoD. Later, in a documentary/long-form interview, Grusch left no uncertain words – We discovered and recovered PILOTS- bodies. These were not cats or dogs or monkeys. They weren’t plants, either, as one well-known physicist said in a now deleted tweet.

Supposedly unbiased physicist Neil Degrasse-Tyson replied further to the hearings with a tweet about how there couldn’t be aliens visiting Earth due to the distance, completely discounting any other form of technology unknown to humanity. Then, later doubled down with a tongue in cheek reference (poorly done and ripped off since comedian Mitch Hedberg did this joke years ago about bigfoot)

This seems funny, but consider the masses listen to folks like Tyson. They get low-level knowledge from these types of people that seem to be either on the dole of the three letter agencies, or simply so arrogant, they just don’t think anything outside of their own echo chambers is worth their time. I wonder if after today, after Mexico has not only released new images of the Nazca Mummies, and DNA data available for anyone to verify and download, Tyson will change his tune? Doubtful.

Sample 1:

Sample 2:
Sample 3:

The images from these mummies-

The Nazca Mummies turned out with some serious anomalies. Bovine DNA, Legume DNA- the theory being is that it is possible these entities were bioengineered. One must think of the correlation with the GANZI and cattle mutilations and the fact cattle DNA was found in their sequencing. It begs the question- how were they engineered?

Before we get too far ahead, however, we must analyze this amazing development. Unless we step back and verify this from a completely independent point of view, the vast amount of the public will probably look at this as just another hoax. It has to be rock solid and unimpeachable. I have reached out to Jaime Moussan who led this hearing, to offer an independent analysis. Stay tuned for more info as I get it.

The hearing was explosive with expert after expert offering scientific analysis verifying the data, the DNA and the images. Amazing pictures of the skeletal remains showed what appeared to be three eggs inside of their stomachs, metal that was embedded in their bodies and amazing features within the brain.

Taken all together, the case appears to be one that is going to turn the tables, and confirm, at a minimum: the ancient alien theory, so amazingly talked about in “Chariot of the Gods” by, Erich von Däniken is not only real, but opens the door to a total reexamination of our entire history- human and social.

At it’s apex, this confirms, not just extraterrestrial life, it confirms we are not alone, and bolsters the argument that we have been visited for thousands of years. Possibly, much more.

It also poses a lot more questions. Are they still here? I believe, based upon evidence I have seen, the answer is a resounding yes. Are they here for good or bad? Were those created here from another species? What were they doing here? Why are they here now? And, maybe the biggest question, can I have a ride? This place is starting to stink.

Here is a forensic explanation of the bodies by:

Attribution: Mordrenix r/aliens reddit

José de Jesus Zalce Benitez (Forensic Sciences Specialist):


Name: José de Jesús Zalce Benítez

Military Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Medical Specialty: Naval Surgeon

Educational Background:Master’s Degree in Forensic Medicine from the Military School of Health

Graduates of the Mexican ArmySpecialization in National Security Intelligence from the prestigious National Institute of Public Administration (INAP)

Diploma in Aerospace Medicine awarded by the Mexican Air Force under the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA)

Diploma in Forensic Anthropology from the renowned National School of Anthropology and History (ENAA)

Aerospace Medicine Diploma from the Directorate General of Military Health, Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA)

Professional Achievements:Dr. Zalce Benítez currently holds the esteemed position of Head of the Department of Legal and Forensic Medicine within the Mexican Navy, a role he has held since 2009.

In addition to his military service, he serves as an Adjunct Professor at both the National School of Anthropology and History and the University of London


“It is an honor for me to present on such a high platform the results of my analyzes derived from the study of the anatomy of these non-human bodies. As a forensic doctor, in collaboration with the biologist Jose de la Cruz Ríos, and based on the results of various scientific evidence, such as X-rays, computed tomography, three-dimensional reconstructions, macroscopic and microscopic analyses. histology, carbon 14, forensic anthropology, comparative anatomy and DNA analysis, which is the queen of evidence in forensic sciences for comparative studies, I can affirm that these bodies are not related to human beings. For this purpose, I will start with the description of the images that we will see next:

They are bodies approximately 60 cm long, covered by a white powder that, through electron microscopy, we identify as diatom powder, which allows the desiccation of the bodies as well as the absence of the generation of bacteria, fungi and cadaveric fauna. The presence of this dust allows the perfect conservation by desiccation of these bodies, causing a natural conservation process over time which we were able to calculate by applying the carbon 14 test which indicated and dated an average of 1000 years old. This makes the place where these bodies were found an ideal place for their conservation and preservation by whoever or those who deposited them at this site in Peru.

Entering the topic of anatomy, we can see that they have a humanoid structure that consists of a head, trunk, abdomen and limbs, which end in tridactyl hands and feet. The bone structure of the entire skeleton shows us perfect harmony and agreement between the joints. The final part of each bone fits perfectly with the bone that follows it and the wear of these is also observed due to the movement of the specimen’s own biomechanics, being very resistant bones, but very light, strong, but light like those of the birds.

The head is an element of particular interest since it is large in its proportions compared to the body, however, it is a pneumatized skull, that is, with spaces that allow it to be very light but rigid and resistant, with a large intracranial cavity which evidence that it was a container for very large brain or neurological material. Likewise, we see that the spaces in the eye orbits are very large in size, which would allow a very wide stereoscopic vision for this specimen. It has very small nostrils and an oral cavity that, due to its jaw joint and absence of teeth, allows us to determine that its nutrition was by swallowing and not by chewing.

The neck, in turn, is a long structure that joins the head in the middle floor of the skull, which is a rarity that does not occur in primate species, since the union is in the posterior floor through the foramen magnum. , and not in the middle, which is usually circular or ovoid in shape, being something unique since in these species it is rectangular and cubic in shape. This is consistent with the four or five cervical vertebrae which are small in bone thickness but have a very wide intervertebral disc which makes it possible for this neck to be retractable like that of turtles.

In the thorax, we find a fork very similar to that of birds, which allows the shoulder joints to continue and have very wide mobility capabilities. In the thorax we find that the ribs are complete and continuous, completely circular until they join with the vertebral column, they have a very small space between them, being between 14 and 16 in number.

In the abdomen, we can evidence the presence of 3 eggs that, thanks to the tomography, we were able to show at a millimetric level that there are oviducts with the presence of millimetric eggs, this means that they were in a continuous gestation process. In addition, it confirms 100% that they are biological and organic since the process of replication or reproduction through these eggs and their development in the oviduct would be impossible to falsify.

We can also observe, thanks to tomography, the traces of muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels, as well as possible organs or organelles that would have to be defined in subsequent studies. Coming to the extremities, we can point out that there is a complete harmony and agreement between the joints and the wear and tear of the biomechanics of the specimen which end in tridactyl hands and feet with 5 phalanges, this would allow them not to occupy the thumb as a position, but rather use your 3 fingers in a wrapping manner to hold things.

Here is one of the most outstanding and relevant peculiarities: that they do not have carpal and tarsal bones, the phalanges are direct to the bones of the arm and forearm, in addition to ending in a kind of nail bed for the nail and that observation of microscopes we found fingerprints, this would be impossible to replicate. These fingerprints are of particular interest since most specimens on this planet have deep or circular footprints and the fingerprints of these specimens are completely straight and horizontally linear.

Another peculiarity is that some of these bodies have metal implants that are perfectly attached within the skin and towards the surface, making a very impressive biofunctional fusion. These implants are the alloy of various metals, among which osmium and cadmium stand out, which are currently used for satellite telecommunications.

Finally, I will point out that the DNA analysis, after having been compared with more than 1 million registered species, we found that there is a significant difference between what is known and these bodies. These studies were carried out in various high-level institutions, both national and international, and the results gave evidence that 70% of the genetic material coincides with what is known, but there is a difference of 30%.

What is the relevance of this? Well, if the human being, compared to primates, has a differentiation of less than 5% and compared to bacteria, it has a differentiation of less than 15%, this would indicate that the difference found of more than 30% is something totally outside the parameter and of what expected, is foreign to what is described and known at this moment by human beings.

These studies and results are published and available to anyone who likes to analyze them or continue them. We accept that there is still much to discover and we are open to the scientific community and the world joining efforts to define what we are facing and how far we can go as a result of collaboration in a scientific and academic study.

In conclusion and for all the above, we can say that these bodies are from a non-human species that has irrefutable differences with what is described in the biology and taxonomy of the Darwinian species evolution tree, without a common or traceable predecessor or without a descent. and evolution still described. I can affirm then that these bodies are 100% real, organic and biological, that at the time they had life and are irrefutable evidence in themselves. We are facing the paradigm of describing a new species or the opportunity to accept that there has been contact with other non-human beings that were drawn and pointed out in the past in various cultures throughout the world such as Peru, Egypt and Mexico, and that today we can accept their existence among and with us. Thank you very much”

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