The Most Important UFO Disclosure In History

It's Now On Record



On July 26th, 2023 three men sat at a no-frills wooden table with microphones they had to turn on and off themselves. They sat in a simple chamber within the walls of the United States Congress. Room 2154 – the room that what we already knew was finally entered into the official congressional record.

We are not alone.

Ufos are real- we knew this. Aliens are real, we knew this. Still, many are using semantics to discount the sworn testimony from David Grusch, the intelligence whistleblower first brought to the spotlight by Ross Coulthart. From skeptic to disinformation agent, to the woefully uninformed and uneducated, claims that non-human biologics could mean anything from dogs to pigs to monkeys, and the one I liked best- plants – does not mean aliens.

I might submit the 90 years or so of psyops from the governments of the world to quash any and all discussion of this topic. It’s not just the United States. I do believe, however, we have been at the front of disinformation. And, let me just stand and clap, you have been brilliant in keeping the biggest secret in human history. Let me also say you are the worst criminals in human history. Let that sink in because I know some of you are reading these words right now. You have committed crimes against humanity, and nothing short of life in prison, or worse, should befall you.

Shame on you.

But, you’ve lost. Like the snake that fights even though the mongoose has torn it in half, the naysayers and the powers that be are bravely putting out one more thrashing strike before your last grip of power fades away.

Three men, Grusch, Fravor and Graves. Three names will, I posit, one day be told to children in our future as the men that risked it all to tell the truth, tell humanity that we are not only not alone, but that we have been lied to. For a very long time.

No matter the outcome of what future contact will look like, whether G.A.N.Z.I. or another civilization, one thing is certain, humanity has a need and a right to be present en masse and with a united voice to decide whatever the future for humanity and other civilizations holds.

Grusch was asked about how programs could work without oversight: He stated (they were) “above congressional oversight” and bankrolled by a “misappropriation of funds.”

“Does that mean that there is money in the budget that is set to go to a program but it doesn’t and it goes to something else?,” Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Fla., replied.

“Yes. I have specific knowledge of that,” Grusch said, though he could not provide more detail- that information is classified.

Ryan Graves focussed much of his testimony on the safe reporting of UFO encounters. Graves told the panel that stigma “silences” pilots who fear “professional repercussions,” which he said is “compounded by recent government claims questioning the credibility of eyewitness testimony.”

David Fravor went on to say “The technology that we faced is far superior to anything that we had,” Fravor claimed. “And there’s nothing we can do about it, nothing.”

Fravor asserted that at one point the tic-tac object he had been observing disappeared and appeared again a few seconds later, sixty miles away. Let’s do the math on that.

60 miles in 3 seconds equals – 72,000 miles per hour. Calculation here: CALCULATION

Let’s do that in G-Forces- 1093 G-Forces. CALCULATIONS MADE HERE

The tic-tac object did one of two things- it either entered another mode of travel- either a wormhole or portal, or it accelerated at a rate that no human or material on earth could withstand, save diamond or other similar material. Cost? The total gross product of the entire planet. Anything inside without some form of exotic travel or inertial dampener that can withstand over a thousand plus times the gravity of earth would turn to literal goo. Here is a PDF on g-forces from the FAA.

Here’s what we take from Graver’s statement- Either he is a liar- or nothing on earth made it. It really is that simple. It’s a hard stop at that point. I believe him. Multiple people experienced it from radar operators on a screen to fellow aviators. The guy is just not lying. The best-laid hypothesis for this to be explained away has all fallen flat. None of them can refute Fravor’s claim- and subsequent sworn testimony.

The damn thing isn’t from here.

Let’s get further into Grusch and why I believe him. The simplest? There is no end game in sight. It has brought him nothing but ridicule, hatred, and threats, and in some cases, we could probably infer he and his wife may have had their lives intruded upon by both agents that wish him harm- and beings that are not of this earth. I believe if you read between the lines- he and his wife were told to be quiet- by actual alien entities.

Asked by Rep. Eric Burlison, R-Mo., to substantiate the crashed UAPs claim, the former intelligence official said he could not divulge specific details, once again claiming the information was too sensitive to share with the public.

He did, however, describe the nature of what he saw: “I have to be very careful here … [but] what I personally witnessed, myself and my wife, was very disturbing.”

Unless I am misreading that, Grusch just told you he had an interaction with Aliens.

The takeaway from this entire COngressional Hearing is this succinct:

UFOs are not human.

UFOs Defy our (humanity’s) knowledge of both materials science and physics knowledge and abilities.

Aliens Exist on Earth and may very well be actively trying to conceal a bigger picture (malevolent) to humanity.

Humans in some way are working with craft and technology they don’t understand and have been hurt.

Aliens make contact on a regular basis with our aviators both military and private.

There are both legacy programs and current reverse engineering events occurring.

This goes so much deeper than anyone can imagine.

And for the people in the back- The G.A.N.Z.I. are NOT our friends- Call them greys, call them nun-human biologics, call them little green men. They aren’t here for us, and whatever the greater mission turns out to be, it’s high time we take the blinders off, get our lawmakers the tools they need to work on this, and hold the keepers of these secrets accountable.