Aliens Are Here- Biden Met Them – They Are Not Friendly


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Two days ago, my world changed. It all happened on twitter. I have been researching the UFO and more recently, UAP disclosure and event history for thirty years. All along the way I have believed we are being visited. What I learned over this period of time was gleaned from materials oft researched and presented in bombastic, and over-the-top ways. Alien abductions, crazy encounters that seemed, let’s face it, phony as hell. Far too farfetched to be anything but fanciful nut cases looking for attention. I have always been one to be highly skeptical. Let’s face it, the past ten or so years have launched a myriad of people that care only for notoriety and could care less about facts. My mind works on facts. From everything I have seen, heard, and researched, I was convinced we were being visited. I truly thought the government(s) were hiding crashed UFOs, UAPs – I don’t know what to call them at this point. Spaceships. Let’s go with that, though that isn’t entirely correct- I’ll get to that in a moment.

The past several months brought me closer to my convictions, like many others that were “into” this topic. Let’s first talk Luis Elizondo. Many have said he was the catalyst for the true disclosure moment and started that ball rolling toward disclosure. Hopefully, Lue gets to read this. Thank you Lue. I’ve heard the government’s misinformation rumblings, the “he’s just trying to get some clout” accusations. At the end of the day, I now know what you know – I will get to that shortly as well. To David Grusch: You have the biggest set of balls I’ve ever seen. You took disclosure ahead probably twenty years or more. You forced the hands of the power elite and rank and file government reps. and made them take stock. You got those under the umbrella itching to speak up, the courage and fortitude to start dropping the UFO secrets and the fact “We are not alone”.

Two days ago, someone direct messaged me on twitter. They said they wanted to talk, read some of my articles, and liked my verve- their words, not mine. So, with a grain of salt, we talked. And then, we talked and talked. Three hours later, my world had been shattered and everything I thought I knew about aliens, disclosure, and UFOs was wrong in almost every way. They are here. They have at minimum, three operating bases Earthside, and possibly one or more moonside, and within our solar system and way, way beyond. I have no idea where or how many. Remember when Kirkpatrick said we may have mothership in our neighborhood? It all became clearer two days ago.

Let me say this unequivocally, without ambiguity, in no uncertain terms, we are not alone, aliens not only exist but have been here for five millennia, if not considerably longer, they are not friendly and humanity is absolutely in danger. In more ways than one. I’ll elaborate in a second. Let’s start at the beginning.

Simply put, we do. But that’s the tip.

The person I spoke with is going to come forward, and you will hear them during the Congressional Hearing On UAPs in a couple of weeks. What I am about to tell you comes directly from this person, a high-level- C-LEVEL person within a very well-known weapons and technology company based within the United States, but operating internationally. Again, I was chosen, I believe, because I am an unknown, but someone that obviously would be responsive and listen. That I did.

Here’s the first thing this person said after about fifteen minutes of banter about family and friends – the getting-to-know-you phase. “Well, I contacted you because I decided I am tired. Very tired. I have held this secret from the public, humanity for a very long time. I could simply drop all this at that time, but I have a strong feeling, and there are many in certain places of power that can, and are actively trying, to stop it at any cost, I wanted to get this out. What I share with you will be direct evidence of both the confirmation of and evidence of extraterrestrial entities both on Earth as well as galactically. There are many civilizations out there. There are two currently on Earth that I know of. Humans and Ganzi. Ganzi are from another part of our galaxy, directionally speaking, they are within forty light years as the rocket flies. They travel not through conventional spacetime, but through fabric ripples created by opening an alternate method of travel, they refer to as a miasma. This, they stated, is the best representation of the way they travel. Ganzi are not willing to share technology in any way. The tech we have recovered and are in possession of is made of terrestrial components that are manipulated in a way that humans cannot. The metamaterials are created by (alien) processes here on earth and elements and “spooky” physics are not known to humans but exist. They simply won’t tell us. “That’s why we reverse engineer and why these vehicles fail. They are not willing to allow technology on this planet that couldn’t be created by humans within several hundred years. Apparently, if we jump a couple of hundred years, no big deal. If we jump a million and don’t know what we are doing, this is bad. Very bad.

“Why?” I asked.

The answer was the start of me being scared. “Because they are millions of years ahead of us technologically and stated we would “cease to exist” without proper knowledge of how to manipulate the materials. Secondly, we can’t even access the materials in our current configuration of physics and place within the technological tree. Basically, we are not even monkeys. We are protozoa on the tech scale.”

“Because they are millions of years ahead of us technologically and stated we would “cease to exist” without proper knowledge of how to manipulate the materials.”

We have yet to even understand our own oceans. They have been in them, operating for millennia. Let that sink in. Millennia.

That was the beginning. For the next few hours, I sat there and as we had a Skype call, he proceeded to screen share and asked me to take over my screen from his end, assuring him that I could not screenshot or record.

I allowed this to occur. What transpired, over three hours, rocked me to my core. The first thing – Ganzi are not friendly. They are not malevolent either. To a certain extent. Mess with them and their mission, and it will end badly. They equate us to flies. We are annoying to what they are trying to do here, but unless you land on them and bite them like a horsefly, you are simply swatted away, pushed to the side. This is good news. But not for some. In fact, we have lost pilots and ships to the Ganzi in a monumental fashion. I was shown, and you will see firsthand during the hearing, one particular episode of an f-15 fighter jet being disintegrated by a particle beam technology that did not blow the thing up, it stopped it dead and turned it to ash. No debris.

It was a simple puff of ash.

There was a beam, green in color, it hit the side of the plane, the beam separated into four went across the fuselage, and then disappeared. The result was a plane-shaped cloud of… ash. Nothing else. The incursion happened over the ocean in an undisclosed location. Two fighters were trying an intercept of a white tic-tac object, which is the type of craft used mostly over the oceans. The f-15 put a target lock on the object and was then destroyed. The other pilot immediately maneuvered out, and the camera then tilted with the plane – this was not FLIR- this was loud and proud and in bright color, and then the pilot got out of there.

But it did not end. Moments later, as the f-15 is scrambling out of the area the pilot is swearing, breathing heavily and stating he has multiple contacts coming out of nowhere. “They are all around me, bogeys all over, advise, advise.”

What happens next defies everything we know.

Multiple round, metallic objects appear in front of the cockpit, within feet, and keep track with the f-15. The pilot attempts evasive maneuvers, but the objects don’t mimic his moves – they are “as a part of the plane itself”- stuck to the plane somehow. The tic-tac-shaped ufo then drops into view and tilts 180 degrees and matches speed, and maneuvers. The pilot is now freaking out. We hear the controller of the ship speaking saying he cannot see any targets near him, some squawk and then silence. Pure silence. The tic-tac proceeds to follow, or lead in this case, the f-15. The tic-tac spins at an incredible rate in a gyroscopic manner, The speed is so great the f-15 is now being rocked around, the pilot saying he is experiencing rotor wash. And then, the thing stops and accelerates “instantly” away. The round objects unlatch and are gone.

This was caught on three cameras. Two were Eagle Eye cameras. One in zoom, one in telephoto and then a Flir. What was most troubling was what I was shown after the video had been slowed and analyzed. Two extraterrestrial occupants, small bodies, large heads, big eyes. Somewhere along the way, we had truth out here and never knew for sure. Now we know. They are the Greys. The message was clear.


As I sit and write this, I feel like a nut. Was I shown some deep fake? Was I being punked? This is too out there, man. Speilberg must have made this. But he didn’t. We delved deeper into why this source had this. And so we go to the how and why. And, here is where it gets scary. Very scary.

Let’s talk about the Ganzi. The name is something we humans gave them and I don’t know, nor does my source, what it means. It’s some type of acronym. As in, G.A.N.Z.I. It was simply said to this person and never explained. So how does this non-governmental, non-intelligence civilian know any of this, and have these items, like videos and analysis documentation on metallurgy and reverse-engineered technology knowledge?

Because his company is the top firm reverse-engineering their (Ganzi) technology. And if this stuff is only a couple hundred years ahead of us, the stuff a million or more years ahead must be so far ahead of the known, Arthur C. Clarke said it best, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Here’s what I know, and what will be confirmed within the next month as the Congress has the much anticipated Ufo Disclosure event. (And that’s what I am calling it. Period, hard stop.) If you haven’t been following, US representative Tim Burchett just used the literal words, “Americans deserve the truth about aliens.” There is no ambiguity in that statement, and if you read it as something else, I’m saying it like this, you’re a buffoon that can’t see what’s happening right in front of you. Wake the fuck up.

  1. They are not friendly, but not necessarily malevolent aliens either. Unless of course, you get in their way.
  2. We know Earth is a waypoint for something bigger. We have NEVER gotten the answer to what that is.
  3. The Ganzi deal with us, because they are not here to colonize, and apparently have a directive to leave us alone, again, unless we mess with their goals.
  4. They create only technology that is used in our oceans, skies, and direct atmosphere that can be created from Earth’s elements from technological methods we don’t understand. They are able to manipulate matter in ways we cannot.
  5. This is big- The Earth itself is important to them, but humanity is not. Let me state that another way- we don’t matter, only the Earth. If we are here or not, it does not matter. Though many scientists claim extreme environmental issues are harming the Earth, the Ganzi are able to fix anything we do, should they need something out of a particular resource or waypoint or something. We don’t know.
  6. They do NOT like us playing with nuclear power in weaponized form. Take nuclear devastation off the table. Any attempt to use nukes will be met with a total and complete shutdown of human society. The Earth is important, the little bugs on the surface are not, and if we mess with what they are doing, we will cease to exist. We have been warned- More on that in a bit.
  7. We do not know what they are doing, but they’ve been doing it for a very long time.
  8. The reason they lose probes and even manned vehicles is that they are unable to use tech past a couple of hundred years of our possible technological timeline. Dead Ganzi don’t matter. The theory is their consciousness is stored and the biological bodies don’t matter.
  9. They can manipulate DNA, increase lifespan indefinitely, cure or prevent any disease and the beings themselves are able to transfer consciousness from one body to another. There is a supposition they can do this to humans. They have experimented on us, and we don’t know why. There are theories that it might be in case they need humans for something. Galactic war, slaves? Supposition here.
  10. They will not hesitate to kill humans if it suits them. We are bugs. I’ve said that a few times, but let it sink in. You, me, we are INSIGNIFICANT and Earth is NOT OURS.
  11. The theory is that life is ALL AROUND YOU right now. These beings are able to manipulate higher dimensions and can be anywhere, at any time, in any place they want to be. They can stand next to you, right this second as you read this, and you’ll never know unless they want you to. It’s a theory humans have created called Multi-Dimensional Theory, but the way they operate is best thought to be through Brane Theory. (Honestly, I had never heard of it before two days ago. Heady stuff)
  12. They have NO desire to interact with humans. If we fell off the Earth, they’d be fine. (Seriously, at this point if I hear some idiot mention flat earth, I’m going to slap the stupid out of your mouth. Grow up.) If we just putter around like we are without messing things up, that’s fine too.
  13. They are going to be here and if we play with anything that would cause global harm that would cause Earth to become unusable to the point of actual physical destruction of the surface, they won’t hesitate to stop us. Without any care whatsoever. I do not think that the atmosphere matters to them, only the physical space the earth occupies and somehow nuclear destruction. This is why they have told the governments that should they attempt large-scale nuclear conflict, things will not go well.
  14. They have shared some information out of necessity.

Let’s talk about Biden, governments, and what they know- and don’t know. You will see, a video of Biden being briefed on technology, viewing a full-sized UAP called a Multi Domain Vehicle that is able to go into space, into the ocean and through our atmosphere at speeds humans can’t handle, which is why we are trying to (so far unsuccessfully) reverse-engineer them. This briefing took place at three different times.

Date 1 – March 26, 2022, Biden sees and is briefed about a laser that was recovered by the RAF. He is shown this technology and told that China has made significant strides in creating their own reverse-engineered laser from the same type of recovered article that is so powerful it can write words out of the air by stripping electrons off air molecules. The laser being shown to the public is the baby version. The real one is called the Direct Air LSM. It is capable of drawing elements directly out of ore and accumulating them in a reservoir and eliminating the need for mining in the traditional dirty methods humans have traditionally used. It’s real use is far more sinister, and the Chinese have kept the methods for this achievement largely compartmentalized.

Date 2 – May 3, 2022, Biden visits Lockheed Martin in Troy Alabama, publicly the facility that makes the Javelin Missle, and the guise was that he was visiting to talk about the importance of the facility in the War in Ukraine. The reality was very different. For one hour, Biden was sidelined under the guise that he was going to have a discussion with an advisor on an unrelated topic. In reality, Biden is shown, in a video this author viewed, a full-size orb that had been retrieved fully intact and still contained a laser system that was capable of analyzing bio, and strata and relaying information to its source without anything other than hitting a specific point in an orbit that has no visible structure, but at times has been detected by ground-based radar, always attributed to atmospheric interference, that they now know is a cloaked array that is occasionally visible to that radar. It is thought that during times of heavy transmission, it can be picked up. Theoretical only.

Date 4 – May 19, 2022, Biden is now in Alaska and stopped off to refuel at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. This video is the most incredible of all. Biden meets with three of the Ganzi. Biden puts a small device in his ear and a conversation occurs without sound. The video lasts for nine minutes and then four people enter the area. One of the people is John Podesta. The other three are unknown. The beings leave and the video ends. In September of 2022, Biden names Podesta as the Senior Advisor for Clean Energy Innovation. December 14, 2022, America has a breakthrough in fusion. To achieve this scientific feat – a laser is used. This laser has “unique” properties.

My source has confirmed these breakthroughs occurred after this company was able to initiate a “cold laser” reaction from wobbling a previously unknown element that has not been disclosed but only discovered after analyzing and reverse-engineering the same laser that was shown to him by the Brits. Biden ONLY learned of this laser after that date and inquired about whether the US had the same. He found out that in fact, we did, and it has been studied for almost two decades, and the example they had in possession was functional and successfully decoded only after they figured out what was making the laser so powerful while remaining cold. Once that element was unfused, only then did they figure it out. That alone took a decade of work. A decade.

We are so far behind them it is simply silly.

Tomorrow evening, I am going to post part 2. I will talk more about tech that has come out, how it was reverse-engineered, and new tech you are about to see within the next few years. I’m going to talk more about what we know about this species and what we don’t know.

As I conclude this article, the thoughts you are having, are the thoughts I had. How do I prove this? Two weeks. You’ll know, so long as this Congressional hearing occurs, everything I have said here will be revealed on the world stage in color, in documents, and on video. You will hear the words I heard, you will feel that deep stomach drop, the sweats, and the fear. You’ll experience doubt, anger, and disbelief. I’ve seen it. I’ve heard it. You don’t have to believe me but come back in two weeks.

And then, we can talk some more. Until then- I will continue to post articles leading up to the final disclosure. Sign up for an account and I’ll send you a note the second I publish the next article tomorrow night.

Hug your families.



  1. I hope you are right. I hope Disclosure is coming in two weeks. As a civilization, at some point we have to go through this – the realization that we are not alone. However, fear mongering about the inevitable is not going to be helpful to our disparate human societies in dealing with this. I meet humans that aren’t “friendly” either. They leave me alone, I leave them alone. If, as you write, the GANZI (if that’s what we will eventually call them) have lived here in close proximity to humans for thousands of years yet most people (still) have had ZERO awareness of their existence, then I say we have more to worry about in our dealings with each other than we have to worry about with them. It seems they are a hell of a lot more enlightened than your average human. We can start off our relationship with them by initiating a worldwide campaign to ban nuclear weapons. Given their past actions with our nuclear weapons, I think such a move would go a long way toward improving our relations with them. If we don’t do this, there’s going to be a disaster happen in the not-too-distant future. We do not “own” this planet. We co-exist here with millions of other species. It’s time we become responsible stewards of everything around us, another positive move that will likely impress our neighbors. These are exciting times that will put humanity on a steep learning curve.

  2. As crazy as this may sound I can prove almost everything discussed above from video’s I’ve take almost every day since Easter weekend 2023. I can prove all the following these object form out of thin air, they all recharge from the sun daily by blocking it w/ 1 craft and feeding the energy to all other craft touching that one, they make their own cloud like substance and stack it around them to blend in w/ the clouds, they change the color of the sky w/ the fake cloud substance to many shades of white, grey, bronze or blue and use it channel the sun through a central spot they use to collect the energy from it, they build a wall of clouds stacked up around certain area’s every day, my area is one of them Tiki Island, Tx by Galveston. They all stack together like a cloud train each day and they fit perfectly together. I’ve tried to get my story out to many organizations but none will listen. Even the local authorities see when i show them video and are amazed but have no idea who to tell or where to go with it. I have tons of great video evidence to prove all of this if interested. my cell is 409-682-2595. I have video of clouds rotating like a motor and spinning real fast spitting out many dark objects below it! I have video of large craft in the sky changing the color of the sky directly over my deck in tiki island tx. I have video of what looks like long dark missiles flying through a mountain range in phoenix at 100’s of mph, 13 of them in one 3 min video. Easy and clear to see but nobody that matters will listen to me. I’ve invested tons of time figuring this out and i can easily prove the technologies talked about above to anyone willing to listen to me. I have clear video of fake clouds doing many different odd things repeatedly every day along with tons of small blk objects jumping across clouds like fleas and all doing some type of task. I can show you how many small objects feed into what i call a warp tunnel and one larger object comes out the other end, all in the clouds. Brent Ballard 409-682-2595 my cell

  3. I have had multiple experiences and even flown a craft. My dad was USAF and I believe I was brought into some program as a child. I am new to this world of others like me, as have kept these experiences hidden and shame-filled. Not it is obviously the time to work through my repressed memories, etc.

    I just want to say, there is a lot of fear being expressed. I have had beautiful experiences and very negative ones. There will be ontological shock for society, as we clearly as so young and ego based as a civilization – this is part of growing and developing. Remember when we were 2 years old and afraid of what was under the bed? This will be the same. If they wanted to kill us they already would have. My experiences were they were of a neutral morality compared to ours. For example, I apparently have the ability to telepathically block them from locking me, but came to a trade during an abduction that they would heal me of a genetic disease if I “released” to them. I did and was cured of this disease which was on a path towards my death.

    Anyway, I encourage everyone to become as agile and resilient psychologically as possible. But something that is so new and mind blowing does not automatically make it scary or evil. That is the childish part of the ego resisting truth and refusing to grow into the truth. I hope this makes sense. I am team Earth and team Humanity. We will survive and grow tremendously or implode. I know we can do this. Stay positive and open minded and open hearted, and hold onto nothing but the best of what we are, love for one another, love for our beautiful planet earth, love for creation and love for self.

  4. Please author…tone down the fear. I get that it’s the unknown and it’s our nature to assume it’s bad. But the truth…the real truth…is that there are multiple and varied civilizations out there and many are taking an interest in us and this planet we call home. Many want to help us to reverse the damage we’ve done to this planet and help humanity realize our true potential and the nature of existence. There are those too who have been feeding us lies to advance their own ends. While I realize that the hearings will be an adequate way for disclosure to occur, I really want these hearings to focus on the covert black programs compartmentalized within the US government and how they’ve been hiding this paradigm shattering information for so long and operate without congressional oversight with basically unlimited budgets. Congress better not gloss over that aspect to focus solely on the fact that we’re not alone.

  5. Incidentally, disclosure is continuously occurring. These beings communicate through telepathic projection and are not hiding their presence. There is an entire level of existence that most humans are largely oblivious to, and a lot of us ‘crazies’ are in fact contactees. Some of us have lived with them before. A major communication event is occurring at the moment. Personally, I am being shown a new scientific model for examining reality – this particular model places consciousness at a fundamental level of reality, and models reality as an exchange of entropy between the observer and the environment.

    There’s just one thing – I am a high-school drop-out. While I am not dumb and fairly observant, this is on another level. Why do I suddenly understand topics like quantum physics, entropy and thermodynamics like the back of my hand?

    • Just out of curiosity, when you claim to understand these concepts like the back of your hand, what do you mean by understanding?

      Take me for example: I’ve been working in data analytics and technology companies for the past 20+ years. I have multiple degrees in statistics, mathematics, and machine learning, along with 25 years of programming experience. Despite this, I still see myself as only having scratched the surface of understanding in these areas. However, I often observe, especially recently, many individuals who believe they have a deep understanding, and some even present themselves as domain experts. This belief often stems from having tinkered with ChatGPT for a few hours or read some circulating information die to all the hype. As you can probably guess, a two-minute conversation with them usually reveals them as noteworthy examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

      So, without any disrespect intended, what I’m trying to convey is this: many concepts are easily grasped at a high level, and can be intuitively understood by those without in-depth knowledge. That’s common. What’s rare is achieving a deeper, broader understanding and knowledge of the intricate inner workings, both empirically and theoretically. If this isn’t the case, then I don’t see reasonable to extend this phenomenon to anything beyond the ordinary.

  6. Steve, saw on Twitter where you said you’d be willing and able to share some of the visuals you were shown if the upcoming hearing doesn’t go as expected. How is that possible? Do you have an arrangement with this person to do so? If I read correctly, you did not screen record anything during the Skype call. Did they share the videos with you? The whole thing is fascinating and, gotta say, you do come across as being honest about it. Hang in there. It’s gotta be a lot to deal with!

  7. The idea of a whistleblower creating such a spectacle seems unconvincing, especially when they could quietly await what he evidently believes will be a disclosure event unveiling all this information.

    Concerning the Gray Beings, the logic also appears inconsistent. If we are as insignificant as mosquitoes to them, why would they bother about concealing their technologically superior tools, which we could barely understand or replicate? Especially considering we are generations behind even their most basic technology. Furthermore, if they are indifferent to our well-being, why would they worry about us reverse engineering their technology or panicking over their advanced capabilities? Should we become more of a nuisance than they can tolerate, they could simply eradicate us with the flick of a switch.

    I usually maintain an open mind, as was the case with the EBO discussion, but this particular narrative lacks coherence for me.

  8. I have to say, having read, watched, listened to, etc pretty much everything I could about UFO/UAP stuff over the last 40 years, this article contains the greatest amount of information that not only provides logical explanations for a lot of the “whys” and “hows” most of us have, but it also resonates with me on an intuitive level. And I don’t quite understand why people think you are “scare mongering” or anything like that..? You make it clear that they neither hate, nor love us. They have a very neutral position. They view us as we view ants. It makes sense.
    I have my own thoughts and intuitions about some of this, and my curious if you asked or got an answer to the “Why now?” question that a lot of us have? Again, I have my own thoughts about it, but would love to hear what you’ve been told, or found out.
    Great article, regardless as to whether or not the part about POTUS being “read in” is true or not. I have no reason to believe it isn’t – time will tell.

  9. Hi Steve,

    Just wanted to thank you. I guess it’s time to get rid of those nukes and hit the book we have a lot to learn. Hopefully one day we can take some humble pie around to our neighbours and introduce ourselves without being vaporise.

  10. […] Sprague wrote, “Date 4 – May 19, 2022, Biden is now in Alaska and stopped off to refuel at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. This video is the most incredible of all. Biden meets with three of the Ganzi. Biden puts a small device in his ear and a conversation occurs without sound. The video lasts for nine minutes and then four people enter the area. One of the people is John Podesta. The other three are unknown. The beings leave and the video ends. In September of 2022, Biden names Podesta as the Senior Advisor for Clean Energy Innovation. December 14, 2022, America has a breakthrough in fusion. To achieve this scientific feat – a laser is used. This laser has ‘unique’ properties.” (Source) […]

  11. […] Sprague escreveu: “ Data 4 – 19 de maio de 2022, Biden está agora no Alasca e parou para reabastecer na Base Conjunta Elmendorf-Richardson. Esse vídeo é o mais incrível de todos. Biden se reúne com três dos Ganzi. Biden coloca um pequeno aparelho no ouvido e uma conversa ocorre sem som. O vídeo dura nove minutos e depois quatro pessoas entram na área. Uma das pessoas é John Podesta. Os outros três são desconhecidos. Os seres vão embora e o vídeo termina. Em setembro de 2022, Biden nomeia Podesta como Conselheiro Sênior para Inovação em Energia Limpa. 14 de dezembro de 2022, a América faz um avanço na fusão. Para alcançar esse feito científico é usado um laser. Este laser tem propriedades “únicas”. ”( Fonte ) […]

  12. The framing is kind of scary, but as all possibilities go I could imagine a lot worse. A civilization that’s mostly attempted to stay out of sight and wishes to continue that way. One that will let us continue unimpeded as long as we don’t screw with them or try to ruin the planet too badly. One that’s even willing to let us reverse engineer a relatively small portion of their know-how. For the most part, the status quo of the world continuing as it has been for thousands of years. The scariest thing to me about if this was the truth and became common knowledge: how long could we hold off some populist strongman who rises to power on a message of “WE HAVE TO TAKE THE FIGHT TO THEM!” and gets us turned to ash.