I Said It – Biden Met Aliens – We Are Not Alone – Aliens Are Not Our Friends


Well, that was fun.

Today was an interesting day. Reddit said my grammar was awful, though I use Grammarly and everything I wrote passed the check with a few exceptions when I wanted to make a specific point. So suck it.

I am not now, nor have I ever been a professional writer. Expecting that level? Oh well, maybe a billion or more sites you can go flame. This isn’t about proper syntax, glorious prose, or otherwise Timesesque pulp gahbahge. It’s about a lifetime of listening and learning and trying to convey a conversation I had with someone that is scared, (me included), unsure that the right information will get out there, and in a way that conveys the reality of the situation. Which, to say the least, is harrowing and unsettling.

Let’s try to answer the big questions before I get into more of what was discussed. Firstly, a statement – I am happy, no- thrilled to debate anyone about anything. My political beliefs are this- I think they all suck. I vote for my country and not my party. That being said, I lean right, can be an ass from time to time, mouthy, with a healthy dose of unrelenting, bombastic side-eye. That being said, my views are mainly right- fiscally speaking and mainly left, socially speaking. Beyond that, this topic: literally has nothing to do with politics – other than the machine that turns has to figure it out.

Proof I use Grammarly. Ok? You can’t bash style. Thats subjective.

I have to say I am pretty damn impressed with our lawmakers right now on both sides. It’s not a right or left issue. It’s not even an American issue. It’s a humanity issue. Every person on this planet will be affected in one way or another. So, nuff said. I don’t care one whip which way you lean We are in this as a whole, planet-wide. Hard stop.

LARP- something I learned today. All I can say is this- I am 50 years old in September and in my years living on this big blue marble, I have not now or ever role-played outside of the boudoir. TMI? I know. But let’s put it another way. As I stated, I am a guy with two other guys that decided to start a fun website, not knowing, nor realizing what was going to happen, how it was going to happen, or the timing. Money is really not an issue, I am essentially, for all intents and purposes, retired early. I did well, I saved my dough and now I can play with this as much as I like and pay my bills. It’s that simple.

The initial idea for this site was to create stories about historical occurrences, breaking news, and discussion. We are looking into several modules for WordPress that have a robust board that can be properly moderated where people of like mind can get together and talk about this topic. That was it.

I do not use AI for anything except images and editing. The stories are written by me, by hand, and sometimes edited by one of the other two. One of them helps with design, the other with topics and ideas and sometimes citations. We are new to this website. We are not new to this topic. Accept it or don’t, that’s your call.

The last thing I’ll talk about is monetization. Simply put, I have a few CJ affiliate links, never thinking much about it. I am going to do this article without. It ain’t about the benjamins for me, folks. My entire life I had this fantastical take on what contact may be like. Benevolent aliens holding our hand and taking us into the great unknown. We don’t even know our own oceans well enough. What arrogance we have that any advanced species would care about us. The thought of the friendly E.T.? Get it out of your head. At least these are not them.

Ganzi- Somewhere along the way someone put together 5 letters and created some game creature named Ganzi, so immediately, this is sus. I have no idea if that name came from that – was a moniker given because of that, but I can give you examples of names being repurposed across time. Do you think you’re the first Bob? It is not Ganzi. It is G.A.N.Z.I.

I do not know what the acronym means, nor does my source. It is simply a name they used to put a name to the entities. You know C.H.I.P.S. doesn’t mean chips, right? Do I really have to dumb this to a fourth-grade level here? Someone said I am not professional. Good. I hope I never hear that term again in my life. For 27 years I have run multi-million dollar restaurants as a G.M., D.M., and owner. I’ve had to be the MOST professional guy in the room. I do not answer to anyone anymore. Not professional? Thank God. It sucked.

Here’s the big one- why me? I touched on this last night and the long and short – I. Don’t. Know. I have a suspicion. I have reached out to both to confirm, but my initial source wants me to get that confirmation on my own. I think that we have a mutual friend. This friend that I have would be considered a kid to me. Even in their late twenties. This person was in the military- the Navy. They focused on IT stuff relating to cryptography and codes or something along those lines. I don’t know their exact function. I know, however, they have very high clearances, and they carried over into one of the big defense contractors- which my source is in the c-suite of officers. I know they interact. My source is – quite technical. I know I hear the guy from the Simpson’s with the ponytail on Reddit now- “gees he wants us to believe a low-level techie talks to the c-level.” Well, I dunno what to tell you, but I know they do. Let’s move on. And, they are NOT low-level. Person has brains I’ve only ever read about.

My name is Steve Sprague. I am nobody to nobody except my family and friends. I can answer one question about the why. This was clearly stated. It came down to trust and mistrust and probably a bit of paranoia. This person knew, unequivocally, I wasn’t any type of intelligence person, not meaning I am uneducated, but because it was easy to see I had never been a part of the machine, in the sense of journalism or government. I also think I am a bit of a tool at this point. A blunt instrument to achieve a goal. Goal is being achieved.

Next, I never asked anyone to believe me or not. I simply stated the facts presented to me as best I could. I tried not to be too hyperbolic, but when I said, “Don’t Fuck With US” I thought the message would hit. It did. Several mentioned that in the /Aliens subreddit. I am so unprofessional! lol OK. Sure. Did you get the message? Should I yell it for those in the back?

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty. Yes, I am going to do several more parts. Why? I want to make this clear, tell you all I know, and let you decide. This is going to burst in the next couple of weeks one way or another.

  1. My source is not in their home state right now, nor will they be until they have testified. What my contact is not 100% about is if they will be seen in front of the cameras or behind. There was a company missive brought down from one of the big contractors referring all questions to the government. That’s as far as I am going. This person may or may not work for that company, but should they speak and they work for that company, they will have lost their livelihood. This person does not care about that, but they care about the fallout on their family. That being said, they’ve let this cat out, and it isn’t going back.
  2. Should the hearings not occur for some reason, and should this person not be able to testify in public, everything I have discussed will be released and it will be out of my hands. At that point, I am a simple facilitator and the facts will be out independent of myself or my other two partners.
  3. I will, however, gloat.
  4. Remove every notion you have about not making sense of any of the things I discussed. Nothing we thought, you thought, I thought is correct. I cannot say this any clearer. We do not matter. Earth matters. It is not our resources at question- I don’t think they care about our resources. It is the physical body of Earth. Period. There is something UNKOWN TO US, or at least to my source as to why it is this way. I simply don’t have that answer. I can speculate, you can speculate, but the gist is that we would not begin to understand it.
  5. The videos I spoke of are real. You will either see them at this event, or you will get them after, within a week or so. The proper release is being discussed. Hopefully, this is Moot.
  6. I saw a post about a person on 4chan with regards to what everyone called LARP and subsequently said I stated some of the same things. I had a chance to read that, after being alerted to it today. Let’s be clear, I do not read 4chan, had never been on it before today, and have no intent to do so in the future. There are serious differences. This person mentions first-hand dealings with the craft. One thing that stuck as compatible was that they created craft(s) here on earth. That checks. Craft being reused and taken out of the earth by humans does not. In fact, my source was quite specific and stated they had never been able to use any craft in that manner. They don’t work. They can have certain pieces of tech within. A lot are sensors and what they called emitters of different types. Some are known, many are not.
  7. Next, this person speaks of that element that Lazar talks about. To his knowledge, this is pure trash. There is no element whatever, the craft operates in a totally different manner using some sort of field that allows the Branes to vibrate and create a theoretical field – the closest theory to it, called an Einstein- Rosen bridge. It’s a wormhole, and the theory at least, is they can manipulate the atmosphere in some way to create these distortions in a safe way. Remember I stated they said that if we even tried, we would cease to exist. This is the theory. It’s a theory. It could be wrong. Remember, our place on the scale we are talking about is relative to taking our first steps out of the primordial soup. We have thoughts, they could be all wrong, especially if you are talking about higher dimensions where even fundamental and quantum physics might not apply. Don’t assume our scientists have it figured out. We have just barely taken to the skies. Seems a long time to you and me, but on the scale of the Universe, which is now believed to be TWICE as old as they thought- figure it out we don’t know anything about the reality of spacetime. We can make good guesses, but when it gets down to it???
  8. The Ganzi themselves. Why did they even talk to us at all? SUpposition – at some point, we got in their way in such a manner that they told someone that if they continue down that path, there would be serious consequences. I can tell you when, I can tell you who. Believe it or don’t. I have only what I was told about background and not physical or other proof. It does, however, wash with how and why they even bothered.
  9. Eisenhower was told that nuclear options were not going to fly. The governments of the world, however, were taking that little atom out and playing with it. We continued to build and build those little toys, and they grew and grew. We tested, they tested, and then everyone was warned. Whether we stupid humans have gotten the message or not, is yet to be seen. One thing was said without any ambiguity- use those weapons again, and humans will cease. Period, hard stop. This was NOT in reference to humans testing their toys. It was in direct reference to confrontation, something these beings seem to be extremely interested in and keep very tight watch over. If a large scale launch of nukes occurred, the message was clear. It won’t matter, they won’t land, and you will simply cease to exist. All of us. Second hard stop.
  10. To my source’s knowledge, contact with the beings has been very infrequent, the Chinese are the most antagonistic- not the Russians, and the United States has been the leader of the pack in trying to make the most contact. I don’t know any more about that.
  11. The Ganzi – let me do this – The G.A.N.Z.I. – NAMED BY HUMANS – Don’t regard us as worthy of much of anything- and the question was asked – why would they only allow tech to be built by tech within only three hundred years if they are as old as I say they are? My only supposition is that specific things might literally destroy the planet and they don’t want us getting them. This is why when we recover anything, the way it works can’t be reversed- at least not the specific craft- or at least SOME of the more advanced craft. When the vehicles were recovered, there was ALWAYS a specific area that was never able to be surveyed, opened, or seen- however you want to put it. Simply put, they believe it exists in a higher dimension- and you literally can’t access it. Theory- not fact. Trying to be as purposeful as I can here and not make a statement that it is fact, it’s a theory – the only thing not a theory- they can’t get certain crafts to work, while others – drone type, will power on, or are powered on, but to their knowledge, they have NEVER heard of a craft that flew in US or others hands. Again, possibly not privy to it, but probably would know if it happened. We would want that tech badly.
  12. Stop with the logic. None of this makes any sense. Humans are arrogant- we think we run this planet- hell, we might not have even been the first humanoid species- this is me talking here – I want so badly to believe we are the Alpha, I don’t anymore and that is what bothers me the most.

Today I realized a few things- there are a lot of really thoughtful, insightful people I would love to get to know better. But, there are a few of you that should be ashamed of your behavior- Please- question everything, but to think you know it all- boy are you about to be really (unprofessional word incoming) fucking wrong.

I am going to need a minimum of two more parts. I have been running all day long and I am beat. Tomorrow night OR Monday night I will go over the f15 incident more- yes, it was an f15 and yes, it flew off the deck of a carrier. Yes, I read that. You’re wrong- I never mentioned a date it occurred. It was not as recent as you believe. Again that old assumptive narrative pops up and isn’t correct.

The next night I am going to talk about some ideas about what is going to happen post-disclosure- it’s possible things may change quite drastically. And not in a good way. I am going to bed- you guys can fight it out and I’ll jump in on twitter tomorrow.

P.S. I don’t larp. Larp.. ffs



    • Supposition here….what if it’s the Earth energy, the free energy thing Nicola Tesla discovered that is of use in some way to the G.A
      N.Z.I? What if, nukes had a detrimental effect on it? …just a thought. Anyway, Steve, thank you. Mind blown!

      • that was just what I thought. I heard or read somewhere that when we started blowing nukes it made some type of tear in space time maybe that messing with their way to travel. but what if every thing that matters to us no in the grand scheame of things we are all trying to hold on to thing that matter to us hear and now but bodies relationship dont matter we all come form a source. maybe we and the grays as they are here are just expressions of that source. we fear loss maybe that is what keeps us grounded psychically I am time isnt real not really it was just something given to us to perceive. fear is what controls us. fear of lose. and we have become so tightly entwined with our emotions that its holding us back for truly understanding no perceiving reality as it really is maybe that why we have to put our ego aside to reach the most honest form of meditation. I dont know I am thinking and typing out loud. but I have no one around me to bounce this off of.

  1. Hi, interesting couple of articles. In the event that your source is unable to testify, are you saying you’ll release these recordings yourself? Are you currently in possession of these recordings?

  2. Awesome article. Definitely awaiting the next installment. Question for you. Are you sure it was F15’s? Those never launched from CV’s, carriers. Depending on the date, could be F14’s or F18’s. Thanks.

  3. thank you for this story. if your making it up the Spielberg has some serious competition on his hands 😂. I’m going to spend afew hours on Google to figure afew things out. some of this reminds me of something!!

  4. Great work it feels good to get insight like this. I can remember a phone call made to a radio presenter some time I go…the guy was in utter fear just from his voice and the way he was speaking I remember him saying terrifyingly “they are not who the claim they were”

  5. Your time on earth – a small perspective…
    How long is an eternity? The question has been asked as long as we have existed. I don’t have a good answer. But I can give some perspective. Science says that the universe is about 13.7 billion years old.
    How long is it? – hard to imagine.
    If we instead imagine that we are going for a long walk, 13.7 km.
    We can handle that. The walk begins. Each step of 1m corresponds to 1 million years.
    When we have walked 10km, we take a break.
    Over 10 billion years, the universe has been formed.
    We see our solar system formed.
    But our planet has no water, no atmosphere,
    We continue for 3.2km, we then have 500m left. Then the Cambrian explosion takes place.
    It crawls everywhere in the oceans.
    We walk a further 445m, 65m to go. The fourth extinction of almost all life on the planet

    The dinosaurs died out but life went on. We go 58m, 7m to go. Then DNA is divided between apes and hominoids. Not people. They will come when we have 2-3 dm left on our hike.
    Science is not yet agreed… A mutation occurs in Namibia 300,000 years ago. A species with very large brains. So large that the females’ pelvises were “almost” unable to give birth to children.
    In an article I read, “a few hundred individuals” migrated from Africa to the Arabian peninsula 60,000 years ago. It is the last 6 cm of our hike. The last ice age ended 20,000 years ago, 2 cm left. Then there were “a few tens of thousands of individuals” on our planet
    When 1cm remains on our journey, we stop being hunters and gatherers and become farmers.

    The biggest mistake we made according to Lasse Berg. Read his books!

    We then establish the concepts of “property” and “mine and yours”
    Something we are not at all adapted for. Violence arose between people. According to Lasse Berg, we are completely unique. Our giant brain is there to keep about 200 social relationships active and up to date. We lived in groups of about 50 people but our ancestors knew that was too small a genetic base for survival. We had summer meetings where 6-7 groups gathered in a pow wow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pow_wow
    Something that came to be defined as “love” arose between young people from different groups. Inbreeding did not occur.

    So there we are on our 13.7 km hike, 1cm left to move. 1 cm = 10 mm. 1 mm then becomes 1000 years and 0.1 mm 100 years.

    The birth of Jesus happens when we have 2 mm left, the Viking age when 1 mm remains…..

    So if you or anyone else lives to be 100 years old, it’s not even a blink of an eye in the history of the universe.
    Your “time on earth” a hike that is 0.1mm long compared to 13.7 km!

    A perspective that prompts reflection on what we do with our time.
    The only two absolute justices that exist are:
    1 Each of us has 24 hours at our disposal each day.
    2 Everyone born alive will die one day.

    What then does the future look like for our species that for 2-3 dm on this migration route came here to this planet. Nobody knows anything about the future…

    I am a pessimist. At this early stage of our development, we have already had time to question whether we are female or male. After all, only female+male can create offspring.
    But many are beginning to question this natural law. This leads in its development and extension to the extinction of our species, fewer and fewer children are born.

    Unless a climate disaster has occurred before caused by us humans. It’s happening now!
    It is not a scientific and academic hypothesis that may occur in the future and that can be ignored. To quote everyone’s “Jimmie” “More people die from cold than heat”

    The planet and other biological life survive of course. The planet takes a few million years to repair the damage we caused. And who knows, maybe there will be a new mutation and a new species with a big brain evolve.

    And the afterlife?
    We all have the answer some day!

  6. I like you!
    You, as me, have reached the point in life where we say “take it or leave it”
    My logic says that all people in this “secret goverment” thinks about their childrens and grandchildrens future on this planet.
    If they know about a free source of energy they want to give this public to the humanity and maybe save the planet from a future climate disaster.

    According to Dr Greer this secret have been kept secret for almost 100 years. And of course, the value of oil not yeat pumped up from ground is 100 trillion us dollars…a big loss for a few people if we dont need oil anymore. Dr Greer claims there is a ISG (illegal secret government) that are above POTUS and congress that keep all the secrets.

    Dr Greer also claims that there is no threat to us humans. I cant understand why these aliens let USA as country alone go on with this keeping secret.
    USA as country has 5% of world population!
    (25% of prisoners in the world)

    But your argument make it common sence. They are not interested in us. They dont care. They dont give us technology we dont understand.

    I will be following news the coming 2 weeks 😎

    sorry for my long article about time. All people must realize that 0,1mm is 100 years. Compared to 13,7 km!

  7. Really appreciate the articles, and I too have the “believe or not, don’t care” attitude. I’m too old to “prove” myself or what I say to anyone. I like your straightforward approach.
    I left a comment on your first article too, was curious about the timing. Why now? Why is all this info coming out now? I had an intuition that we might be approaching something like another Miyake Event, and TPTB are looking for help with reverse engineering to possibly save our species, or at least themselves, as we might expect. There’s also the climate going haywire, things are going to get pretty ugly in the not-too-distant future – food shortages, water shortages, climate migration, etc. Does that figure in at all? Would love to hear what you’ve been told, or just your ideas or thoughts on it.

  8. we all need to be skeptical. It’s weird that the take it or leave it attitude makes me believe you more. Did you vet your source? Have you corroborated any of these videos? Or events with another source? Have you spoke with Coulthart? Are u part of this deadman’s switch. Perhaps Wikileaks would be a good start. Also your knowledge and contacts might make you a target for foreign espionage Assuming everything you said is true. Better up your security settings.

  9. Sounds exactly like The Domain (immortal spiritual beings) that have invaded the illusory “physical” universe, which we have been playing in for several quadrillion years. We are also immortal spiritual beings whose home universes amalgamated to form this “physical” universe. Somehow we ended up trapped (soul amnesia) on a planet used as a prison.

    The Letters and Notes of
    Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy
    and the
    Official Transcripts of the
    U.S. Army Air Force
    Edited by:
    Lawrence R. Spencer

    The free PDF is here: https://thenewearth.org/AI_FREE_READERS-EDITION.pdf

    Alien Interview Introduction Part 5 Immortality: https://youtu.be/9orc7nvg17Y

    • Can anyone speak to any relationship of this document to scientology? Current or previous practitioners of it? I ask as I have done a lot of deep rabbit holing and read pretty much all their documents released on the internet as part of that lawsuit – and the memory wipe thing sounds similar (but without the volcano – still, close in mythos..)

    • I just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing this story out. Like you, I’ve been researching this topic all my life. From a young age, I’ve known intuitively that there is much more going on with life and the universe than we are being told on a basic educational level. I’ve seen “ufos” twice, one was orb shaped and the other a large craft made of light with orbs docking and undocking.

      Anyway, please keep us up to date with the hearings. Even NBC has reported on Senator Chuck Schumer (I can’t imagine he’s doing this willingly, but being told to) pushing to declassify UFO documents: https://youtu.be/Pat1Wluomqw

    • Hi Tiaka9 Just finished the Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy pdf. I found the beginning plausible and intriguing. Mainly because the alien’s version of reality mirrored Vedanta philosophy, which I’m very familiar with. However the deeper I got the more it seemed someone plagiarized LRon Hubbards Scientology alien origin story and mixed in fictionalized Vedic origin myths. It’s not the same but there are very similar elements. The other aspect is this alien seemed obsessed with relating minutia historical details which didn’t seem relevant or make sense. There’s not a shred of actual science data and in fact this alien refuted some basic geologic science. I imagined whoever concocted this story doesn’t have a science background but was familiar with some Eastern religion literature. It was a big disappointment and I have to wonder at the glowing reviews it got. Sorry, but it seemed contradictory to the premise that we’re all Is-Be’s.

  10. Chat GPT possible Ganzi meanings.

    Certainly! Here’s a list of 25 possible meanings for the acronym G.A.N.Z.I. with the first letters standing for “Gray Aliens”:

    1. Gray Aliens’ Navigational Zealots, Inc.
    2. Galactic Alliance of Nonhuman Zeta Interlopers
    3. Gravitational Anomalies: Navigating Zeta Inhabitants
    4. Genetic Alterations by Non-human Zeta Individuals
    5. Gray Aliens’ Neural Zoning Initiative
    6. Galactic Abductions: Navigating Zeta Intruders
    7. Gravitational Anomalies: Navigational Zenith Investigation
    8. Genetic Analysis of Nonhuman Zeta Individuals
    9. Gray Aliens’ Nexus for Zeta Interactions
    10. Galactic Anomalies: Navigating Zeta Invasions
    11. Gravitational Anomalies: Neutralizing Zeta Incursions
    12. Genetic Anomalies in Nonhuman Zeta Individuals
    13. Gray Aliens’ Network for Zeta Inquiries
    14. Galactic Anomalies: Neutralizing Zeta Intruders
    15. Gravitational Anomalies: Navigating Zeta Inquiries
    16. Genetic Alterations of Nonhuman Zeta Individuals
    17. Gray Aliens’ Nodal Zone Initiative
    18. Galactic Alliance of Neutralizing Zeta Intrusions
    19. Gravitational Anomalies: Navigating Zeta Infestations
    20. Genetic Analysis of Nonhuman Zeta Inhabitants
    21. Gray Aliens’ Navigational Zone Infiltrators
    22. Galactic Anomalies: Neutralizing Zeta Infiltrations
    23. Gravitational Anomalies: Navigating Zeta Inquiries
    24. Genetic Abnormalities in Nonhuman Zeta Individuals
    25. Gray Aliens’ Nexus for Zeta Investigations

    These are just imaginative interpretations, and in reality, the acronym G.A.N.Z.I. may not have any specific or widely recognized meanings

  11. So far, I have found your two articles to be compelling, plausible, and sobering. I continue to hold a “wait and see” attitude. There is nothing to lose by going on this ride with you while holding healthy skepticism and expectations. I await your next segment.

    Thank you.

  12. Sprague, I know you have no beef for us to believe but part 2 and 3 would be nice and corroborate your primary source, other wise I think you/we have been played. Peace, cool story bro. Are u willing to put $$ up this video will appear in public? 😂

  13. Just a thought about why they’re not friendly, if they’re not tourists then they’re working. They’re here on a mission to accomplish a purpose, nurturing us does not support their purpose, unfortunately.

    • I need to get the cache flushed server side- I let my partner do something and it broke. I’m handling it. I am truly sorry- I will get it fixed. I’m unhappy as well. I don’t mind if he tries to help, and initially this site was going to have a few very limited ads. He turned on the floodgates and I have to fix.

  14. Too The Editor of the two articles I stumbled across tonight.
    From my own personal knowledge, your source in my opinion was authentic, he revealed information that I personally had knowledge of since 1961 , knowledge I received with interaction of several Alien species, first interaction was with Grey’s, subsequent interactions was with several species around 12 in number at some form of meeting amongst them , this occurred in 1961 , at that time they were discussing whether or not to destroy all humans as they regarded us as Barbarians , and for some reason as a young child I was brought before them for some type of input , I simply said to them , if you were to destroy all humans , wouldn’t that then make you barbaric, I went on to say not all humans are bad. their are some good amongst the bad . They then changed there destructive outcome for humans , and decided to give us a chance at eventually aligning with them as protectors of our Galaxy from potential invaders. They were very concerned we as a species could be a threat to them once capable of venturing beyond Earth. They had taken notice of how humans killed each other for mere differences in skin color although we’re all the same species , so they concluded we would surely be a threat if we met beings of a totally different look entirely. Your source was also correct to say there are aliens unfriendly , as at this meeting their was one species that let me know that their species regards humans as nothing more than a food source , that they visit Earth for hunting humans for food like one would hunt a deer. They consider young children a delicacy. He kept asking the others if he would be allowed to eat me , it was at this time the being that brought me to this meeting advised that we leave at that moment. So yes not all Alien beings hold the same outlook for working with humans .