May 19, 2022 – Biden Meets Aliens – Video Synopsis


It’s taken me a little time to write this. Since I have written the first article, I have spoken to many people. I’ve spoken with some really big names within this overall disclosure community- some that have been in this field for decades, paving the way and always staying the course in the face of overwhelming pushback, outright slander, and libel, investigations into their background from public, private and agencies with letters and people that have made dire warnings and outright threats. While I have not encountered any personal threats or anything I feel is a real danger, I have had lots of pushback from some that just can’t get past the claims and testimony I have given with regard to the three videos I have seen and the subsequent discussion I had with my source. I have gone over much of that and explained the place in disclosure this evidence will all come out.

Disclosure is a process, and I get it. If you don’t want it all out, I know. I get it. The only thing I can say to that is that you are going to get the payoff for waiting. The things you’ll learn about- not from me- the disclosure process as it is- will be quite stunning. I am going to get to the video from Alaska in just a moment. I can only give you the visual synopsis – I took notes, but there is no audio to this at all. I feel like there is another copy of this out there, maybe even this one, but the audio was withheld from me. Believe me, I want to know what was said, but I can’t even speculate. I don’t have the answer.

What you are about to read speaks like science fiction- I am not a science fiction writer and the fantastical nature of what I am reporting is something difficult to learn. But, think of it like this- if you’re here, you are already knowledgable about this topic, at least from a fifty thousand foot range. You probably already believe we aren’t alone. And, we are not. I have the proof I need, and I have the confirmation I need from people I have spoken with, as well as a sitting congressman. Tim Burchett has said it. “We are not alone.”

There have been plenty of times I have doubted our politicians, but there’s no reason a politician would destroy a career over something like this. It doesn’t make much sense. Politicians are all about the preservation of their careers. Who wants to go down in history as a nut?

It’s not just Burchett, either. Many politicians from presidents and cabinet members to aviators both military and commercial have reported UFOs both big and small. Witnesses have been reporting these things since biblical times, and we have extrapolated data from pyramids and art from across the globe, pre-biblical.

My words to you- why is it so difficult to believe that physical beings are interacting in this manner, but the UFO itself is so easy to believe?

I have an idea- because the manifestation of a craft- something cold, still enigmatic, but not a tacit piece of biological form- they are just metal orbs. Tic-tacs. Flying saucers. They aren’t the stuff of scary dreams. You haven’t put a face to them just yet. Sure, Hollywood has manufactured the Greys, pieced them together from eyewitness accounts. They’ve done a very good job as well, but from what I witnessed, they aren’t exactly as you’ve seen. Many similarities, yes, but exact- decide for yourself.

Minute 1 – The camera is on and the room is, from what I can see, about 25 feet by about 30 or maybe a little more. The left field of vision contains a table with one chair at the end. The middle of the table does not have any other chairs. There are three small beings in the room to the right, close to the wall but not against it. Nothing happens except the beings are standing there looking around. They really do not move in any way besides some idle movements. They are not robotic, but they aren’t fidgety either.

The beings are wearing clothes. I don’t know the material but it is beige, not metallic in any way. Their skin color is not so much grey as it is grey-green. Hard to explain, but it’s a little unsettling. In another life, I used to work part-time in a funeral home. I used to work services and funerals driving and helping with families when they didn’t have enough bearers. I was in my early twenties at the time. During this time I had many occasions to sit in on embalmings. The human body tends to have a greenish-grey hue before embalming fluid is pumped through the body. This occurs mostly around the belly. This is the color that most resemble their hue.

They have large eyes, Hollywood and descriptions are correct in this assessment. I am going to add something to that. This video is clearly high-definition. The video sits at about five feet high or so, I would say medium-long as far as depth of field. I could be using the wrong terminology, but that’s my assessment. These beings never blinked. Not once, I looked. I even made a note- no blink at all.

I have a theory. The faces are not faces, per se. This, to my knowledge, has never been said- maybe it has, but I don’t ever recall- I believe these are part biological, part mask of some kind. The eyes feel somehow off, like lenses as opposed to eyes. The nose is not a nose so much as slits. The mouth is tiny. Almost as small as the nose slits.

These beings were in a better position for me to see more of their anatomy than when Biden comes into the frame. I’ll get there in a moment. The beings seem to have a hose or wire or something that comes down the side of the neck, towards the back. On humans, it’s a tendon. But, this looks like something added as opposed to part of the bodies. I don’t know if it is on both sides, so I might be wrong, and they are in fact part of their anatomy. It didn’t look like it to my eyes. The color was the same, I did not see it attached to anything, but it felt that it was foreign. When they finally leave in a few minutes, I did not notice the same hose or wire thing. I’ll be honest- I wasn’t really in the place to even notice. I was in a full state of shock at that point.

The beings were not as small as I had thought they were supposed to be. All reports I have read and first-hand accounts said they are pretty small. These were about 4′-10″ to 5″-2″. This is obviously a guess, but considering Biden’s height and the height of these beings within the distance, this is my best guess.

They are not as spindly as I thought. Again, reports have always been they are very thin and tiny. That’s would be a complete mischaracterization of what I observed. I would say they are wiry, not spindly. You know what I mean if you picture Bruce Lee. Certainly not as ripped, but wiry in that manner. Small, but they seem like they could snap out and kick or punch and it would probably hurt. I don’t call that spindly.

Their legs are shorter than their torsos. They aren’t clown-like, but their proportions are just a touch off. Their heads are hairless, at least from the vantage point I had- and it was pretty clear. They have slits where you would find ears on a human.

This leads me to believe they use something by way of a lens or helmet-like apparatus over their heads, but seems to either directly integrate into their skin or blend so well, you can’t tell. I just found the no-eye blinking thing incredibly unsettling – Of all the characteristics, felt this was the most alarming for some reason. Have you ever met someone with large eyes and they didn’t blink much, or at all? That’s the gist here. I didn’t like it.

Minute 2, yes, there was a full minute of these beings before we see anyone else come into view. Biden comes from the left, in front of the table. He moves towards the beings and from almost the middle of the frame, someone hands him a small pill-shaped object. He puts it in his ear and moves more toward the center. Two of the beings are now in and out of frame for the next 6 minutes or so. Biden moves between the frame from left to right and back. It is not a fast thing. He is relaxed, seems he is addressing each in a conversation.

Here’s another thing I found disconcerting. These things did not move their mouths in any way. They did not really emote with their hands or arms. They did not nod, or shake their heads, they didn’t sway, or move their bodies like a human may. Humans use so much of their bodies for communication, but I didn’t see any of that.

Except for the end.

The one closest to the camera, which was also the tallest of the three, raised his arm (I am using him, but I have no idea the sex of these things at all) and made a gesture, palm down, into his midsection and then back out and down to the side again. Biden made the same move.

Then from the back and left of Biden, Podesta comes into the frame. I know what Podesta looks like, this was him. Minute by minute, up until now, really- not much happened except they are either speaking telepathically, or Biden is speaking and they are communicating in some other manner. Though the video is clear, Biden is not facing the camera, it’s very difficult to see if he is talking or communicating a different way. At times it appears his body is moving- denoting him physically speaking- but I want to be clear: you can’t see him speaking. The other three that come into the frame are unknown to me. I have tried to look up people within that orbit that it might be, but I haven’t been able to identify them. Everyone was in jackets, except Biden. He was in a white dress shirt.

Again, no sound. And I wanted sound, even if it was ambient.

The beings are the first to leave they go away from the humans and walk to a doorway on the far side that has been opened from the outside. The video clicks off and that’s it.

Someone asked me- if they think of us like flies, why meet or speak to us?- I stated it before- these beings meet from time to time to speak with us at a high level. Maybe they were talking about a warning, maybe they were saying they were going to do something and for us to try not to get in the way- I don’t know, only that the supposed date and time was as described. It did not seem like a happy conversation although within a short time, Podesta was promoted and given a major position and we broke fusion.

Why meet Biden? Well, folks, contrary to popular belief, he’s the commander-in-chief of the United States. I don’t doubt for a second there have been elected presidents in our history since this has begun that have not had access at this level- but consider the fact that Biden has been in the federal government for a damn long time and may very well have been apprised of the legacy program many years ago. Speculation, but consider he is the epitome of old Washington. Remember, this guy didn’t want desegregation. He’s been part of the machine for a really, really long time.

I’m going to wrap this up for now- As I stated on Twitter, if you’re not following along, please do- I am working on several pieces right now including the history of the Greys, a piece on Brane Theory and I am going to go over the DNA and speculative theory that the Greys don’t care about their bodies, because they can make them and transfer thoughts and consciousness at will.

I will also be writing an article about the laser and taking a deeper dive into the video of Biden looking at the orb. Also no sound, but there’s some interesting observations about the craft and how it was housed.

Talk Soon – Steve


  1. Excerpts taken from Alien Interview (free PDF) edited by Lawrence Spencer. These are descriptions of the “doll” body used by the immortal spiritual being member of The Domain.

    “Our communication did not consist of “spoken language”, in the conventional
    sense. Indeed, the “body” of the alien had no “mouth” through which to speak. Our
    communication was by telepathy.”

    “I refer to the alien as “her”. Actually, the being was not sexual in any way, either physiologically or psychologically. “She” did have a rather strong, feminine presence and demeanor. However, in terms of physiology, the being was “asexual” and had no internal or external reproductive organs. Her body was more like the body of a “doll” or “robot”. There were no internal “organs”, as the body was not constructed of biological cells. It did have a kind of “circuit” system or electrical nervous system that ran throughout the body, but I could not understand how it worked.

    In stature and appearance the body was quite short and petite. About 40 inches tall. The head was disproportionately large, relative to arms, legs and torso, which where thin. There were three “fingers” on each of two” hands” and “feet” which were somewhat prehensile. The head had no operational “nose” or “mouth” or “ears”. I understood that a space officer does not need these as space has no atmosphere to conduct sound. Therefore, sound related sensory organs are not built into the body. Nor does the body need to consume food, hence, the absence of a mouth.

    The eyes were quite large. I was never able to determine the exact degree of visual acuity of which the eyes were capable, but I observed that her sense of sight must have been extremely acute. I think the lenses of the eyes, which were very dark and opaque, may also have been able to detect waves or particles beyond the visual spectrum of light. I suspect that this may have included the full range of the electromagnetic spectrum, or more, but I do not know this for sure.

    When the being looked at me her gaze seemed to penetrate right through me, as though she had “x-ray vision”. I found this a little embarrassing, at first, until I realized that she had no sexual intentions. In fact, I don’t think she ever even had the thought that I was male or female.

    It became very obvious after a short time with the being that her body did not require oxygen, food or water or any other external source of nutrition or energy. As I learned later, this being supplied her own “energy”, which animated and operated the body. It seemed a little bit eerie at first, but I got used to the idea. It’s really a very, very simple body. There is not much to it, compared to our own bodies.

    Airl explained to me that it was not mechanical, like a robot, nor was it biological. It is animated directly by her as a spiritual being. Technically, from a medical standpoint, I would say that Airl’s body could not even be called “alive”. Her “doll” body is not a biological life form, with cells, and so forth.

    It had a smooth skin, or covering which was gray in color. The body was highly tolerant to changes in temperature, atmospheric conditions, and pressure. The limbs were quite frail, without musculature. In space there is no gravity, so very little muscle strength is needed. The body was used almost entirely on space craft or in low, or no-gravity environments. Since Earth has a heavy gravity, the body was not able to walk around very well as the legs were not really suited to that purpose. The feet and hands were quite flexible and agile however.”

    QUESTION – “Do you have any special environmental needs, such as air temperature, atmospheric chemical content, air pressure, or waste elimination?”

    ANSWER –

    “Since her body was not biological it didn’t need any food, air or heat, and apparently, she didn’t sleep either. There were no eyelids, or eyebrows above her eyes, so the eyes didn’t close. I don’t think anyone could tell whether she was sleeping or awake as long as she was sitting upright in the chair. Unless she moved her body or gestured with her hand, it would be hard to tell whether she was even alive or not, unless you could perceive her thoughts.”

    “ The space craft is operated by IS-BEs who use “doll bodies” in much the same way that an actor wears a mask and costume. It is a like a mechanical tool through which to operate in the physical world. She, as well as all of the other IS-BEs of the officer class and their superiors, inhabit these “doll bodies” when they are on duty in space. When they are not on duty, they “leave” the body and operate, think, communicate, travel, and exist without the use of a body.

    The bodies are constructed of synthetic materials, including a very sensitive electrical nervous system, to which each IS-BE adjusts themselves or “tune in” to an electronic wavelength that is matched uniquely to the wavelength or frequency emitted by each IS-BE. Each IS-BE is capable of creating a unique wave frequency which identifies them, much like a radio signal frequency. This serves, in part, as identification like a finger print. The doll body acts like a radio receiver for the IS-BE. No two frequencies or doll bodies are exactly the same.

    The bodies of each IS-BE crew member are likewise tuned into and connected to the
    “nervous system” built into the space craft. The space craft is built in much the same way as the doll body. It is adjusted specifically to the frequency of each IS-BE crew member. Therefore, the craft can be operated by the “thoughts” or energy emitted by the IS-BE. It is really a very simple, direct control system. So, there are no complicated controls or navigation equipment on board the space craft. They operate as an extension of the IS-BE.

    When the lightning bolt struck the space craft this caused a short circuit and consequently “disconnected” them from the control of the ship momentarily which resulted in the crash.”

  2. My neighbor was complaining about back pain all the time until one night these beings visited him and fixed his back. While they were doing that, his wife was praying very hard because she was scared to dead. When they finished, they left by passing through the walls. He never experienced the pain again after that night. It’s a true story, this happened in PR.