Opinion: The UFO Puzzle Making The Pieces Fit Part 1.


Last week, an explosive article dropped on this website, titled “Aliens Are Here- Biden Met Them- They Are Not Friendly.” In the days since, the merits and authenticity of this article have been endlessly debated in every corner of ufology, from Reddit to Twitter, across Discord channels, and around water coolers. The claims are certainly extraordinary. Far-fetched? Depends on your perspective and beliefs.

My goal with this article isn’t to convince you whether the story’s factual or fanciful. My intention is to help you understand many of the claims posited, and where they potentially fit into the larger, broader UFO narrative, and to maybe help put the pieces of this long-incomplete UFO puzzle together.

2017: The Year The Gears Shifted

For many of us in the UFO community, the entire discussion changed in late 2017 with the release of the now-infamous Leslie Kean/Ralph Blumenthal article in the New York Times titled, ‘Glowing Auras and Black Money: The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program.’ For me personally, the article was the first huge piece of a long sought-after puzzle to drop into place in a very, very long time. Many more would follow, in short order.

Soon after, more pieces would emerge, as well as new faces both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Names most of you are likely very familiar with at this juncture. Tom Delonge. Lue Elizondo. Christopher Mellon to name a few. Love them or hate them, no one can cast doubt on the fact that these three individuals are largely responsible for the injection of much-needed lifeblood into a topic ridiculed and dismissed by most, as well as bringing a certain level of clout not seen for decades.

But this story isn’t about them. Rather, it’s about the pieces each of these men have laid down, revealing more of the broader picture. This story is about where these pieces fit, and why.

A New Challenger Approaches

As of this writing, Steve Sprague, the author of the original UAPMax articles, has released four separate parts to his series regarding a private Skype call with an as-of-now unknown whistleblower, with each part delving deeper and deeper into the legends and the lore at the heart of ufology. I contacted Steve not long after Part 1 was released to share my thoughts, opinions, etc., and to offer some level of guidance and clarity to an inherently confusing, confounding subject, as well as attempt to fill in some gaps he later revealed he had not been aware of. The aforementioned pieces that I (and I suspect Tom Delonge many years ago) pieced together. Steve graciously accepted, and now I am here to share them with you, the reader. Be advised: Everything I am about to state is purely conjecture on my part. I make no assertions, nor declarations of legitimacy to what I am about to say. I am not a whistleblower, and this is not another attempt at Gotcha journalism. It is purely an opinion piece. 

Take it as such, and you’ll be much happier for having done so. As will my inbox.

The First Of Many

In regards to the original UAPMax article, the key piece that fell into place for me was the source’s revelation regarding the relationship we share with ‘The Others,’ a relationship built not on friendship, cooperation, or adversarial intent, but on something more… disheartening. A relationship that seemingly harkens back to one of Lue Elizondo’s earliest statements about the truth being ‘Somber,’ perhaps more appropriately, sobering: That we humans, in the grand tapestry of ‘The Phenomenon,’ matter very little. That our mere presence is more akin to that of nuisance weeds than of a beautiful field of possibility. That we, the human race, are merely tolerated and largely ignored. That is… until we cross the line. A line that has drawn closer and closer with each advancing tick of the Doomsday Clock. A line that we may not be able to pull back from. This was the first piece for me that struck a terrifying chord within my very being. Not terrified of being close to eradication; we have been on that road for decades. No… terrified that, at the end of the day, we are not friends with this particular species, nor allies. We are merely a dismissive yet disruptive nuisance to them. Our lives matter not. Nor our world’s flora, fauna, or resources. Our planet is all that matters, and they will do whatever it takes to save the planet from the infection occupying it, should we once again toe that line.

A line that began in Trinity, New Mexico in 1945. A line known internally as ‘Gadget.’

A line that was created with the invention and subsequent testing of, the first atomic bomb. That line being, the Manhatten Project.

“I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds (And Possibly Multiverses)”

The above quote, as I learned in “The Hunt for Red October,” is from the Hindu book of Vishnu, and later spoken by the father of the atomic bomb. 

It’s almost poetic then, if not ironic, that the current #1 box office hit in theaters is a re-imagining of ‘The Manhattan Project’ and the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, given it was this first foolhardy act in 1945 that set us on a potential collision course with this particular group of ‘The Others.’ I say “this particular group” with a hint of apprehension, truth be told. Thousands of eyewitness and experiencer reports of multiple other species notwithstanding, I shall, for the intent of this article, only focus on who I believe are the chief architects of our current state of UAP affairs. I am of course referring to, ‘The Greys.’ For our intents, our use of ‘The Others’  from here on out will focus primarily on this one virulent species.

Let’s rewind a bit, and discuss Trinity Site at length. A rather nondescript corner of the then- White Sands Proving Ground area of the Jornada del Muerto desert near the town of Alamogordo in New Mexico, Trinity was humanity’s first foray into the wholesale degradation of the quantum realm. It would not be the last. 

During the closing hours of World War II, America and its Allies were uniquely desperate. Something needed to be done to bring Emperor Hirohito and the Empire of Japan to its knees, to end the Pacific Campaign as well as remove the last major Axis opponent from the playing field, thus ending World War II. Hitler and the Third Reich had fallen months prior, and Germany formally surrendered on May 7th. Hirohito, it seemed, would not be so easily dissuaded. A top secret initiative initially launched in 1942 provided the answer: To unleash unimaginable destruction against an aggressor to the point of attrition. To bring said foe to the bargaining table, no matter the cost. This was, for all intents and purposes, achieved with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in late August. The catalyst of this achievement? The test of the ‘Gadget’ device at Trinity Site on July 16th, 1945. On an eerily stormy morning at 5:10a.m., the 20 minute countdown began. Within less than half an hour, our world, and the entire universe would be irrevocably changed, and not for the better. On that fateful day, a new adversary was made, and another piece added to the pile.

‘The Others’ would take notice, and they would not be happy… not at all. 


Just to be clear, the above heading has nothing to do with a recent Marvel movie (which I’ll confess, I did thoroughly enjoy), and instead is a definition of the chaos that would soon be unleashed upon our quantum universe, and possibly many, many others. The day the atom split en masse was the day we cracked the subatomic floodgates, and sent a very clear, concise message: The monkeys have become a threat.

Picture if you would, a beautifully woven tapestry. One made of the finest threads. Perfect, in every way. One day, a child’s carelessness creates a small tear in the fabric. Perfection ruined. Threads become bare, and slowly start to unravel. Over time, the hole becomes bigger and more pronounced.

This is essentially what I believe happened on the day of Trinity’s detonation. The very fabric that binds the universe at a quantum level was irreparably damaged, and with it, created a whole host of problems. Not only for humanity, but for the entire universe. This especially includes ‘The Others.’ For a species that, as we’ll discuss at length further down, utilizes the quantum realm to power their entire civilization and technology, our little “misstep” likely proved very detrimental to their existence. We’ll soon discuss why.

The more science-minded among you will probably read the above analogy and say, “What is he going on about? What ‘damage’ to the atomic veil? What proof do you have?” 

Full disclosure (pun intended)? I don’t. What I do have is a definition for you. Have you ever heard of low-background metals? They are a very hot commodity to various fields of science for their use in particle detectors, sensor arrays and other instrumentation. “What are they and what makes them so valuable to science?” you ask? Simply put: They are metals, primarily steel, harvested from sunken wrecks and other deeply entrenched sources that were made before 1945. Before Trinity and all other atomic testing done above-ground prior to the signing of the Limited Test Ban Treaty in 1963, which, when signed by the three main co-signers from the U.S., U.K. and Russia, forbade above-ground nuclear tests from then on, only underground. 

So what, exactly, are low background metals? They are metals that lack something all of our modern-produced steel, iron and many other metals do not: Radionuclide contamination. Trace amounts of fallout airborne since the 1940’s that make their way into every corner of our lives.

That’s right. The fork you used to twirl your spaghetti with last night? The butterknife that scraped over your Texas Toast? Both contaminated with ever-so slight levels of radionuclides.. and that’s just the damage we’re aware of. Trinity, even today, is still affecting our own quantum states of matter. We wouldn’t be the only victims. Far from it.

(Author’s note: Calm down, calm down… you aren’t being poisoned by your flatware. The traces of fallout are so minuscule, they’d hardly make a blip on a Geiger counter. And besides.. you’re already chocked full of so many forever chemicals and leftover fallout as it is, you’d hardly notice. Ahem.)

Fear and Loathing in Roswell, New Mexico

“We can’t stop here. This is nuke country.” 

If only the Roswell aliens had Hunter S. Thompson’s level of awareness, they might never have crashed, and the landscape of ufology might look completely different. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. But the question remains: What exactly did cause a non-human craft to crash at random? And for that matter… what has caused other craft to supposedly crash in other areas of New Mexico and Nevada since?

No one knows for sure, but the fringe corners of the Internet are rife with theories. Everything from lightning to dimensional… something or another. My opinion? For that, you only need revisit the previous topic, ‘Quantumania.’

As stated before, when our very first atomic test was conducted, we potentially cracked the quantum shell of the universe to a huge degree, and each nuclear test since has cracked it just a bit more. You may ask, “Then why haven’t the 2,000+ nuclear tests made since then caused even more damage?” 

Simple answer? They have… but at some point, it’s moot. 

As you can tell, I’m a bit analogy guy, so here’s an easy one you can do at home. Take an egg. Now crack it once against the edge of the pan. You’ve just conducted the Trinity Test. Now.. crack it 2,000 more times. At some point, probably around the 50th attempt, there will be nothing left to crack, and any subsequent attempts will be pointless. Just.. goop. An “island of stability” will form, where it’s just a slurry of yolk, albumen and tiny fragments of eggshell. Further cracking will have no real effect. Just to be clear, I’m not a physicist. There’s a high degree I’m wrong in my assumptions. I admit that. But given how little we know about quantum mechanics still, and how it relates fundamentally to higher dimensions, quantum entanglement, et al., no physicist can say, with absolute certainty, that our atomic egg-breaking hasn’t had a lasting effect on the cosmos. We know fully that quantum states of atoms can be “entangled” across vast distances, so that an atom entangled with one trillions and trillions of miles away will act as if it were right beside that distant atom. Change one’s state, and the other changes states in opposition. Distance be damned. No speed of light limitations. Flip A1→B1, and B2 will flip to A2. This is the watered down version of the phenomenon, but it makes my point: Quantum mechanics is freaky.

So, how does all this relate to Roswell and the subsequent crash(es)? My theory is, we broke the universe, particularly in those areas where nuclear tests have been conducted. Any NHI craft flying in or around those spots is like a commercial airliner flying through a 2,000 head-strong skein of geese. You can get around hitting a few geese, there are redundancies built into jet engines for that. But a whole gaggle?

In summation: We broke the universe in areas we tested nuclear bombs. NHI ships rely on physics our 3 lb, 1.3 kilo brains cannot even begin to fathom. Fly said ship through our quantum No-Fly zones, and it’s goodnight, E.T.

Or at least, that was the case. It’s entirely possible (and likely) that since that time, the craft builders have adapted. Either by fortifying their craft or changing their flight paths to compensate, or both. Again, just so we’re clear, this is ALL speculative on my part. This entire article is, so arguments are invalid. My goal isn’t to convince you. It’s to give you something different to consider, a madness to the method.

Defeat, thy name is Malmstrom

You’re likely this far into the article and wondering, “How exactly does this relate to the original UAPMax articles?”

From the original article: “Any attempt to use nukes will be met with a total and complete shutdown of human society.“

Let that sink in. ANY use of nuclear weapons in a grandiose, malevolent way will be met with the swiftest of counters. Not only will they shut down our nukes before they land; they’ll make sure the naughty little apes can’t ever do it again. And we’ve already had a preview of this fact: Malmstrom Air Force Base. March 24th, 1967.

The day we learned we are screwed.

Malmstrom isn’t the only time in history that UFOs have interfered with our nuclear testing and readiness systems, or created incursions into such closely guarded areas. Dating as far back as Los Alamos in 1948, the U.S. alone has experienced well over a dozen nuke site incursions. Oak Ridge. Warren AFB. Minot AFB. Ellsworth AFB and Nellis AFB to name a few. Even our allies across the pond in the U.K., as well as sites in Russia and Ukraine have experienced UFO incursions. 

So what makes Malmstrom so important? This guy. Captain Robert Salas. 

Most of you know his story already. For those who don’t, a brief recap: 

Cpt. Salas was the on-duty commander sitting sixty feet below ground the night a large, orange UFO hovered over Malmstrom AFB in Montana. Within seconds, all ten Minutemen missiles went offline, due to “guidance and control failure.”

Let that marinate a bit. Ten ready-to-launch nukes, each running on independent systems and with numerous fail-safes and redundancies, shut down in seconds. No warning, no apparent means of sabotage. Just… broken, like a dollar store action figure. This incident, and many others like it, show just how far the ‘The Others’ and their technology are above us on the food chain. When mankind’s one and only defense can be turned off like a rage quitter’s video game console, that’s when the Governments realized we were outmatched and outgunned.

It was time we leveled the playing field. But that… that is for another time, another article.


I’m going to cap this article off here, mostly because my spouse is giving me the side-eye. The garage isn’t going to re-arrange itself, apparently. Part two will be arriving in short order. Stay tuned!

About the Author

My name’s Bob, better known as HappyAtomsBob on Twitter. I am a North Florida native, former Navy Petty Officer, 20+ year graphic designer and sometime video forensics analyst; former SkyHub team member, special needs father, devoted husband and nearly four decades-long UFO aficionado. I prefer the term “researcher” myself. My goal is to understand the broader narrative, and determine our place in it. That simple. 

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