Alien Disclosure – G.A.N.Z.I. & Questions Answered


What is full disclosure? I maintain it has happened. Rep. Tim Burchett has said the words- we are not alone. He’s said it in writing and he’s said it verbally in interviews. To me, that’s disclosure. The public at large, however, needs to see more. On July 26, 2023, the House Oversight Committee will address the issues at hand. In addition to my own source, the likes of which have lit a firestorm of activity, I have spoken with others in this community, names you know, and know way more than I at this time have it on very good authority that disclosure, full alien disclosure, is imminent. As imminent as next Thursday. What I am saying – hard disclosure will occur. Exactly what will be revealed is only known to a few- the people themselves and probably the ones asking the questions.

My source will not testify. I understand the reasons why, now. Before we get into the reasons, let me clarify- the videos I have spoken about will be revealed in one of two ways. The first is through a targeted disclosure through the government. Meaning this person will provide these for a few key individuals to allow them to see them first and to prepare. It does not mean they get to quash them. It is a simple disclosure for them to prepare. The second, and frankly more scary way is a killswitch. A literal killswitch. Should anything happen to this person, there is an absolutely brilliant way they have made certain these materials see the public eye. Has anyone ever watched Running Man? Cool movie.

I want to get into the “why’s” of a few things in this post. It’ll be quick and I won’t ramble, I promise. Much. Maybe.

I spoke with a pretty amazing person yesterday- someone I admire and trust implicitly. After our discussion about all things alien and ufo, we talked about the reality of this topic. We talked about the why’s and the people behind the disclosure, both on the whistleblower side, on the “good” side, and the “bad” side. The good side is good. The bad side is downright diabolical in their need to maintain secrets and power.

I was simply naive to think there weren’t real forces out there that will stop at nothing to keep secrets. It feels like a spy novel, but this is no game, it is not a book, it is not a script. It’s real, and it’s going to change the world as we know it. For a long time, we’ve been led astray, marginalized as crazies. The powers that wanted this hidden have done a masterful job of creating a haze of confusion, disinformation, and outright hostility in some cases to keep the status quo.

They are losing, and they know it. I predict you are going to see the fallout that reaches the HIGHEST offices within more than just the US, but worldwide. It’s going to take time. You are getting disclosure on the 26th. Others may be reticent to say it, I am not. I’ve already put my name and my (new) reputation on the line- and I am telling you now, you will get these words – ALIENS ARE REAL, UFOs AREN’T UNKOWN ANY FURTHER. What they will be called from now on?

My proposal – AMDVs. It means Alien Multi-Domain Vehicles. Those are for the ones within our atmosphere. These crafts can do several things outside the five observables- They also include a couple of other things that are also observable but haven’t been placed into the public domain. They can go through rock, and regolith, and back out again as if it wasn’t there. They can traverse through- what we call an einstein-rosen bridge here on Earth. They can move through dimensions higher than the four known to us. The theory (Brane) is key and paramount to how this all functions.

Humans are not the alpha, we are not significant. I maintain and reiterate that fact. But I’m going to make an addendum to that in a few moments. Not only are we not alone, but we are not just the two species- Humans and Greys- (G.A.N.Z.I.)- we are many. I have good news within that vein in a bit. These beings can manipulate DNA as I stated. I have spoken with three people on this topic to confirm what my source told me, and the truth reads like fiction but also makes sense when you think about the “how” that is speculated upon. Again, more in a few.

The G.A.N.Z.I. are not our friends. They are a species of alien that is a full-on enigma to our species. They are the gatekeepers: the powers that be: They are considered to be both ruthless and aloof, sometimes even referred to as totally indifferent to humans in every way. They will meet with leaders only if they are warning us of something. I know what you’re thinking- if these are so aloof, why would they even bother to warn us?

Here’s the good news- they are being kept in check by a much more ruthless species that is not malevolent in their nature to humans. The galaxy we live in is a political mishmash of aliens- some of which are benevolent, some are indifferent, such as the G.A.N.Z.I., and some are downright malevolent. There is, however, a species that has a presence here but does not necessarily interact with humans on a regular basis.

What I have learned is that the species that are here, right now on earth, are here for several reasons.

  1. We are the outliers of our galaxy. We are in a place where civilizations without the knowledge of both interstellar and in-galaxy travel won’t travel to.
  2. On the scale of world size, Earth is pretty small, but it’s also very unique in that we have a lot of different elements that make our world “susceptible to travel” This is supposition- but I have spoken with several people that believe the conclusion to be made here is that when our planet formed- working theory OUR science believes is that we were part of the stellar dust, the elements came together in such a way that our world created traversable elements that allowed connections to other points within our galaxy, and possibly the universe as a whole.
  3. We are so far under the technological envelope of these other species it is as vast as amoeba:human. Maybe even protozoa:alien. We are not even close.
  4. G.A.N.Z.I. have not eliminated humans- BECAUSE they are being kept in check. Without that check in place, who knows?
  5. There have been many incidents with the G.A.N.Z.I. because of the aforementioned reasons. They are applying their technical ability with Earthly resources and they do not always play well. Apparently, Earth is missing some of the materials necessary to make their tech work the way it’s supposed to. Basically, our stuff doesn’t play well with their stuff in this current configuration
  6. The pathways between the points of travel through other places (speculation on location) in our galaxy were present early during the Earth’s creation phase. They came into being as a part of the fabric of space. They exist- we can’t see them, but they can be measured using the technology we have, but the findings aren’t understood totally, we don’t have the knowledge to understand the findings yet. Theories have been posited, but we don’t know. Yet. It amazes me tech humans made can see through dimensions- though it is in our three dimensional space, that also transfers to higher dimensions.
  7. Individual skirmishes with the G.A.N.Z.I. are not of importance to even the species that protects us. It’s the overall protection of humans that is important.
  8. The Earth is a part of this galactic or universal throughway. We have places on Earth that can be traversed as point-to-point as well as Earth to ? That’s why the Earth is protected at all costs- including from us. Humans.
  9. Earth was probably not ours- there is a lot of debate about how we came about. From being seeded to evolution being helped along. The prevailing accepted theory is that we had little to no help in that area and humans evolved on their own. There is a theory that civilizations with the ability to travel, as the ones we have here on Earth, have an agreement of some type to allow life to evolve in a natural way. The only time they intervene is when that life might interrupt their ability to move through to other parts of the galaxy or universe.
  10. The prevailing theory on why it is so important to preserve Earth’s “waypoints” is that it can either somehow affect their network in a way that could restrict movement between these species that have developed the traveling ability, or restrict their ability to create new pathways between worlds.
  11. They DO NOT LIKE OUR PUNY BRAINS MESSING WITH NUCLEAR ANYTHING. Which led me to learn more about nuclear power- fusion, fission, and more. Here is MY original theory– it’s not a big leap and someone much smarter could probably expand this- but nuclear power- weak and strong, affect the fabric of the universe in such a way that it is so delicate that even minute disruptions can cause big havoc for their network. I think it responds locally in such a way that what can happen here- and this is the radical part, can traverse through these already present “bridges” and affect the other side. In other words, if we create such an apocalyptic event like a nuclear holocaust, it will go right through and possibly cause a chain reaction on other worlds. None of the species- even those benevolent, will let this happen- but they act in different ways. The G.A.N.Z.I. will just pull the trigger. The other- the one protecting us, might stop it with a wholly different method. Speculation.
  12. The species that are here are somehow complementary and not necessarily friendly to one another, but not against each other either.
  13. The Greys- they are speculated to be the engineers. They somehow are either responsible for or are in charge of the network and take their jobs very seriously. The protectors are thought to be more like us. I have no idea what they could look like, as I said, it’s the Grey’s we mainly interact with when necessary.
  14. The benevolent species is posited- though as I stated, I personally have no idea, are theorized to look very much like us- possibly so much that you could not tell the difference between us.
  15. There is further speculation that when we get hard disclosure, things are going to start moving faster towards interaction between worlds and technology. It will not come from the G.A.N.Z.I. I use the term Greys also to denote them.

A lot of this comes from speculation but educated speculation. It all starts to coalesce when you think about the network. If you make a connection that the Earth is important because we are (Earth, not humans) integral to the pathways that connect these other worlds and suddenly it begins to make sense.

Human beings wanting to keep these techs secret for their own benefit are highly indicative of how far we have to go as a species to be taken seriously in this scenario of shared tech and exploration. Why in the hell would an advanced species want us messing with their network when we have the inability to treat our own brothers and sisters with compassion and make sure every mouth has food and water and a place over their heads? I am not trying to get philosophical here, I am not trying to be preachy, I’m just trying to understand the nature of why we aren’t ready. If I look at it purely in that manner, it makes sense we aren’t taken seriously.

I want to talk about the “bad” now. The gloom and doom scenario is very much real. Though we have a friend here, we may be able to push it too far. How? I don’t know, but I do know this – we are a species that is not quite ready for the next step. As I spoke to some very thoughtful folks, some very good points were made that I had thought about, but not in a deep manner. I was very contemplative about what I learned and had to stop and think about the implications of the full reality of disclosure and I agree it needs to go in phases. It needs to be thoughtful and in certain ways, delicate. I believe the band-aid of disclosure needs to be ripped off.


At this very moment.

I also believe that if the full nature of what reality is- the world at large could not handle it. It needs to be packaged in a way that will do the least amount of damage with regard to the average citizen of this planet. We all have a part to play in alien disclosure. There are those that say drop it all now: forget the theories and suppositions and give us the full truth and let the chips fall. I was one of those. I am still, to a small extent. I have had to rethink a bit as I learned some new facts and realized that because you or I may be able to handle this on the whole- there are many who will not. I think of children, especially, and those with a lower or simpler capacity to process such a paradigm shift in reality. We just went through Covid and the world lost their minds. We need to do this in such a way that no one nation on earth can use this as a way to create new ways to control their populations and tell them they need to be put under martial law, the truth hidden away.

If we go about this the right way, we are going to usher in a new evolution in humanity, and a few of us can smile and maybe even gloat a little bit. But keep it lowkey- nobody likes a bragger! 🙂

Till Tomorrow- Steve


  1. By the sounds of it, you got a talking to from Lue. idk if he told you that the Greys are being held in check by another race but from what I’ve seen and heard, that’s inaccurate. The Greys are being controlled by a race of aliens called the Ferget Melangus who are an Insectoid like race (think starship troopers for real) who ARE malevolent and force the Greys to do their bidding. The human like NHI you were told about are the result of the Greys DNA manipulations and crossbreeding efforts with humans. They are def not in control of anything. IDK if anyone has heard about the higher ups in DOD and Pentagon who keep freaking out about ‘demons’ being unleashed if we disclose, but these are who they fear. One last thing, the nukes when detonated give off two types of waves from the blast. A vector wave, which is both vertical and horizontal and a longitudinal scalar wave. A vector has magnitude and velocity and scalar has magnitude only. it’s these longitudinal waves that completely fuck these aliens and their tech in their non existent asses by traveling along the edge of time for infinity and charging every particle of dark matter thats slowly been pushing the universe out and away. supposedly after WWII is when they found this out and were pissed because it sent them into the equivalent of an ice age. Especially the Greys because it cause their planet to die, which is why they are here.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am a former Marine, raised catholic, work a good corporate job in the Tech Industry now, and am intrigued by your story. We understand that we may be living in a simulation, reality is not what we think it is, consciousness etc, however, I stand with the rest of your followers in thinking that we at least are ready for you to share the knowledge with us. I do not think those who are skeptical or are too naive to understand and live in ignorance will not be reading your article. Are you able to share details on this subject mentioned regarding what reality is truly and why the disclosure is accelerating? Respectfully, Juan

  3. How much of this story can you trust from your source? They can show you a video, and it may be real, but other stuff may be disinfo. Did you ask them how they know what they know? How they confirmed?

  4. I’ve heard a few people mention the idea that ‘a clock is ticking’ or a ‘clock has been set in motion’. (I think both Chris Mellon and Garry Nolan?) What are your thoughts on this?
    Who’s clock? Who is it counting over?

  5. If this is all a lie, many of us who have been reading this and sharing are going to look like absolute fools and lunatics. I trust you wouldn’t be doing that to us, although, aside from a good blog I don’t know why else I should trust this source? Can’t wait for the 26th and I sure hope this isn’t a big larp or venture in to science fiction. I look forward to this information being disseminated with or without congress approval on the 26th as you mentioned you would. GL and stay safe to all.

  6. One last thing, this Running Man reference you made, could you elaborate? (probably not but I can’t help itching for more info) Is it going to get uploaded ah la satellites where it goes live worldwide simultaneously? Maybe that’s just fiction and not even possible. Either way it is interesting times.

    or maybe more along the lines of the fantastic movie Hackers.

    Incoming hack the planet?