Part 3 -Aviators, UAPs & Hell In The Skies

Part 3 - Biden, Aliens


There is no video in this post, just the longer description and reaction to what I saw, and what many say couldn’t have occurred because the f15 doesn’t fly off a carrier. Good point, but not entirely correct. It can, very well, launch off a carrier. It is difficult, but I would like to link this article I found on Quora. I’ll tell you, I was concerned about that point as well. I wrote down – f15 and heard it said at least five times. So, was that a point to prove this contact is full of it? A good point, but a point so stuck on, that if one detail is incorrect, or in this case improbable, the rest must be hokum. Therefore, lies. All lies. Well, if that’s how you feel, I respect that and hope you’re right. I am going to go into further detail about what I saw, and how it was shown to me and hopefully answer questions that I get most of all. The Quora question is answered by Mike Turner (I do not know him in any way, I am just using his answer here), a former Navy Aviator. The idea comes from the launch angle of the plane. Do it at a normal flight deck level, probably going to be fish food. Add a small ramp, and the f15, which has incredible thrust, can do it. It is speculation, but if a Navy aviator thinks it’s possible, I’m going to, however improbable at the “normal” level, go with the fact it might have been a test that just happened to have some extra activity occur. Best I can do. I heard what I heard.

Well, the F-15 does have a great thrust to weight ratio, meaning it can accelerate well. How well? In February of 1975, an Air Force test pilot flew a bare-bones F-15 (called the Streak Eagle) to an altitude of 98,425 feet from a dead stop. That is an amazing achievement by itself. That is 2–3 times what a typical airliner cruises at. 

Mike Turner, Former Naval Aviator

I never stated they were going to land on the carrier- I would make that assumption as well, but is that semantics, or were they near someplace that could land an f15? I can’t answer that. I’m sorry. I just know what I saw, and here is a much deeper dive into it. I will talk about the video first, and then some more of the conversation this person and I had.

Why use an f15? I don’t know. I got the impression this was not supposed to be a mission to look at foo fighters, UFOs, UAPs, or the like. Maybe they were testing if the thing could get off and on a carrier in a test mode. I can tell you they had at least some type of armament on them, one of the pilots tried to put a target lock on the UFO. Please understand I am only using vernacular from what I heard and saw. I am in no way familiar with our military terminology or procedures. My dad was in the Air Force in Vietnam. Three tours, but he was an aviation mechanic. I could tell you stories he told me and parrot some terms he used, but those are probably fairly dated. Rest in peace, Dad. You always wanted the truth, too. Maybe a story for another day, but he saw some things he couldn’t explain in Vietnam. He was in from 1966 to 1970 during different times. Sorry, just wanted to nod to Dad. I lost him a year ago last March.

I am going to put what I wrote here, then expand on it, and give you much more info. I will do this over a few more parts in the coming days, I will cite my original post, and then clarify questions I received and expand as I stated. I will put the updates in BOLD AND ITALIC.

Here we go:

Originally, I first sat down to my laptop to chat with this person, I figured this was going to be a talk. Nothing more. This person asked if I would be willing to allow my laptop to be controlled- this actually meant monitoring for activity. They did not actually manipulate anything on my screen. I have a keylogger and log file that records every move of the mouse, detect manipulation, etc. I put this stuff on my computer after I had my identity stolen several years back. I am careful and try to keep proper security on my computer. It slows it a bit, but I feel safer that way. So there we were just talking and going over the basics, like family- small talk. While we were chatting, I looked up this person. Previously, I knew only a screen name. I did not start Skype, they did. I loaded in, we began our chat. That’s when after one Google search, I perked up. Well-known does not define this person. Legendary in their field? Yes. And of course, I asked why me. They were tongue-in-cheek. Later, I thought I had found a connection. I thought that this person heard about me from a friend’s kid that was in the Navy and was a cryptology professional working within the IT sector. My understanding is that they worked in the military, kept their clearances, and then when they transferred from Waters Corp. to this defense contractor, they knew I had recently launched and figured to throw me a bone. I have helped this kid- I say, kid, they are their mid-late twenties, but a kid to me – and they were doing me a solid. I was wrong. The source did not tell me why they contacted me. FYI, there’s a link between Waters Corporation and scientific instrumentation. I don’t know exactly what they do, but there are weird links all over the place with this that may or may not correlate. I just find the links odd is all. So why me? Turns out, the person that is my source knew someone very close to me who recently passed away. In the weirdest way possible, I was going through old pictures after this person close to me passed away, and I held a picture in my hand. Younger, much younger, and very much the same person, standing next to my dearly departed. I asked who this was, and how did this person know this person. They worked for my dearly departed in COLLEGE! They had apparently kept in contact over the years sporadically. The only conclusion I can make is that they knew I could be trusted and I was not a hiding gotcha journalist or agent? I know that sounds so nefarious- a bad pulp novel, but that’s the conclusion I am making. By the way, I know a lot of people are sleuths out there and may find that my father-in-law passed away recently, it was not him. He was a janitor. Amazing guy as well. I was there, holding his hand for his last moment on Earth. But, not him. I have had three very significant losses over the past year and a half or so. Dad, father-in-law, and the other person I just spoke of. I don’t need sympathy, we all have lost loved ones. It just happens to be the connection that I found. Have you ever had one of those moments where you go – “OH MY GOD?” This was one of those moments, beyond the others I’ve had over the past weekish.

I allowed this to occur. What transpired, over three hours, rocked me to my core. The first thing – Ganzi are not friendly.

I said this in the original article- It’s G.A.N.Z.I. The subsequent use of Ganzi, is mine and mine alone. The fact that the Ganzi name has been used in a game seems to be a sticking point that this is a lie. I don’t really know how to respond to that, other than, maybe they were named after that? But, I don’t think so. I believe it is one of many acronyms the DoD loves to compartmentalize and qualify everything in terms of easy-to-define or say parameters. This isn’t a big secret. Everything seems to have a special set of initials attached to it. Again, it isn’t Ganzi. And, it’s very possible this person was told Ganzi, the next was told “Skinny Bob”, the next “Jules”, etc. I don’t think it’s the only name. Some say “Greys”. I think it’s just a name.

They are not malevolent either. To a certain extent. Mess with them and their mission, and it will end badly. They equate us to flies. We are annoying to what they are trying to do here, but unless you land on them and bite them like a horsefly, you are simply swatted away, pushed to the side. This is good news. But not for some. In fact, we have lost pilots and ships to the Ganzi in a monumental fashion. I was shown, and you will see firsthand during the hearing, one particular episode of an f-15 fighter jet being disintegrated by a particle beam technology that did not blow the thing up, it stopped it dead and turned it to ash. No debris.

I want to specifically address the fly comment. So many said, “They wouldn’t do that. We aren’t flies.” I am going to reiterate the exact words spoken to me. “We are an insignificant entity to these beings. We don’t matter. Our cities, our activities largely have no effect on the mission or directive of these creatures, and regard us as you would a fly.” If we don’t interfere, we don’t matter. That being said, there is zero hesitation to not only eradicate us “as if a fly in the wrong place at the wrong time”, but if humans get too far into things like a “full-on nuclear exchange”, this person has made the connection from their experiences that we will simply cease to a problem because they will eliminate the problem. That means us, and that means if some rogue nation decided it was going to do something that may cause this type of human conflict, that would end humanity as a species. I know this is a bombastic statement, I know this is rough, but it is what I was told. My comment on this is that my, our sensibilities might need to be poked a bit. I didn’t embellish or use words that were mine. Those were purely the words told to me and what I wrote, verbatim.

<original article> It was a simple puff of ash.

There was a beam, green in color, it hit the side of the plane, the beam separated into four went across the fuselage, and then disappeared. The result was a plane-shaped cloud of… ash. Nothing else. The incursion happened over the ocean in an undisclosed location. Two fighters were trying an intercept of a white tic-tac object, which is the type of craft used mostly over the oceans. The f-15 put a target lock on the object and was then destroyed. The other pilot immediately maneuvered out, and the camera then tilted with the plane – this was not FLIR- this was loud and proud and in bright color, and then the pilot got out of there.

The person said, “I am going to play a video” – It was a screen share. The video began and for the first two minutes it is a simple video of a plane flying. You can’t see a pilot, only a wing. There was a split screen that showed a far away view and a closer view. The far away view showed a second plane. The closer view did not. It showed, honestly, not much. Air, clouds, but overall it was near cloudless. Blue and gorgeous. You can see the ocean from both views.

This is the part of the discussion where I was mostly in shock. We’ve all seen the best in CGI and AI, etc. Some of those movies that employ groundbreaking effects are quite amazing. Tech has come a long way as far as reality and realistic shading and explosions. Firstly, those all have a tiny bit of “off” feeling. As close as they are to reality, your human brain knows what you’re seeing is art and not real. All I can say is that the skeptic in me looked at how this magic is made. At a very rudimentary level, this would cost a ridiculous amount of money to fake. Secondly, it contained zero of that, “just a tiny bit off feeling.” Third, it was not grainy, ambiguous, or otherwise open for any other interpretation than what it was. You know all those videos that are just grainy, or a little blurry. This was not that.

The second plane, I will call it that- the one with the video feed finally comes online with audio. I have to paraphrase here as I did not write down the exact words. Any mistakes are mine and mine alone from memory. A few things are very clear, while a couple of others will be my words – but it went like this:

Pilot One: Contact at (something bearing)

Pilot Two: Some type of banter, and then I believe he says to someone on a control center? tower? Do you see the contact, no visual.

Controller?: Negative, no contact here.

No speaking for 30 to 45 seconds or so.

Pilot One: Still showing contact moving towards (the) group. I am going to drop. Below at (unknown). I think he said deck but I can’t say that for certain.

There is now a string of words I don’t understand and don’t really remember. At this point, plane 2 banks and plane 1 comes back into view, albeit not perfectly. It’s moving. Camera really isn’t shakey, but you can see it is moving. The zoomed-out camera- the right side of my screen, is pretty well established.

It appears at this moment or possibly just before this next sequence, the person they are talking to has now gotten the contact on whatever he’s looking at.

Controller: Contact, not moving, confirm. I believe he is saying this to pilot 1 as he is using numbers, and that voice responds.

Pilot One – Visual.

Now it gets very un-naval aviator-like.

Pilot One: Are you seeing this (number two)?

Pilot Two: What the fuck is that? It’s <station- or stationary> Control both have visual and both have contact.

Controller: Affirmative, not moving. Whoa.

Pilot one: Making moves again towards group. Contact is white and no wings. Confirm, (unknown)

Pilot Two: Yeah, what the fuck is this thing? It is moving towards group, advise.

Several Long moments go by and the first pilot speaks.

Pilot One: Hey what do you want us to do? This thing is moving like a butterfly. What are we doing here?

At this point you can see plane one, and the ocean, plane 2 seems to be circling at a height higher and to the right of the first plane. You can see the tic-tac craft- it is not totally smooth, it looks more like an object that is put together in the shape of a Tylenol tablet. That is the best analogy I can give you.

The object is moving oddly. It is moving – I have no idea of direction, only relative to the two planes from my POV. Firstly, these planes are moving fast. Speed I Don’t know, so as they fly, the object goes out of view, plane one goes in and out of view, but in a moment they come back around. Suddenly, the object moves straight into the path of plane one and he makes a hard pull or turn.

Pilot One: Jesus H. Christ (I remember that very clearly) Fucker. He just tried to hit me.

Pilot Two: Need an fucking answer here.

It seems at this point the two have lost professionalism. I guess I would too.

Controller: try to make contact with the other plane. (He is not calling it anything but a plane)

There are moments of the pilot of plane two trying to contact the object on the radio. He announces himself from the US Navy and that he (the object) is operating within restricted airspace. He does not mention a carrier, does not mention any landmass, he specifically says “restricted airspace.

There is no response. This goes on for a minute? Two? During this time the camera that is close up to the wing has a fast blur move past.

Pilot Two: Holy shit.

Pilot two banks the plane hard. Both cameras show only a blue sky before finally leveling out. Plane one is in view but it is really far off. The object is near plane one and is obviously moving around it.

Pilot One: “He’s all around me, do you have a visual?” Now a third voice pops in. “I have him, wait..”

I believe that is a co-pilot in plane 1. It did not sound at all like pilot 2. Higher pitched voice and scared. Very obvious.

I never heard a co-pilot in plane 2. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t one, as I believe they fly with two, but I never heard one. If I did, maybe they sounded similar. But plane one definitely had two occupants.

Plane 2: “Move, move, move, coming at you hard from..” static or interference of some kind.

Controller: Can you engage the target? I can’t see anything on.. (garbled)

Plane 1: (Co-Pilot) I can’t see him, no target. Deuce, do you have him?? Note: I looked up the name- this is what I found: It also says take it with a grain of salt, the names get used a lot. It might not have been Deuce- it could have been something else- again, i didn’t write this part down, I just really watched.

Pilot 2: I have him, coming over top in..

Pilot 1: I have him, (putting) lock.

This is the next part I described. There are the words I already wrote, and then this was the next few seconds of the video.

Plane 2 is traveling towards plane 1.

Pilot 1: “I have lock.” And that was it. I would say that the distance was probably a quarter mile out? Just underneath and to the left. The tic-tac moves on its (I assume) axis, the green laser? comes out, it splits into four beams, and the first plane is gone. The only thing left is ash. Not charcoal. No debris. No detritus of any kind other than ash. You can read on for the rest, none of that can really be expanded upon. Total time maybe 3 seconds. It was fast and extremely violent considering the plane had occupant(s).

But it did not end. Moments later, as the f-15 is scrambling out of the area the pilot is swearing, breathing heavily and stating he has multiple contacts coming out of nowhere. “They are all around me, bogeys all over, advise, advise.”

What happens next defies everything we know.

Multiple round, metallic objects appear in front of the cockpit, within feet, and keep track with the f-15. The pilot attempts evasive maneuvers, but the objects don’t mimic his moves – they are “as a part of the plane itself”- stuck to the plane somehow. The tic-tac-shaped ufo then drops into view and tilts 180 degrees and matches speed, and maneuvers. The pilot is now freaking out. We hear the controller of the ship speaking saying he cannot see any targets near him, some squawk and then silence. Pure silence. The tic-tac proceeds to follow, or lead in this case, the f-15. The tic-tac spins at an incredible rate in a gyroscopic manner, The speed is so great the f-15 is now being rocked around, the pilot saying he is experiencing rotor wash. And then, the thing stops and accelerates “instantly” away. The round objects unlatch and are gone.

This was caught on three cameras. Two were Eagle Eye cameras. One in zoom, one in telephoto and then a Flir. What was most troubling was what I was shown after the video had been slowed and analyzed. Two extraterrestrial occupants, small bodies, large heads, big eyes. Somewhere along the way, we had truth out here and never knew for sure. Now we know. They are the Greys. The message was clear.

I want to be 100 percent clear that the conversations and the back-and-forth verbiage are as close as I can remember- I do NOT have access to the videos at this point, and I have to rely on my memory to recall it all. I was most focused on the visuals. The thing I CAN convey is they sounded scared, they did not know what they were seeing, and when the first plane was lost, the second pilot was obviously extremely scared and freaking out. I was also unimpressed with whoever was on the other end at the tower? Do they use towers or control rooms?

But, for the pilot – I think it was so out of the realm of reality, it shook him. If he is reading this- wow. Just wow.

I want to finish up with this: This was startling. It was not what I expected. The speed and the ease at which this plane disintegrated or was moved out of our existence was one of the most shocking things I have ever seen. It was visceral and angry. I will write tomorrow about the two other videos. And, then I will get into more direct discussion points later this week about the suppositions and unknowns of our entire conversation, and touch on other revelations and ideas that were thrown at me and that asked about and even added as my own theory. Much more about theory on how they are able to do certain things and additional theories on what they might be here for. But again, this all comes from the human mind about the why. The point they tried to hammer home is that they aren’t saying, and we can only guess.

Maybe we can’t even understand the reasons.



  1. Excerpts taken from the free PDF Alien Interview edited by Lawrence Spencer:

    “She was sent by her superior officers to investigate the explosions of nuclear weapons which have been tested in New Mexico. Her superiors ordered her to gather information from the atmosphere that could be used to determine the extent of radiation and potential harm this might cause to the environment. During her mission, the space craft was struck by a lighting, which caused her to lose control and crash.”

    “This civilization controls a vast number of galaxies, stars, planets, moons and asteroids throughout an area of space that is approximately one-fourth of the entire physical universe! The continuing mission of her organization is to “Secure,
    control and expand the territory and resources of The Domain.”

    “In the case of the acquisition of Earth by The Domain, the rulers of The Domain have chosen not to openly reveal this intention to the “native inhabitants” of Earth until a later time when it may, or may not, suit their interests to reveal themselves. For the
    present time, it is not strategically necessary to make the presence of The Domain
    Expeditionary Force known to Mankind. In fact, until now, it has been very aggressively hidden, for reasons that will be revealed later.”

    “The space station near the planet Earth is important only because it lay along a
    path of The Domain expansion route toward the center of the Milky Way galaxy and beyond.”

    “Earth is very distant from the center of the galaxy and from any other significant galactic civilization. This isolation makes it unsuitable for use, except as a “pit stop” or
    jumping off point along the way between galaxies. The moon and asteroids are far more suitable for this purpose because they do not have any significant gravity.”

    “There are still computer files on some planets far from here which record the procedures for biological engineering. Possibly the laboratories and computers still exist somewhere. However, there is no one around doing anything with them. Therefore, you can understand why it is so important for The Domain to protect the dwindling number of creatures left on Earth.”

    “ Although The Domain has a long term interest in maintaining Earth as a useful planet, it has no particular interest in the human population of Earth, other than its own personnel here. We are interested in preventing destruction, as well as accelerating the development of technologies that will sustain the infrastructures of the global biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. To this end, you will discover, on very careful and thorough examination, that my space craft contains a wide assortment of technology that does not yet exist on Earth. If you distribute pieces of this craft to various scientists for study, they will be able to reverse engineer some of the technology to the extent that Earth has the raw materials required to replicate
    these components. Some features will be indecipherable. Other features cannot be duplicated as Earth does not have the natural resources required to
    replicate them. This is especially true of the metals used to construct the craft. Not only do these metals not exist on Earth, the refining process required to produce these
    metals took billions of years to develop.”

    “It is also true of the navigation system which requires an IS-BE whose own personal wavelength has been specifically attuned to the “neural network” of the craft. The pilot of the craft must possess a very high order of energy volition, discipline, training and intelligence to manipulate such a craft. IS-BEs on Earth are incapable of this expertise because it requires the use of an artificial body specifically created for this purpose.”

    “Certain individual Earth scientists, some of whom are among the most brilliant minds in the history of the universe, will have their memory of this technology jogged when they examine the craft components. Just as some of the scientists and physicists on Earth have been able to “remember” how to recreate electric generators, internal combustion and steam locomotion, refrigeration, aircraft, antibiotics, and other tools of your civilization, they will also rediscover other vital technology in my craft.”

    “The following are the specific systems embodied
    in my craft that contain useful components:
    1) There is an assortment of microscopic wiring or fibers within the walls of the craft that control such things as communications, information storage, computer function, and automatic navigation.

    2) The same wiring is used for light, sub-light and ultra-light spectrum detection and

    3) The fabrics of the interior of the craftare far superior to any on Earth at this time and have hundreds or thousands of applications.

    4) You will also find mechanisms for creating, amplifying and channeling light particles or waves as a form of energy.

    As an officer, pilot and engineer of The Domain Forces, I am not at liberty to discuss or
    convey the detailed operation or construction of the craft in any way, other than what I have just disclosed. However, I am confident that there are many competent engineers on Earth who will develop useful technology with these

    I am providing these details to you in the hope that the greater good of The Domain will be served.”

  2. Interesting. Scary. Do you know if this video will really be released to the public? Was there any time frame as to when this occurred or where? How did they actually see the occupants. Were they in the Tictac? Interesting that the movement of the vehicle mimics exactly the 2004 Nimitz encounter. Do he say why the f15 was flying so high? It sounds as if this was a direct mission to intercept.

  3. there is one glaring fact the did not fire till they were going to be fired upon. they still might be here for our good but they will take no shit from the ppl, making war on them! they have stayed quiet letting up grow. yes, seeing a jet taking out so easily is jarring, to say the least. but for the most part they leave us alone. we have downed their craft and dissected their people and we are still here. are you going to let your little brother keep kicking you in the shin while your trying to work?I think not!!! you are feeding the fear. that the military want you to do. take a deep breath the gov got you. youre doing there bidding, they came to you and showed you something scary and you took the bait. Due no harm, but take no shit. if your are a hammer everything looks like a nail. I woke this morning and from before I opened my eyes all I want to do was tell you to take a damn breath. see the context before you get controlled by your fear because thats a very human thing to do, control the masses through fear. so who are you really helping right now???

  4. There has been no mention of the two pilots killed. They may have been named as two who were killed in a “training” exercise, somewhere?? They had family! There must have been some notification in the news, that would be a possible clue as to their location..

  5. This seems like a new change in behavior. There are other stories of radar lock on UFOs particularly the Tehran incident in 1976. The pilot stated that when he was about to fire his instruments didn’t work. So this seems like a change in behavior. The altitude they flew to seems extremely high. I didn’t know F15s could fly that high. I wonder if they were dispatched to give chance. Perhaps the NHI were protecting something. Rather than just reacting.

  6. I just checked the flight ceiling of the F15 and its max record was exactly 98,425 ft. With a coasting maximum of 103,000 it was done in Feb 1,1975. I don’t think they got the exact record twice. Does anyone have any report of a pilot lost at that time?

  7. There are no F15 losses listed on this date, at least on Wikipedia. It entered service in 1974. Can anyone corroborate losses on this date or records of the test. It would be interesting if they were missing. On such a big test day. …

  8. The fact that you said it was a green laser that incinerated that F-15 makes me kind of think they might have been in the vicinity of China or it’s territory. Been a multitude of reports the past couple yrs about them working the kinks out of their SEL laser. idk. maybe they reverse engineered one of those flying anhydrous tanks too?