Biden Saw An Alien Orb

What I Saw When Biden Toured Lockheed's UAP Orb Room


May 3, 2022 – Troy, Alabama – Lockheed Martin

It was in a room. It was not a hangar, at all. The orb was metallic, a soft grey, medium you could say. Not the bright and shiny metallic orbs others have seen, this was larger than those. Many people have described smaller, very reflective orbs that have soft and sometimes very bright auras either around them, or enveloping them completely. The orb in question was much larger than those depictions. What can you really say about an orb?

A lot.

The room had a bright grey cement floor, white walls with large tubes, and the orb centered at what looked like the back dead center of the room. It sat on a black step platform reminiscent of a concert riser, the difference being the huge amount of stuff surrounding it. There were light bars illuminating it from all sides including from below. The orb was tethered to the ceiling and the floor by six metal braids, approximately one inch in diameter. This is the best I can do without actually making a measurement. I extrapolated from Biden’s height. He stands at six feet, so if you use that height as a marker, my size estimates should be fairly close.

The camera is at a high level, either a high-quality security camera or a camera set up for this visit on what might have been a second level in this room.

I estimate the room was twenty feet high and maybe forty feet by sixty feet. A big room, but not a hangar. However, the far wall had a garage-style door that was obviously operated by an overhead pulley system. I suppose it might be a garage. Hangar, no. It is too small for that unless it’s a very small plane.

The platform was a matte black, and the orb sat on the top riser, seated in a clear, round circle. The orb had two round, metal tubes that went around the orb at the top and at the bottom. The braids were attached to the round, metal tubes and went in opposite directions from top to bottom. The braids that were attached to the top tube (they could also be solid, but I am calling them tubes) were attached by hooks that were on rungs on the tube and went to the floor where they were attached to hooks in the concrete. The bottom braids were attached to the ceiling by similar-looking hooks. The ceiling looked like it had tubes as well, white in color, but the hooks were attached to something heavy-duty dropped from the ceiling. I believe they were I-Beams, but they could have been cement. I’m not certain.

The orb was stationary and side-facing the camera with its front at an angle. I believe this, because I assume a door would be to the front, and it was open. The inside was very obscured as the doorway was probably facing away from the camera view by forty-five degrees or so. You could see it slightly in profile, but you could see inside a little bit.

Overall, again using six feet as my guide, I believe the orb was maybe twelve feet in diameter, give or take a foot or so. The riser was maybe two feet high, with one step up, the little ring around the bottom was about a foot tall, so I clock the orb at that size based on when Biden was standing near to it. At one point he walks up to the craft and looks inside.

Outside the area of the riser and to the left contains a table with many laptop-looking, but heavier-duty-looking computers. There are plenty of wires. Farther to the left, more towards the large door is what appears to be a computer rack where the wires mostly end.

To the right of the orb and the riser is a table, fairly sturdy; it looked to be attached to the concrete in a permanent way. On top of that table was a wild-looking device. It was at least four feet around, and half of its casing was to its right. The inside looked mirrored and had a lot of clear tubes or wires. Possibly a very thick fiber optic, much thicker than I have ever seen. The distance made it tough to tell exactly what I was looking at. The device on the outside looked like a tube, but it had some pretty cool features. There were ports or louvers all over, and a seam down the middle. This is where the piece that was removed sat. The device was attached by an arm that was also attached to a circular swing that was then tethered to something inside the orb that you can’t see.

Biden is led inside by a military person. I couldn’t tell you who or what level. My source did not know who it was. The pair are joined by two other men. One man is taller than Biden, very thin and balding. Middle-aged. The second is stocky, about five-ten and has thick brown hair. Neither had facial hair. They both wore blue pants and polo shirts. Biden talks to the men and points several times to the orb, the device, and back to the orb. They continue talking and walking around the orb, but not behind as the orb is toward the center back wall.

The four men continue to talk and go over to the device and start talking about it. You can see one man make a motion like an explosion and the four begin to laugh. The stocky man walks out of the frame toward the back, he is gone for a few moments.

The trio walks over to the riser once again, and the thin man steps up onto the riser and motions for Biden to step up. Biden steps up onto the riser and leans his hand on the swing arm that the device on the table is attached to. He leans in to look inside the orb The light turns from red to white and you can see Biden shield his eyes.

He straightens up and then the pair return to the floor in front of the orb and continue to speak. The four men are together again as the stocky man has returned. The stocky man goes over to the computer console and on the table, in a small box, he retrieves four pairs of tinted goggles.

The four then go out of frame towards the rear of the room and out of view. The stocky man returns to the computers on the right and what appears to be a dial. The lights dim slightly in the room and the device on the other table lights up in the middle. The outside glows a bit with white, indirect lighting. A soft glow.

The inside is slightly red. Then from the device, a green laser is emitted, it splits and rounds the room. It looked like a typical nightclub light. It was fairly common looking. Cool, I guess, but nothing really technical, from a human point of view. It wasn’t until I spoke with my source further did I find out what was going on.

The four men never appear again together, but do come in and out of the frame individually or in pairs for several more moments. Then the video cuts and that’s it.

The only thing really visible inside the orb was as follows- On the floor, it was bone colored, looked like it had hex plate or something along those lines. The edges of the doorway, which were maybe five feet tall by three feet wide looked like an L-Shape. It wasn’t a perfect look at that angle, so I can only describe it the way I thought it looked. There was no external door on the outside, so it either opened inward or had some other mechanism for opening and closing. The wall inside was also bone colored. It seemed like a smooth surface on the inside, but again, from my angle of view, for all I know it could have been suede or something else. I just don’t know.

Later, I discussed the fact that I thought the laser was a letdown, and I was told to hang on. It’s not what you think. It is a laser, but it isn’t a weapon. Yes, I saw a laser used as a weapon during a different video, but I was told this laser was the one this person’s company had been privy to reverse engineering, along with the heavier style that both the Chinese and the Brits have access to from their own clandestine programs.

This particular laser relays information to the unit itself and is also used for communication. The laser can be used in different modes to do biological scans, geological scans, and survey surfaces like a 3d modeling laser, but with the ability to also determine the material structure from a quantum level (supposition). The technology is able to take the scan and in real-time, through the device itself, read and interpret the data. This is the full theory- the problem is that we don’t have strong enough computing power to fully understand everything it does. That’s why we and the Chinese have been able to unlock some, but not all of the secrets it contains. In and of itself, humans have lasers that can do much of that- I am told that advances have been fed for years in this area, but we would have gotten there, just maybe not as fast. They alluded to the deep scanning results as information points were the real discoveries, and that they are just touching what they believe the full capabilities are.

There is a theory that at some level, this can open portals into different dimensions or even work with other tech outside to open wormholes. They are able to determine its ability to scan for biologics and strata, and 3d modeling. They can get it to give some of the (supposed- they can’t determine some if the data, other is in superposition) quantum data, but they have run up against problems with fully understanding the data they get. They know it is part of a set of tools within the lasers that are used by these species that work together. They believe this is just one part of the whole.

The lasers that are being reverse-engineered with offensive capability and mining capability are different. Those are orders of magnitude greater in power than the one shown in this orb.

Additionally, it’s been determined that this array can be used to transmit data to a point in the sky that is believed to be a portal, a satellite that is cloaked but has been seen with radar or other sensing equipment by the military/NASA. I was told there have been missions by NASA to determine what is specifically in this location, but it either moves or we can’t see it unless it is actively transmitting or receiving data. I do not know the point in the sky this is located, nor does my contact. Once the reverse engineering had been completed as far as they could, the military did field testing. My source received the results for further engineering but did not get the data about “where”.

My source believes the military was able to initiate contact or receive data from their test, but they aren’t talking. It is a supposition only.

In my next article, I am going to go further into both laser reverse engineering results as well as get into how the Chinese have reverse-engineered their retrieved tech, and what my source believes will happen when they are able to put the full computing power to the devices. There is a very strong push for quantum computing to get smaller. My source believes that the superposition of quantum computing will unlock the full potential, or at least increase the potential of these devices.

By the way. My source said someone was seriously hurt during the testing phase of the big one. More about that later.