Why UFOs Crash

Why UFOs Crash is an Examination of Why Our Stuff, Doesn't Play Well With Their Stuff


I am going to use both conjecture and facts as I know them from a whistleblower discussion I had here. Let’s get into the reason I believe UFOs crash.

Firstly, a lot of debunkers and skeptics like to say the following- “These beings have been able to cross light years without any issues, yet they get to Earth and suddenly crash.” This is a strawman argument. We aren’t arguing the fact these beings have been able to traverse vast differences v. being able to operate in what might be vastly different atmospheric differences in relation to wherever they came from. Secondly, the assumption here is that they traveled through conventional means. Propulsion that is like our own, or even a mix of what we know now and what we might know a thousand or more years from now.

They totally discount different travel methods, and once you point that out , the next response, is usually, eye rolls, silence, or ad hominem attacks. For the record, I’m not shy about an ad hominem attack if there’s no other way. It happens more than I like, but there are some out there that are so far removed from any common sense, it’s not worth my brainpower or yours, to debate or engage in any other manner.

Once you hit someone with facts and even other theories that contradict the debunker, you usually end up with an endless circular argument of yeah buts. The original argument having been defeated then turns into a litany of how smart they are or suddenly everyone is an expert in photographic analysis. Newsflash, there are government operators out there, and their entire job is to muddy the water. It’s our job to ghost those accounts. Use your block, folks.

Let’s address the “Why UFOs Crash” question this way. Firstly, they aren’t just crashing willy-nilly. It’s almost like people think these things are going down left and right all the time. They are not. We are talking about a handful over the course of the past 90 years or so. The fact there’s a crash retrieval program is because there must be a coordinated effort to not only keep the stuff under wraps but to protect the secrets already in the vault. Once you get past that fact, you begin to get a bigger picture of how these programs work, how they have evolved over time, and the methods with which are employed to keep said crashes from getting out. The sad thing- they have done a pretty good job with some, while others have been reported quite well, but the psyops that have occurred after are nothing short of amazingly coordinated attacks on the media, and the very witnesses that tried to come forward.

My whistleblower and I spoke at length about the reasons for these UFOs to go down. There is a partial theory that we, and other nations have successfully taken some down through the use of reverse jamming and even from the laser systems reverse-engineered from their own craft. I was told that one of the reasons lasers are used is because of the relative speed of these objects and their ability to make conventional missiles seem like lawn darts compared to the maneuverability of these myriad crafts. The only thing that can properly target and bring them down are tracking systems operated by laser and subsequent laser systems that are powerful enough to create pathway governors to halt momentum to a point they can then be hit with the primary weapons.

I stated earlier in my first article the need for these entities to stay within specific technical pathways. Avenues of technical knowledge that humankind might possess on their own within a couple of hundred years and not those techs that may be thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years ahead of our own window of viable technical knowledge. The reasons given are thus- think about what happened to Madame Curie. She was a brilliant scientist that worked with the amazing radium. She studied, conceived of ways to utilize it, and in the end, died from the exposure.

Now, I want you to think about the following. The prevailing theory, both through current quantum studies and through anecdotal evidence from those trying to study this field (Tom Delonge, et al.) posits these beings are traveling via higher dimensional travel, wormholes, and possibly even other pathways we haven’t even considered, and you see why allowing any species not already in possession of the proper knowledge earned through their own tech tree to get there, could be considered incredibly dangerous to the entirety of the Universe. If, and this is part of the theory, the entire universe is somehow connected, and it is- if you look at this image, you can see the pathways are just like the human brain, a neural network, you can then extrapolate that if a civilization gets hold of that tech before they are ready, it might be possible to literally destroy the entire universe through a chain reaction.

This is why they don’t like us messing with nukes. On the macro level, it’s fine. You get into a big kerfuffle and end up with a nuclear armageddon, you interrupt the pathways here on Earth, allow the nuclear forces to go through their bridges and pathways at a large scale, and suddenly you could set off a chain reaction that literally endangers the entire universe. All the while, we haven’t graduated past the 4th dimension. Suddenly, it becomes very clear why they are here, why we aren’t allowed to play with that fire, yet.

We have countries and dictators slaughtering other humans by the millions and we think we should be allowed into the club. No, I posit they are watching us with a great bit of awe at the fact that we can create amazing works of art, amazing prose, things like the ballet and Monet, and gorgeous architecture, yet commit mass genocide and hate by the boatload. If I were an advanced civilization and I saw that, I would put as many damn craft as I could here and make sure the ants don’t come out of the mound.

The tech you are seeing, the stuff that goes down is being retrofitted with THEIR TECH KNOWLEDGE, so far outside of our envelope of both material science and a lack of unified theory of quantum v. Newtonian physics v. contemporary physics that should the tech they have developed past our understanding be discovered, we could, quite literally, blow the damn universe up. You will not see the good stuff unless you are taken off-world where it can’t get discovered by the likes of China, N. Korea, or other bad actors. Russia, I am looking at you too. So, when we discover a craft that has gone down, they don’t care. We would get there ourselves in a specific amount of time and it won’t cause irreparable harm

Nukes? That’s another story. We believe that strong and weak nuclear forces are the prevailing tenets of physics. They describe the effects that certain particles behave like and seem to be the key to understanding the rest of what’s going on in our universe through both the theory of dark matter and dark energy. My source believes those are the pathways that interstellar travel exists within and we can’t see them, because we haven’t developed the necessary tech as of yet.

No civilization tasked with protecting the very fabric of the universe will allow us to screw it up. Period, hard stop. It is believed that the Grey civilization are the gatekeepers, the humanoid species above them are the protectors and other species are also adept at specific tasks.

I want to reiterate this again, and Tom Delonge said it as well- the Universe is teeming with life. If you could imagine a ghost is standing next to you- and I do not believe in ghosts at all, but it seems to be a good example most people can understand- if a ghost is standing next to you, you wouldn’t know it because they are no longer in our plane of existence. Well, neither are the 5th and higher dimensions. But, that’s not entirely true. They are there, you just can’t see them.

Here’s a thought experiment- There are, let’s say, in the 5th dimension, purely nonphysical entities that work purely on energy derived from their dimension. You can’t see them, but they can see you. You can see an example of this through a simple experiment you can do yourself. Draw 2 lines on a piece of paper. Draw a circle around that line. This is a one-dimensional representation. Those lines can go back and forth, but never left or right. Now, let one line draw itself left or right, we are now in the 2nd dimension. That first dimension could not even imagine a world where it could go left or right, but suddenly he’s making circles, he’s loving life, and he’s opened up a world he’d never seen before. But wait, there’s more! Now let that little line go up and down, and suddenly, the world just became something he couldn’t even fathom/ Now he can step over the circle he was in and can go anywhere within his new 3-dimensional space. Wow. This is it, this is the meaning of life.

But his friend, the one left in the first dimension? He has no idea where his friend went. He can’t see him anymore. He could be standing right next to him… But he can’t see him, all the while his 3-dimensional buddy is literally waving at him. This is the exact example of how higher dimensions are able to both see and interact with lower dimensions, while those lower dimensions can’t see the higher dimensions without proper knowledge of those above them.

Now you get the reason why this civilization tasked with protecting the pathways to both higher dimensions and pathways to interstellar travel won’t let that stuff get into the hands of ants that are just now, starting to play with finding higher dimensions.

Plugging in our earth materials with tech that is so far beyond us is another easy thing to prove. Ever tried to put a tank track on a Yugo?

It’s super simple. The stuff here on earth – they aren’t going to let you see past the curtain.

Dorothy. Mr. Oz is no fool.