UFO Reverse Engineered Lasers – Chinese Confirmed Our Exclusive From An Inside Source

This Laser System Is MUCH bigger than the reverse engineered system.

UAPMax News First Reported On Lasers & Technology Reverse Engineered From UFO Crash Retrievals – Confirmed By Chinese Tech Release

The Chinese government released a reported breakthrough with offensive laser capabilities. UAP Max reported on this on July 14th, 2023. The original article FOUND HERE discussed how a source for UAPMax News disclosed a laser system that was way ahead of anything else found on Earth. This laser system was so powerful, it could run indefinitely by using an element, formally unknown to science to cause a cooling effect, allowing the laser system to generate a massive amount of energy without any loss of energy. The laser could operate for any amount of time and could be used as an offensive weapon.

This was a confirmation of the exact system we described.

Here is the original text:

Date 1 – March 26, 2022, Biden sees and is briefed about a laser that was recovered by the RAF. He is shown this technology and told that China has made significant strides in creating their own reverse-engineered laser from the same type of recovered article that is so powerful it can write words out of the air by stripping electrons off air molecules. The laser being shown to the public is the baby version. The real one is called the Direct Air LSM. It is capable of drawing elements directly out of ore and accumulating them in a reservoir and eliminating the need for mining in the traditional dirty methods humans have traditionally used. Its real use is far more sinister, and the Chinese have kept the methods for this achievement largely compartmentalized.

“My source has confirmed these breakthroughs occurred after this company was able to initiate a “cold laser” reaction from wobbling a previously unknown element that has not been disclosed but only discovered after analyzing and reverse-engineering the same laser that was shown to him by the Brits. Biden ONLY learned of this laser after that date and inquired about whether the US had the same. He found out that in fact, we did, and it has been studied for almost two decades, and the example they had in possession was functional and successfully decoded only after they figured out what was making the laser so powerful while remaining cold. Once that element was unfused, only then did they figure it out. That alone took a decade of work. A decade.”

The Direct Air LSM is capable of full power radiating and splitting in mid-air without the need to create additional laser sources. The light from this system can be directed at an object, scan and split the beam instantly. It can do that at distances only hindered by the amount of power drawn into the system. This is how the, in the first video I viewed, the f15 was disintegrated. Apply enough power, you can heat the very quantum bits holding the targeted matter and vibrate them at such a high frequency, they simply disintegrate and only leave, what I have now learned is a “halo” created from the “quanta”. Quanta is the smallest discrete unit of a phenomenon. The trillions upon trillions of bits of matter that make up the target are literally removed from the universe in a violent manner without any chance of reconstruction in the former form. It is similar in nature to when you burn something, but it’s instant.

This includes the people that were inside.

The bad news is that the Chinese seem to have been able to reverse-engineer this tech. But, there are a couple of pieces of good news. Though the DALSM is devastating in its current form that has been reverse-engineered, it is nowhere near as powerful as the tech the GANZI use. The reason is the amount of power being pushed to the DALSM. Humans don’t have the energy requirements to create a laser powerful enough to disintegrate and turn anything into ash. It can. however, target, with unbelievable precision, any craft foreign or domestic, and take it down. It’s a scary tech.

The other good news is that both the Brits and The US have this tech. It is unknown if Russia has it.

The cooling I talked about is derived from a new gaseous element that took my sources company a decade to reverse engineer. Element is actually not totally correct- I’ll explain in a moment. They had no idea how it was creating this element. It is, in fact, created by Nucleosynthesis.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

That is the same process thought to have created the Big Bang. In fact, it is NOT a Big Bang in the sense that current science believes. You are hearing this for the first time, right here, right now. This process creates a microscopic universe including everything our large universe contains (element-wise) and it allows the laser system to operate through this universe. Think of it like this- You operate the system, and the internal components are able to light the very nature of the quantum realm and expose the elements and use those elements in such a way, that they stabilize and “cool” the laser. As long as you are operating the laser, the tiny universe maintains its stability and when you stop powering the laser, the universe collapses and closes.

Don’t confuse this universe’s description as literal in the sense it contains planets and matter like comets and other large matter. It does not, we are talking about the quantum here, not the traditional physics model. It is being described this way because we have no other way to describe it. It is the closest thing they can come up with because of the nature of how it works. It may very well be a bubble within spacetime that creates a synthetic platform for the heat of the laser to stabilize, but the same mechanism that has been theorized in Nucleosynthesis is the prevailing theory on how this works. The math points to this explanation.

The Chinese won’t tell you this is how it works nor will the Brits or the Americans. But, this is the 50,000-foot version.

Here are the steps, (mind these occur in as close to light speed as possible).

  1. Laser is activated
  2. Van De Graf-like generator activates, this needs MASSIVE power to cause the reaction necessary to create the elemental properties to cool the laser. It’s actually counterintuitive that a great amount of heat is needed to open this universe, but once open, relies on the vacuum of space to cool. See the correlation here?
  3. A laser beam travels through the universe and is cooled to minus 453.8 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Laser can now be manipulated in any way necessary- the beam does not work by heating the target, it works on a wholly different set of parameters through vibration and is able to split itself without creating additional beams. I don’t quite understand how this works. It is some type of manipulation of the length of photons and how they can be used as a wave or particle- Think double slit experiment.
  5. The target is then manipulated in a way that causes destruction- or can be used in an entirely different and non-destructive way.

Before moving on- Pease take a read of this article describing the laser we reported on last month as reverse-engineered alien technology released this week.

Reverse Engineered Laser Tech – China

We had a lot of pushback on this laser description. We were told it is impossible, lasers don’t work like that, especially high powered systems we were talking about.

They were correct, it does not work traditionally. I had a Phd tell me this was junk science and was a larp. But then suddenly, it was true.

He reached out to my today and apologized. I accepted this apology and we had a long discussion about how this laser system could theoretically do some pretty wild things. This time, when I spoke to him about these NHI using this as a multi-tool, he had that long pause. As I explained to him, the prevailing theory is that this laser, coupled with the other laser my source worked on, form part of the system that allows these craft to open portals and other dimensions.

Here’s how it works.

Prepare For Mind Blow Number 2.

In this article, Biden Saw An Alien Orb, we told you about this much lower intensity, but far greater usage, (technologically speaking), laser system that was a part of the orbs that are reported, as far back as World War 2– (they’ve been here a long time), these systems work in concert as part of a tiered system to open portals and dimensions.

The laser described in the orb article is a scanning laser. It allows the craft to scan the atmosphere (one of its many uses) for anomalies that could inhibit the opening of a portal- a portal is different than a dimension- a portal is simply a way to slip through matter and come out the other side- a mountain or ocean is in front of you. You need to go through it, you open a portal. You need to get from one place in spacetime to another in spacetime, you open another dimension. You need to travel to other points in the universe, you open a wormhole.

The scanning laser determines the proper path of how the craft should enter and exit. Within the craft is another part of the system that creates a bubble (best analogy) and wraps the craft in an impenetrable cocoon that protects the craft from damage, by somehow eliminating both any interaction with particulate matter, but also creates a pathway for the next laser system to target and literally rip through the quantum realm and allow the craft to enter its desired travel method. Need to go through a mountain? This can open that portal. Need to enter another dimension, this can plot and enter. Need to go somewhere else in the universe? This can open a wormhole.

Orbs can’t open wormholes. They can open portals and extradimensional travel. Other craft can open wormholes. It all comes down to power. Orbs don’t carry enough power to open them, but the added size of the Tictacs, specifically, can. I am writing another piece on how both the Tictac and the orbs travel. I will go into further detail then, with pictographs on how they work.

These laser systems are the beginning of our understanding of how we can manipulate our world and the universe. They are the first step for humanity to begin its journey to the stars. Once we figure ou the power issue, we will figure out the rest and how to get there.

This next part is my own theory. I believe the reason disclosure is speeding up is that these civilizations may have underestimated the ability of humanity to figure out their technology so quickly. In the scheme of time, humans have done some incredible things. We’ve gone from flight to space in a very short amount of time It’s only a matter of time before we figure out the celestial travel model.

I believe there is now a clock in motion in some way that will be revealed. I don’t know if this is great or not. I still fall back on my original statement that the GANZI, specifically, DO NOT want to be messed with. They have a mission, and I believe they are the species that are responsible for keeping the network of interconnected worlds safe. They take that job seriously, and may not even possess the ability to have emotion or empathy, which is why they can destroy a plane with humans in it and have zero issues with that.

The more I have learned about other possible species, however, I am hopeful that we are being protected and we will learn very soon that we will be welcomed into the fold when the time comes.